Friday, February 25, 2011

Six degrees of separation from a white kitchen!

Good morning! 
Don't get me wrong..I like white kitchens, no make that..I LOVE white kitchens. But I will not lie when I say I am a little tired (yawn) of seeing them coming and going....white cabinets, white marble, silver hardware and faucets, its all quite played out and pretty predictable. My own 'inspiration folder" is bulging with pictures of white kitchens, all beautiful, and I appreciate a beautifully done white kitchen as much as you do. Nothing feels more inviting, elegant or crisp than to walk into a really well done kitchen in all its white glory. I think its safe to say this is way beyond a trend and white kitchens have not only made their mark in the kitchen world but have permanently carved out a big niche and are staying awhile BUT it does not mean that other kitchens should get left in the dust!

That said, I have an immense appreciation for kitchens that think "outside the box" dare to go beyond the white that we see everywhere, gracing every magazine page, every kitchen advertisement,etc.......I am personally for my own kitchen,  going with a creamy glazed cabinet color with a lot of black accents (long black island and possibly black or very dark stained butlers pantry),its very French and I am excited about how things are unfolding. Today I salute all those kitchens out there feeling like they aren't part of the "popular crowd" anymore because they have been ousted by their  white counterparts. These pictures prove how GORGEOUS kitchens can be in many different colors, textures and using many different combinations of woods and finishes. Hope you enjoy....let me know what your thoughts know I love to hear! Have a wonderful Friday.....

Beautiful, deep rich colors make this beautiful kitchen look timeless, modern and elegant, Summerour Architects
Beautiful mix of colors and materials creates an elegant old world feeling kitchen in this stunning Atlanta home
Warm and classic kitchen done with a twist, it get its inspiration from bamboo, and the rich warm woods are accented with a blue island... by Rinfret
Beautiful green washed kitchen with creamy accents on the island and beautiful limestone hood from Francois and Co.
Design Galleria designed this gorgeous rich the beautiful furniture like cabinets flanking the entrance as this allows the hood to be a focal point....beautiful colors
Beautiful subdued rich greens and natural tans against the brick wall make this a picture
 perfect kitchen!
Tina Muller from Drury Kitchen design  designed this beautiful sleek dark wood kitchen..check out that glass island different.
Matthew Quinn from Design Galleria, designed this beautiful kitchen, mixing a gray green painted cabinet with other textures like the wood topped islands and the pretty pewter hood
This pretty green glazed kitchen works beautifully with its graceful design and beautiful sculpted wood floors with low sheen, a nice touch..also love how they did the paneling in the same color, very pretty
A rich dark charcoal, not quite black looks stunning in this kitchen
A stunner, and one of my personal all time favorites, from Jack Arnold. Love the mix of woods and of course the big black island is the real masterpiece along with the big stone range hood
This creamy colored kitchen gets drama from the dark wood beams, countertop and window trim from One Posh Place
Wm Ohs successfully paired several finishes, including a taupey glazed cabinet with a gray green distressed those floors in a herringbone pattern!
Here is the yellow kitchen that made Clive Christian they mixed it with a large pine refrigerator hutch and a beautiful hearth in pine for the range
Warm rich tones create a cheerful European feeling kitchen,love the diamond patterned backsplash...makes it rustic and inviting, Traditional Home
This pretty gray/blue kitchen by Habersham gets a heavy "distressed feel" from the rubbing process used and gets warmed up with the countertops and rich wood floors, Habersham
The limestone hood is a beautiful focal point in this pretty warm colored kitchen, love the peaked beams, makes it feel really open and airy
This large industrial inspired (and sized) kitchen blends many woods for a rustic and very
 grand effect, Fresh home
Great and successful mix of colors of woods and materials here...lots of rich warm woods, a big stone hearth, beautiful exposed beams, limestone floors all come together by Rinfret
Big black island enhances the dark glazing on the dark cabinetry to create a formal but inviting kitchen, love the painted coiffured ceiling.... by Renaissance Cabinets
Habersham created this washed black look very old world and grand, its a bit heavy looking, I prefer black with a mix of creamy cabinets and other woods
Christians designed this rich looking walnut colored kitchen, its a timeless look
Clive Christian designed this creamy yellow kitchen, the pine hutch cabinet gives it a lot of warmth as does the dark teak countertop
This black cabinetry is accented with gray heavily distressed island and reclaimed looking wood floors to create an old world look, Habersham
Christian's designed this pine kitchen with a contrasting pale blue island
Had this picture for a while, but always loved how the green accents plays on the dramatic black and white here
Soft buttery yellow always looks so elegant and warm from Main Street Design
This beautifully heavily glazed kitchen gets a lot of pop from the black and white diamond patterned floor....Traditional Home
The grays are used to perfection in this pretty space by John Jacob
Tucker and Marks created this dramatic red Asian influenced cabinetry in this eclectic space
Beautiful rich warm woods are aglow in this gorgeous space
A more country look with the medium golden hues in the wood, but very warm
An all black kitchen with pops of color, think the glass cabinets are a good idea to lighten
 things up
Yes, yes I know there is some white cabinetry here...BUT the real showstoppers here are the rich warm island the gorgeous black range and hood...the white kind of take a back seat here
Beautiful stained blue cabinetry with the rich woods is quite the volume of this space....beautiful exposed beams and gorgeous window
Again a mix of textures and materials is so successful here....LOVE the island that doubles as a table, these types of unconventional pieces really make a kitchen feel custom and unique
How rich! Dark navy glossy butlers pantry is quite elegant and dramatic
Mix of rusty woods with limestone counter tops and hood, very French and country like.
A chefs own kitchen, such an interesting shape that opens to the next room..kind of like an open air kitchen! Architectural Digest
Rich play of colors here make this a dramatic kitchen, I like the banquette seating
Interesting mix of the reclaimed woods, exposed beams and bright yellow..who would have thought to put this together but it works!
A simple classic pecan colored kitchen, very symmetrical and sleek looking
Lots of rich warm woods used here, love the pizza oven and storage for wood underneath, you could have some fun pizza parties in this kitchen!
I like the mix of the dark blue island, the golden colors against the white, makes it interesting
The floor is really what catches your eye here, but love the dove gray island color
I am all for non connected free standing pieces in a in point here, this lovely white and gray separate unit housed for the sink and dishwasher, something very old world feeling.
Buttery yellow Christopher Peacock kitchen, love the diamond shaped glass front cabinets
A super dark brown stain makes for a beautiful and rich looking kitchen.....check out that back splash with the stone hood!

You know I love to hear from you have a favorite? What is your feeling about the above kitchens over their white counterpart? Curious to know your thoughts! Have an enchanting day!