Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling bookish? Then check out these libraries.....

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.  ~Chinese Proverb

One room in a house that I have always loved (not necessarily one that I have  always had) is the library. That is one room that can be incredibly cozy but elegant at the same time. The ingredient list  for a truly fabulous library goes something as follows:

  •  a roaring fire
  • two broken in leather chairs that you sink into
  • a crystal decanter of brandy or wine, whatever your drink of choice may be
  • a few tidbits to munch on
  •  my dog at my feet, preferably a very tired one
  • a few scattered pairs of great lamps and sconces to create a pretty glow amidst the rich woods
  • a gorgeous old antique Persian rug
  •  no phone, TV or other portable device to make sure there are no distractions
  • throw in a fabulous book collection, running the gamut from "fun reads" to the serious classics
  • a wonderful cashmere or alpaca throw or blanket for snuggling 

    With all the above..... I could easily be planted there the entire day. Now that I have set the mood....I want to share some of my favorite library inspirations. Now that we are actually planning one (our first OFFICIAL library) I am enjoying doing "my research" and we are hoping to do a walnut library with lots of warm colors, mochas, tans, golds and dark dark greens (almost black). We have just started searching for the perfect rug then will work from the bottom up and start working on the furniture, fabric, lighting, you have a favorite?

    Interiors by Francine Coffey in Architectural Digest

    Architect Normal Foster created this 7 level library 

    Eric Christensen as seen in Architectural Digest

    Library by Georges Geffroy as seen in Architectural Digest

    Library by Jacques Grange in Architectural Digest

    Thierry W. Despont

    Library of Anthony Hail in Architectural Digest

    Beautiful round windows add interest to this warm wood library

    A more rustic but nevertheless inviting library

    This transitional styled library is more minimalist but soothing 

    A pine paneled library lends a more casual and comfy look by Rinfret Interiors

    I like the zebra rug with all the warm tones in the room by Rinfret Interiors

    This is beautiful, I like the wire on the bookcases (something different) and the window seat makes it feel so cozy by Rinfret Interiors

    Gorgeous rich sofa with beautiful jewel toned accents against the warm maple colored library makes for a cozy reading spot by Rinfret Interiors

    Love the book paneled secret door.....whimsical touch by Rinfret Interiors

    I love this spot, a cozy little bench for reading to chatting about a book in small group by Rinfret Interiors

    Rich dark colors in this mahogany library by Rinfret Interiors

    Rich walnut colored library with the greens makes for a soothing and inviting library by Farifax and Sammons

    Beautiful warm woods with navy by Fairfax and Sammons

    Another beauty high in the sky by Fairfax and Sammons

    A rich mahogany library by Farifax and Sammons

    This library by Kendall Wilkinson has a very "yacht like" feel to me

    Stunning library in antique pine by Kendall Wilkinson

    José Solís Betancourt was commissioned to work on this library featured in Architectural Digest 
    One of my all time favorites by Joseph Minton, for Southern Accents Showhouse

    Rich jewel tones in library by Robin Baron Design

    Fabulously elegant library by Suzanne Kasler

    Hope you enjoyed these libraries. And hope you have a wondeful day. On the subject of books, I am preparing a post on my favorite design/home books and will include some of my favorite reading novels as of late as well (love to read and tend to go on "reading binges" where I will read 3 or 4 books then nothing for a few months,etc.....if you are reading something great, would love to know about it!