Monday, February 21, 2011

Gilded in gold.......gorgeous!

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So, what is your opinion on gold rooms? I was recently at a private function in someones home and I must say the entire house, bathed in soft golds with lots of texture, was jaw droppingingly stunning. Wish I could have taken some pictures! So it got me thinking, as often happens when I am feeling particularly inspired, about gold rooms, gold fabrics and gold wallpaper...decorating an entire room in gold. I think as these pictures prove, done can be breathtaking, soothing, calming, lavish and luxurious. Gold can be very bold or it can be subtle depending on the type of fabric used, the wall application, the lighting, the formality of the room and of course how much gold is used. And gold has many hues, bright brassy gold, a silvery gold, a coppery gold, a yellow gold and so on. It doesn't always have to be dripping with formality, sometimes a small touch of gold is just the right touch to create a little drama or a little sparkle. Do you have a favorite? And of course gold doesn't exclusively apply to formal traditional rooms as you will see below.  Would love to know, as always what you think!

This luminous gold Gracie paper is the crowning touch to a stunning understated dining room by Ann Holden
Samantha Lyman created this attractive gold toned silk pillows make a statement as does the tufted tiger skin ottoman.
Jan Showers designed this elegant soft living room in inviting soft gold against pared down neutrals
Beautiful soft golds and tans grace this elegant and serene feeling master bedroom suite
Absolutely beautiful dining room gets an ethereal glow from the soft gold painted chinoiserie paper and gilded this room by Jan Showers
Stunning very formal master suite gets the gold touch, Architectural Digest
Dramatic gold and black painted bed looks regal in this elegant master bedroom fit for a queen

Beautiful gilded room in soft yellows and golds 

Toned down gold tones with natural materials makes this a fabulous inviting room
Cozy reading corner off this  living room gets dressed up with gold accents and the zebra rug, Traditional Home
Two antique Louis VXI gilded chairs flanking this Chesneys mantle with rich blue velvet makes for a formal and grand setting

Stunning gold living room, monochromatic but dramatic and interesting because of all the different textures, Architectural Digest
A monochromatic bedroom gets dressed up with gold leaf nightstands and chairs.....
Soft yellows and golds are just beautiful in this sunroom...picture perfect!

Gorgeous touches of gold make this formal room opulent and elegant, Architectural Digest
An all white room gets gold framed furniture for an extra punch by Orlando-Diaz-Azcuy
This elegant master bedroom done in various shades of gold is layered with many different fabrics,textures and objects in create a calm, elegant cohesive flow to the room
Pretty formal dining room gets gold and off white wallpaper to add the gold brackets.
William Eubanks creates this opulent buttery yellow and gold master bedroom with a lavish fabric crown
Dramatic gold foyer created by Interior designer, Marposa Griya Cipta

Gold can be simple and monochromatic as illustrated in this Elle Decor dining room

Soft coppery golds accented with a pale blue check soften this inviting bed ensemble

Elegant and dramatic entry foyer gets the gilded touch with hand blocked metallized paper and gold covered French chairs....the result is a beautiful layered effect
Fabulous formal, french and gold....bathroom as seen in Architectural Digest
Soft shades of gold make this master bedroom very cozy, elegant and inviting by Jan Showers

Juan Pablo Molyneaux created this fabulous and opulent dining room made very formal by the outstanding gold chinoiserie paper that graces the walls

Diamond Baratta used a gold silk on the pretty window application in this sitting area

An all white palette gets dressed up with accents of gold..quite dramatic!

Rod Stewart's lavish and opulent formal dining room...with lots of gilding..quite spectacular!
This beautiful soft hued living room gets the gilded touch in just the right places
A fairly casually chic room gets dressed up with touches of gold
Attractive master bedroom is swathed in soft gold as seen in Architectural Digest
Mark Hamptons elegant apartment gets bathed in soft shades of gold
Attractive, modern and handsome bedroom gets the gold touch with shades of tans 
Elegant entrance to a penthouse looks regal with touches of gold layered throughout, Architectural Digest
Kara Mann designed this beautiful stately dining room swathed in a gold hand painted oriental scene
Anne Selke designed this gorgeous gold Asian inspired canopy bed.....gorgeous!
Cozy breakfast nook gets treated in different shades of gold to create this warm and elegant space by Barry Dixon
This fabulous salon in Jean Paul Beaujards' Paris apartment is framed by tall gold billowy drapes and a dramatic gilded Jansen daybed

So what do you think? Would you decorate a room in gold? Do you like the look? Love to know, always what you think. As always, hope you have an enchanting day!