Friday, January 14, 2011

Three of my favorite designers Part II......

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We continue today with another group of  talented designers. They just happen to  reflect a style that I really love, they embrace the pure traditional style which combines old world charm and elegance but all for todays living. I would say that if I were to choose to work with just one, it would be very hard to make that choice because as you can see they each have done some truly breathtaking rooms and spaces. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. And being in the throes of choosing fabrics, rugs, wall coverings,etc....I must say knowing how daunting it is to make the right choices, I give them a lot of credit for continually showing us  spectacular homes and rooms over and over again. Some of the designers are "world class" and some are more locally known, I am not putting them on the same level...just recognizing each in my opinion, for having a consistent and elegant style. As with the designers I profiled yesterday, these too are each true masters of their craft.

ALEXA HAMPTON...with a father whose talent made him known as simply one of the best,  its no wonder that she has been blessed with the "great taste" gene and her work since his  death has proven she has what it takes to be amongst the best  herself and continue his design legacy

BUNNY WILLIAMS...her name is synonymous with fabulous style and luxurious decor at the highest level all over the globe. She has been a trendsetter in design circles for years and her timeless rooms speak for themselves.....

MEG BRAFF... she is young, and always presents a clean, crisp,fun and elegant look. She loves blue and likes to use happy colors next to crisp whites. There is something very clean and pleasing about her rooms.....

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite designers rooms. Would love to know which is your favorite. Please be sure to subscribe or follow me if you like what you see....will start doing some fun giveaways next month! Have a wonderful day.