Friday, March 25, 2011

Black magic and its powers to transform a room....

Happy Friday! Hope you are well, glad its the end of the week.....looking forward to a busy but fun weekend. I have spoken often on my posts about how much I like black elements in interior design. Black truly has the power to transform a room or space unlike any other.... It offers so much drama, high style, elegance and old world-ness to virtually any room. Whether it be black and white timeless marble floors, a black kitchen, a huge black hutch, dramatic black walls in a dining room, there is no denying the power of black in a room. It also looks sensational next to virtually any other color.
 So today I pay homage to the use of black in interior decorating, and showcase a collection of different rooms and spaces that underscore my point. Though I realize it might not be for everyone, there is no denying the impact it has in a room. Some of the prettiest interiors I have seen have had elements of black in them, and it is highly effective when used most things in interior design, its all about scale and balance. I personally will be using black in my kitchen and butlers pantry. Would love to know, as always what you think and if you have a favorite! Do you have any black in your own and if not, would you want it? 

Elegant black dining room as interpeted by Ralph Lauren
Black and white floors and black walls make for a very elegant and dramatic foyer 
hallway, Max and Co.
M Elle designed this beautiful inviting space in shades of soft black and charcoal with pops of orange and reds in the books and throws.
A gorgeous painted black door offers subtle drama and elegance, Jan Showers
Atmosphere Interior Design went all black in this elegant dining room while keeping the warmth of the wood table for contrast
Beverly Ellsley chose black for the beautiful center island and accented black in the floors for maximum impact, and it worked!
Elegant and old world feeling black and white marble checkerboard floors, Elizabeth Dinkel
Love this Parisian bistro vibe at work here...Stephen Shubel designed this stunner of a  black the floors too!
Rich European feeling bathroom gets a bold rich marble floor with  black, white and gold design
A black runner, black framed prints were used in this elegant foyer with black painted floors, Sherill Canet
Black painted walls and black floors give a dark and dramatic contrast to the white dining chairs, Elle Decor
Black is not only for indoors! Mary Mcdonald went bold and dramatic in this black and white setting....pretty exciting
SR Gambrel created this stunnig black and white marble foyer/hallway...resplendent!
S R Gambrel designed this living room, with a base of black and infused pops of bright colors
Sometimes a few statement pieces in black are all that is needed, Graham Moss
John Jacob achieved the perfect balance here wiht light and dark using black accents
One of my favorites...John Jacobs designed this exquisite  kitchen with black cabinetry
Stunning black cabinetry graces this gorgeous butlers pantry, Arthur Dunnam
A black kitchen works everytime...especially when topped with rich white marble
Sometimes you don't need an entire room to be black, just a few carefully chose black accessories just does the trick, as show here by Beverly Cleare
John Jacobs painted this bathroom wall a soft black and used white for extra punch and wow factor!
Love this tall black and glass cabinet....STUNNING! Mallory Marshall
Candler Lloyd chose charcoal walls and black chairs for punch in this otherwise muted colored filled room
Jiun Ho created this beautiful pared down but dramatic seating arragnement in front of the fireplace, charcaol and black are used here
Jiun Ho designed this drama filled dining room with textured walls and ovesized dining fixture
Gorgeous black Belgian reclaimed floors...fabulous!
I wouldn't think I would like a black bedroom but John Jacob with his trained and talented eye used just enough white to soften this beautiful dramatic room
Gorgeous room trimmed in black ,wtih black floors gets an extra punch with white seating and beautiful crystal objects for light, Decorpad
I love the impact and power of an elegant black painted chest in a foyer or hallway, Nathan Egan
Robert Brown designed this masculine and regal looking black surround tub, love the window treatment which brings in the black but manages to keep them light
Elegant swank looking black painted library...very chic
Ted Yarwood designed this simple, masculine powder room using black lacquered walls
Beautiful, sleek glossy black kitchen is pure drama and the white floor as the contrast
A black damask paper in this super elegant powder room is superb looking, Ashley Goforth
Old world feeling black painted kitchen wtih a terracotta looking trim, different for sure!
Mary McDonald created this dramatic black dining room with accents with orange and pale blue
A black library is very rich looking
This beautiful vintage feeling bath with black tub and black walls/window treatments feels wonderfully old fashioned, photo by Melanie Acevado
This black and white bathroom certainly makes a bold statement, Lony magazine
Rob Southern painted his foyer glossy black to match the black door and used white and black marble floors for the light contrast that makes this foyer smashing!
Sensational black foyer accented with white and pale grays...quite beautiful!

Would love to know if you have a favorite and would love to know how you feel about black in interior decorating in general....would you, have you used it? Have a fabulous Friday!