Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transitional trends...tres chic!

 Transitional living is bigger than ever.This is further evidenced by what I saw at both the Paris Maison&Objet show and the NY gift fair.  What is it and what does it look like? It is a blending of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes and materials to create a soft, elegant, sophisticated but simple style. There tends to be minimal use of color on the main pieces of furniture, typically you will see a neutral palette and sometime it is punctuated by a pop of color, lets say on a pillow, a lamp, a piece of art, an interesting rug or maybe an upholstered ottoman. The key elements in a fabulous transitional room are:

Accessories- minimal use of them, and the accessories that are used are simple and understated, an example might be a potted orchid, a neat pile of coffee table books, a large decorative box, a grouping of black and white photos in highly polished silver frames. It is not cluttered.
Fabrics- often you see cottons, linens, velvets, ticking, leathers, suede's and occasionally a chenille or corduroy type fabric. Natural fabrics are very big right now.
Furniture- Again you see the clean lines, either straight or rounded. Lack of ornamentation and a purposeful simplicity to the design. The scale is ample but not intimidating. On occasion you might see a very funky piece in an otherwise understated room.

So lets take a look at what transitional living looks like today. Though its not the style my own home will be furnished in, I have an immense appreciation for this style when its done right and if I were to ever a buy  second home, a Manhattan pied a terre or a beach home, this is the style I think I might choose with a slight twist of adding a few more traditional touches. Barbara Barry made this look very popular and her excellent taste level continues to set new trends. It is very clean, inviting, crisp and fresh. Would love to know what you you have a favorite?

Love this dining room that is indoors/outdoors by Frank Pontero, great colors

An elegant master suite by Suzanne Kassler where there is a hint of pale pink/lavender

Another understated dining room by Suzanne Kassler, again minimal use of color

As seen in Traditional magazine, this light and airy living room is made modern with some interesting pops of color

These "sofas" are suspended by hanging interesting, love the colors by Brad Ford

This pretty and inviting room by Deborah Lipner gets a little punch from the zebra rug...I happen to think it looks great

An attractive dining area by Anne Marie Barton, always like banquette seating at a table

Pretty mudroom, love the door color and how the risers match...interesting wallpaper makes it looks whimsical and interesting by Brad Ford

The only color here is on the two pretty chairs flanking the fireplace...its a soft and inviting space

This looks like it could be the ultimate bachelor pad, handsome and the velvet sofa, very masculine space

I very much like the warmth of this room by Anne Marie Barton

Vibrant colors on the pillows and from the orchid make this room come alive

Pretty space done in pale greens by Anne Marie Barton, love the rustic beams

A minimalist feeling apt. is made warm by using lots of wood with very simple lines in the furniture,  done by Victoria Hagan....notice no window treatments! Like the addition of the books, makes it inviting and personal, like a room you could linger in

Interesting settee/sofa make this simple room the symmetry used here (Elle Decor)

This space with black floors and all white furniture makes for a dramatic room (Metropolitan Home) Love how the sunlight and outdoors are a big part of this room

Rich tones of gray and charcoals with a pop of zebra on the pillows...very chic (Elle Decor)

This pretty townhouse has a traditional mantle but a funky twist with the furnishings

Here the pop of pattern and color is strictly on the pillows and frame of chairs, by Victoria Hagan

A pretty pale gray suede chaise  perched right in front of the fireplace (Elle Decor)

Pale silvery blues make this pretty living room shimmer and sparkle...I like the tufted ottoman

Beautiful creamy white room with just a hint of this space

Soft monochromatic beige's make this a soothing palette

Same house...beautiful soft creamy it!

Dressing area

Rich warm woods make for a cozy and inviting feel for such a large, grand room

Nothing like an all white bedroom (Arch Digest)

High in the sky, simple but with a view like you need more? (Arch Digest)

Beautiful deck with comfy looking lounges, its just missing a exotic tropical drink (Arch Digest)

Pretty caramel colored bedroom is very soothing

Love this light blue palette against the white and the dark wood of the chair

Very handsome bedroom in grays and whites (Barbara Barry)

Pretty room, the sofa is a modern take on a traditional frame (Barbara Barry)

Pretty cozy dining nook. always loved a love seat or sofa as part of a dining arrangement (Phoebe Howard)

Pretty and elegant dining space in pale green and cream (Phoebe Howard)

Beautiful corner seating the colors, they are so soft

Silver and gray toned guest suite, fresh and crisp (Phoebe Howard)

Rich browns are very elegant (Phoebe Howard)

This beautiful apartment blends the neutrals well with just a hint of color (Phoebe Howard)

This soft colored room gets just a subtle punch from the geometric carpet

Love this room, its classically modern, the only texture is from the rug and beautiful oversized velvet pillow, very nicely done (Phoebe Howard)

I normally don't like a room without a rug or carpet, in this attractive room it works, but I would personally have added a simple rug

Love creamy bedrooms....this is awfully pretty

The texture and color comes from the pillow grouping and the chair

Dark brown and white can look very crisp and modern

Pretty and warm twin beds in a modern guest suite

I like the feeling in this room, though its done in a transitional style, notice they still kept the crown mouldings and traditional Victoria Hagan

Very attractive and serene feeling dining room is quite dramatic thanks to the very high ceilings and light against dark contrast used so effectively here, by Victoria Hagan

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