Saturday, January 8, 2011

Part I The best celebrity homes...stunning!

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.  ~Marsha Norman

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I have had several of you asking why I don't photograph the interior of our new house, we are just now insulating it, it hasn't even been sheetrocked yet. Once it has been sheetrocked, we will start taking regular pictures as the finishing stages begin.........(definitely the fun part)

We can all dream, right? I know there are plenty and I do mean PLENTY of celebrities out there who have an abundance of money but absolutely zilch in the taste department. I am often shocked to see how they spend their money on tasteless homes and even tackier decor.  Then,  there are the smart cookies who know to hire the best of the best and hire them to, while reflecting their wishes and styles, design and  decorate a custom, tailor made home that is exquisite, appropriate for whatever style is being done in and amazingly cohesive.
 I really have enjoyed over the years, seeing various celebrities homes and of course there are certain ones that really rank way up there (in my humble opinion) The maestro of design, himself, Ralph Lauren being one of them. You gotta give it to him, like him or not, he is a  master and I don't use the word lightly at not only creating luxurious but inviting and fabulous looking living spaces but going a step further and perfecting an actual lifestyle, whether it be on a sprawling Colorado ranch, a seaside Caribbean retreat, a slick Manhattan penthouse or a refined gentleman's country home. 
So hope you enjoy my part 1 of some amazing celebrity homes, I continue to get inspiration from many of these pictures and love the feeling of "being swept away" that so many of them evoke. They are all very different in style and while I personally may like one style over the other, the hallmarks of good design and refined taste always apply and appeal to me no matter the style of the home. So today we look at three of Ralph Laurens exquisite residences. Enjoy, and let me know which is your favorite....and stay tuned for another fabulous celebrities' home tomorrow....


Beautiful foyer, loving the white and blue touches against the dark woods

A screening room.....I could see myself relaxing in there!

Love the seclusion of the pool and the lushness of the gorgeous vegetation

A view from the living room...not too bad!
Such a beautiful setting, the covered porch, casually elegant

The happy couple looking quite chic in all white

So when you are tired of just lounging looking at the endless ocean, swimming and relaxing and need a little more action, you can head over to Ralph's dreamy one of a kind fabulous Colorado working ranch, its right out of one of his ads but its the real deal, take a look......


A fabulous dining room in front of a roaring fire....

The happy couple..Ralph and Ricky, they look so relaxed

The cozy screening room....wouldn't it be fun to preview a movie in that room?

The inviting family room, a perfect place to retreat to on a snowy day

I don't know if this is a "real" tack room or just a setting but its awfully charming

A bathroom, rustic but wonderful

This setting is truly breathtaking!

Now  we move on to his exquisite (and one of my personal all time favorites) country estate in Bedford, NY.....fabulous! Decor of course by Ralph Lauren ( and the antique rugs are from Safavieh Home Furnishings (


A beautifully proportioned English/French looking manor home, love the roof line and all the ivy growing up the facade, the vintage cars are a nice touch too

Beautiful display or rich navy's and burgundy's make the living room feel inviting and not stuffy though its definitely a formal feeling room

Love this dining room, so rich looking with the chestnut and plaid covered chairs, the beautiful loden green walls and all the art work

The floral chair and plaid walls definitely  work here

More blues how the color pops in every room

Love this den, again the colors are what make it and love this Heriz/Serapi rug

Stunning master bath with the Louis XVI mantle and deep soaking tub, the ivory colors make it feel so serene

Master bedroom certainly is very striking with the rich highly polished woods and navy theme, it feels very "yacht like"

The rear patio, love that ivy!

The navy theme continues to the back patio...dreamy

Ralph's closet...would you expect anything less?

Aren't the backs of homes the most beautiful part? Wow I think this is perfection!

Hope you enjoyed this mini escape to Colorado, Jamaica and Bedford....see you tomorrow!