Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you think in pink? And a little house progress.....

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. 

Arthur Rubinstein

So what do you think about the new trend of pink in rooms? I am personally a fan of pink, I love pink clothes,sleep in pink toile pjs, have pink sweaters and lots of fun accessories however I don't recall ever using pink to decorate, not that I am opposed to it but I guess in consideration of my very masculine testosterone fueled husband, I have never even thought to "imprison' him in a pink house! 
Then you throw in 3 very masculine sons and need I say more. My crusade to impose a pink palette into my home would not last more than a few minutes. 

However, I am very interested in what I have been seeing lately....lots of pink. I like some of the rooms below, I tend to like the really soft milky pinks, and the one picture of the hot pink wall is kind of neat looking against the blue and white jar with the flowers.... The trend in the furniture markets is showing this color a lot,  along with lots of bright colors.....its a fun trend but can't be sure its here to stay. So...lets rethink pink and take a look at some rooms that have dared to go to the  "pink side". Let me know what you think...... I have also first included a few recent pics of the house, nothing terribly new and exciting but baby steps! 

Still lots of snow everywhere.......along with the construction trucks

The front tower is waiting for the stone

The well being dilled

The recently installed cuppola

Eventual kitchen looking into family room

Breakfast room

Two story family room

Dining room

Dining room

Living room (beautiful MQ mahogany french doors)


Downstairs gallery

Mantle tht we kept from old house that we took down, that we hope to use somewhere

Isn't it pretty?

Part of the front entrance (its a front to back)

Upstairs hallway

Eventual master bedroom (doesn't look too inviting right now)

Now lets think pink..........

Interesting to see pink toile set in beautiful wood panels like that

Wow those walls would wake you up!

Pretty palette

This is one room that you just can't get tired in

This is beautiful, soft powdery pinks in a very monochromatic room

Martha Stewart

This is very pretty and elegant, but not sure how my husband would feel being ensconced in all that pink

Love the way this looks for outdoor seating

Humm.... a pink kitchen, how sweet!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Architectural Digest master bedroom in all its pink and green glory

The pink agasint the white looks crisp

This pink has a lot of orange in it

Starks line of paints...including a number of pinks

This is unexpected, a very traditiional room done in such a funky colorway of hot pink

Tom Scheerer

House Beautiful

Cream with the palest of pinks and lavender works here

House Beautiful

Different shades of reds and pinks make for a charming living room in Southern Accents

Beautiful pink dining area al fresco as seen in Coastal Living

A white bathroom accented with pink...pretty in pink

Seen in Country living, this pink against the white looks nice and crisp here

The soft pink accents in this country french living room are a soft and elegant touch

So are you going over to the "pink side"? I think I will probably stay put with the color schemes I have in mind though I must say I have opened up a little bit more about how pretty pink can look, though it is a bit more challenging in a household like mine which is 4 parts male to 1 part female. So think the pink will be largely confined to my closet for the time being:) Have wonderful day!