Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Designers and their dwellings...come take a peek!

Good morning! Finally I am really believing spring will indeed rear its head sooner than later. In NY we got the lucky break from the weather Gods who have blessed us with two sunny, snow free days back to back and its putting a little pep in everyone's step! 
Don't we all wonder what the homes and apartments look like of the well known designers whose names grace so many magazines that we admire? I know I do and have often imagined and fantasized about the kinds of homes some of my favorite designers go home to at the end of a day. I think about their personal style and ponder  how much of it is implemented into what they love enough to call home. Sometimes their styles are a surprise but I have found that typically they reflect the style for which that particular designer has become best known. I will cover a few designers today and in a few weeks cover a few here are some, would love to know what you think and if you have a favorite!

This stunning home of designer, Linda Warren is in San Miguel del Allende, Mexico. Just so happens we were there last April for a magnificent wedding and this historic town is just too picturesque for words.  This designer has joined hordes of other Americans by choosing this quaint town full of life and color to call home. I love her style and of course she has a dreamy abode as a fabulous source of inspiration.

Thomas Pheasant, an American tastemaker and designer extraordinaire based out of Washington DC,who also has a successful line with Baker Furniture completed this beautiful home in DC. His furniture line and decorating style I believe, are in rhythm with how he has chosen to decorate his own Washington home..beautifully done.

Based out of Connecticut, Rinfret Designs has become widely known for creating classic, but very livable interiors. She uses lots of rich earth tones and always achieves a cohesive look in all the spaces she designs, her work was been featured in many national publications and her firm established in the 1980's continues to grow. Her own home is a prime example of the style that she does best....classically but  invitingly beautiful. 

The late Mark Hampton will long be remembered as a classic American designer whose rooms and legacy will be cherished for years to come, also thanks in part to his talented daughter, Alexa who is continuing his mission of fine design. His elegant apartment done in an old world style was no surprise, its a treat for the eyes! Here is the  Manhattan apartment that he shared with his wife, Duane.

Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak into these designers you have a favorite? Let me know which and have a wonderful day!