Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures that strike an emotion

 Good afternoon! Busy morning  today with all the tile/marble people, a meeting with my kitchen guy and the electrician to go over final lighting plan. When all is said and done, I like to come back home to go over my inspirational pictures and get new and fresh ideas as well as some much needed downtime after a busy day. I find that especially after the chaos of the holidays, I am looking for low key ways to have some alone time and just do something I rarely do, RELAX! 

One thing I LOVE to do is go through my pictures/ albums that I have been collecting for awhile now.....They really have a wonderful effect on me and are instantly able to calm and take me to another place. I call it my online therapy. Do you ever look at a picture and a certain emotion or feeling takes over you? Each of these beautiful pictures evokes a certain feeling in me. (All of them happy) They are each so beautiful for a different reason...see if you agree. Meanwhile,  hope you enjoy the pictures! Also if you are liking what you see, please subscribe...once I have a healthy number of subscribers am going to start doing frequent giveaways from my home furnishings store...everything from candles, to books, to needlepoint pillows and much more. Happy day dreaming....

How beautiful is this? It is pure magic

Getting ready for a big night in a closet like!

Total elegance, getting ready to set a beautiful table.....

Pure bliss, sitting at your bedroom window overlooking the Atlantic...dreamy! (check out the tub on the deck) Now that's what I would call a "Calgon take me away moment".

Being snowed in and getting to look at the mounds of snow from a cozy room with the fireplace going, a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand (and maybe a good game of scrabble)

Driving through Napa valley last year, pure happiness

More Napa, it is stunning at every turn

A pure white bedroom, practical? maybe not.....but pure bliss...yes!

The colors of this room are so inviting and warm....very beautiful

What a fabulous room! Doesn't everyone envision spending Christmas eve in a room like this?

Who wouldn't want to walk down a fabulous tree lined lane like this one during the peak of fall foliage?

A picnic table for two in Provence, does it get better than that?

Awwhhh...the lavender fields of Provence, breathtaking and so aromatic!

The quintessential ski town of Aspen, whether you are a skier or not, this town epitomizes the elegant but cozy ski town

Fall, one of my favorite seasons and what better than pumpkin picking to announce its arrival!

Southern Living magazine posted this picture of Blackberry Farm in West Virgina, a very calming picture
This ranks at the top for me...eating al fresco at a quaint cafe in Paris on a beautiful day!
How great is it to shop at an open air fruit and vegetable market? Can you get any more inspired to whip a wonderful meal then a trip to a market like this.......I can smell the fruit

Does relaxation get better than this? I know for me a
day at a very quiet beach, with a great book, a few goodies to munch on and a blue sky against turquoise waters is just about as good as it gets.
A night out on the Venice canal....dreamy!