Thursday, January 20, 2011

Decadent dining rooms.......come take a seat. Au Revoir!

In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular.  ~Kathy Norris

How divine! Who doesn't love walking into a glorious dining room? OK, granted most of us only use this room a few times a year...I know I am guilty of it but I can't help it.....there is something so magical about walking into a beautifully done dining room. So here I have put together a lovely little collection of a great group of different  styles of dining rooms. As I am starting to plan out my own dining room, I am realizing I am not as sure of my ideas as I had once thought. The ONLY thing I know for sure, is that I want to use a chinoiserie on the walls, other than that I am open to ideas! 

 I know I have  a few you? I got a few great ideas from these "inspiration photos" I have always loved seeing a sofa or small love seat in a dining room. I like seeing two or even three chandeliers....if it works in the space, it makes it interesting. I love two round tables if the room allows for it. Love book shelves in a dining room...could it not feel any more inviting and well lived in?  Would love to know what you like and why. If you had a plain room with absolutely nothing in it and four blank white walls.....what would you do to it to create your dream dining room? Would love to hear your ideas! 

This fabulous dining room by Janet Simon is a favorite, love the pale green chinoiserie paper

Thomas Pheasant used an abundance of rich orange and red in this opulent and decadent DC dining room

Keith Johnson put this eclectic grouping together of antique pieces and it works beautifully

Love the laid back but sophisticated vibe of this dining area, done by Ray Booth

Rinfret designs created this elegant dining room with painted and glazed walls/niches and painted murals

Another Rinfret Dining room....always liked a round table in a room if it works

Fabulous rich dark colors create a dramatic dining room by Samuel Botero

Blue is so soothing in a dining that lantern

Very opulent dining room by Juan Pable Molynueax...check out the gorgeous DeGournay mural

A very pretty and inviting neutral palette dining room, the chairs look so comfortable

A bright, happy and cheerful more casual dining room as seen in Architectural Digest (notice the books- makes me feel inviting and like a room you are more apt to spend time in)

This french styled dining room by Alexa Hampton is glorious in a rich green color palette

This dining room with its clean lines and dark walls was voted a readers favorite in Architectural Digest by Lorena Polon

This is a very dark, gothic looking formal dining room, too dark for my taste but grand for sure

This light and airy beachy dining area is very inviting and cozy by William Waldron

Rich chocolate chairs and gilding make for a very decadent dining arrangement in this room by Craig White

Love this gorgeous rich warm room so decadent but inviting at the same the millwork and windows

This is so pretty, love the brick wall, the beautiful Ralph Lauren leather chairs, the pretty panels..its such a soft and inviting combination

The velvet beige chairs with a pretty shape make this transitional dining room dramatic and elegant

This formal and opulent dining table set for oh about 40 is beautiful, what do you think about the two toned painted paneling?

I love books in a dining area! It makes it feel so inviting, so livable.....this just feels like such a great and happy, well lived in space

This dramatic space in this contemporary home opts to go minimal with the emphasis on the view and a great table

Ralph Lauren's private dining room looks might inviting! Love all the art on the walls, the loden green walls and the plaid backed chairs.

This ultra posh and luxurious over the top dining room fit for a king is by Morposa Ciptak, the color of the walls, a dark apricot is so warm and just glows at night

Bunny Williams goes with a more art deco feel here and uses yellow as the accent color in this dining room

This cozy Hamptons dining room by Greg Jordan mixes black woods and natural woods, I like using a sofa or love seat in a dining room

Dining room by Bunny Williams in the Caribbean in happy colors of pinks and ivories

Elegant monochromatic dining room by Michael J. Siller is luxurious but not stuffy because of the light and airy colors used

Bunny Williams designed soothing dining room in blues and whites

A stunning proper Georgian dining room with Gracie paper is the picture of elegance, interiors by Cullman and Kravis

The clean Tuscan lines of this beautiful dining room is by Marjorie Shushan

Ok, ok.......I know this is not a formal dining room, but I had to throw this in, how could I not....I would take this hands down over ANY of the above dining rooms.....this to me, is saving the best for last!
It is inItaly (of course) by Craig White

Hope you enjoyed these.....I go back often and reflect back on the smallest details and sometimes find things I didn't see the first time around. Every picture has a little something to offer. I hope I was able to give you some inspriation on some level too!

I will be away for the next five days to one of my favorite cities on earth, Paris! We are attending the Masion & Objet, a fabulous furniture show as well as taking some tours and visiting. I have my camera charged and ready to shoot and will be sure to take lots of inspirational pictures (in a city as grand as Paris that is not difficult to do) Speak to you next week....AU REVOIR!