Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The wonders of the wild wild west!

Good morning- finally getting over to the house today to take some updated pictures and will share with you tomorrow, thanks to those for asking about progress thus far. Will report in tomorrow.....
One look and lifestyle I have been drawn to for a while now is the western, rugged but elegant "ranch look", think cozy Colorado mountaintop retreat, or sprawling luxurious but laid back horse/ranch. Think huge exposed posts in every corner,rugged hand hewn beautiful beams, antique rugs, antlers abound, casually elegant furniture awash in rich velvets, over sized stone mantles,soft broken in leathers, animal throws, you get the picture. The warmth of these rooms oozes like caramel.... I would love one day to be able to own a small house in the mountains if not just to put all this inspiration to work! I love the look maybe because it is just so inviting and warm, maybe because of the stereotypical laid back lifestyle of the west that has a special appeal given our hectic, chaotic "hamster on the wheel" lifestyles. I long for lazy days on the ranch, sipping piping hot coffee out of a steel mug while the smell of freshly baking muffins permeates the air and my horse awaits my daily routine. Oh...... its fun to dream and when you do, why not dream big!   I have gathered some images that I think captures the essence of this look well. I would love to experience living in a home like that coupled with the lifestyle that we all imagine goes along with it. A nice break from reality...... What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

This would be the ultimate sumptuous living room for me in my mountain retreat! Wow..stunning in every sense by Locati Interiors
Great open airy welcoming space in this ranch is just waiting for a big the range and copper pots by Mark Rios and Kurt Dubbe
Beautiful dining room in Colorado mountain the exposed corner post, just like Lincoln logs but for adults!
Beautiful, cozy bedroom gets the Ralph Lauren treatment, love the play of the bright colors against the rich woods and gold hues
Mona Hajj designed this rustic and elegant space in rich warm colors
Fantastic play of rich caramel/gold colors here against the jumbo timbers, its quite beautiful
A cozy family room with an Aztec inspired seating with the rug effectively
Beautiful entry looks splendid with a mix of rich woods, plaid, throws, and antlers by Rinfret
Rich colors abound with oodles of interesting pieces making this an electric, livley and interesting room
Rich woods are used in the  fabulous kitchen of this glorious ranch retreat by Locati Interiors
A feast for the eyes....the jumbo log posts, the long treading on the stairs, the rich golden hued woods....dreamy Colorado entrance hall by Linda Bedell
Love the colors of blues and browns for this great looking mountaintop kids room
If you are going to dream...dream big and have a bowling ally! This one by Rinfret keeps the charm of the west by incorporating the beautiful limed beams instead of boring white walls
This beautiful dining room allows for large gatherings with a pair of tables that flank a huge gorgeous stone fireplace by Rinfret
The epitome to me, of a beautiful ranch house bedroom, exposed beams and all,the bear rug is an authentic touch, don't you think?
The coziest screening room, you might never get me out! Rinfret interiors
Beautiful vistas to wake up to every morning, love all the rich Locati Interiors
Fantastic dining room swathed in pine has a cozy homey feel by Mona Hajj

Large bedroom, really love the ceiling! The brick walled fireplace adds a lot of warmth by Mona Hajj
Stunning living room in Charlotte Moss's Colorado retreat is just the epitome of mountain chic
Love this fabulous book lined dining room in a glorified ranch house....Elle Decor

Fabulous open airy kitchen in this sprawling farm house Elle Decor

Love this great outdoor porch with fireplace, and awesome antler chandelier...Elle Decor
Love this room, the rich combination of woods, soft fabrics, against the dark wood beams is stunning!
Sumptuous inviting space with beautiful contrasting timber beams creates a warm living room, Architectural Digest
Pretty "old meant to look new" painted kitchen is rustic, charming and authentic
One of the guest room in "Ralphs place" the stack of blankets for effect, like he may not be able to keep the place warm
Screening room ala Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's rustic yet sophisticated dining room

Outdoor space at Ralph Lauren's place

Suzanne Kasler created this room, one of my all time favorites, full of inviting colors and rich warmth...pared down opulence at its best!
Soft gold floral fabric adds warmth to this intimate bedroom, love the stone fireplace

Fabulous canopied bed adds an majestic, romantic touch to the timbers in this dramatic bedroom
Rich golds and terra cottas make this pretty sitting area of the master bedroom mighty cozy, give me a great book and a cup of tea and I am good to go! Architectural Digest
If I am lucky enough to have a wine cellar in my mountaintop dream...this one will do just fine! By Thomas Pheasant
Beautiful stone walls frame this beautiful ranch kitchen Architectural Digest
This darling cabin will do just fine...with a view like that who is to complain! Cozy, cozy cozy!

Ya'll come back....and have yourself a mighty fine day, now.
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