Saturday, March 12, 2011

Designer spotlight: Cathy Kincaid...and we have a winner!!

Before I start anything, I just want to say my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan, it is still surreal that this has happened and I am fearful that we do not yet know the true extent of damage and loss. May God protect them and guide them in the difficult days ahead during the recovery process.

Good morning! My apologies for the drawing not happening yesterday...I was away for a couple of days, it was a bit of a crazy and unexpectedly long day, and didn't get back until late last night. Incidentally I still tried to arrange the drawing via but there was some kind of technical glitch which was making me nuts, after almost an hour of trying (1am) still was not working. I was exhausted at this point and decided to start fresh again this morning. It must have needed its rest too because it worked and I am thrilled to announce we have a winner!!


YOU HAVE WON THE LAMPS.....Thank you Swank lighting!
(I have left you a message but please get in touch with me by Monday night)

Moving on...... to a Designer spotlight post, another designer whose work is awe inspiring to me is Dallas based Cathy Kincaid, someone whose work I have long admired but only in the past couple of years, did I put the face to the name of the creator of so many rooms whose pages I have stored in my "inspiration folder". Her rooms make my heart go pitter patter for all their old world splendor.  Cathy Kincaid whose office is in Texas has a  talent that matches the size of the state! She, along with her design team designs timeless, inviting, formal but cozy gorgeous rooms that look like they have been there a long time. Her use of colors and accessorizing is brilliant as is evidenced by these stunning rooms. Below is a collection of interiors that she has done.....I would classify her style as old world traditional which is very much my own personal taste. Can you possibly pick a favorite? I can't choose just one, I seriously am in love with each and every one! 

Beautiful and elegant twin beds in all their canopied glory!
Her amazing ability to mix fabrics and colors is evident in this fabulous living room....
Love how she used the printed wallpaper with the bed fabric so magnificently!

This beautiful foyer is an example of her ability to create new interiors that look old....

Love the color of this room and how interesting that she made the walls glossy!
Dreamy French inspired opulent!
Elegant kitchen is fresh but old world feeling
Stunning chinoiserie in a gray blue keeps the color going throughout the entire room...beautiful!
Fabulous creamy toned master bath with pale gold accents....fabulous!
Gorgeous green kitchen accented with lots of dark wood
One of my all time favorites, have had this picture in my "inspiration folder" for a long time....gorgeous elegant timeless dining room from Dallas showhouse
Pretty bedroom in soft tones is fabulous!
Beautiful regal looking bedroom....
This room is so elegant but all the added blue and white accessories
Beautiful outdoor covered porch in vibrant colors 
Pretty twin beds get the crowning touch!
That stunning pale green dining room again....
Beautiful rich colored seating area in this living room is framed by beautiful  french doors
Beautiful elegant country guest bedroom
Master suite of the Dallas showhouse
This room likes look its been there forever, so pretty
Sumptious master bedroom
Another view of the dreamy dining these chairs!
Beautiful stone mantle makes this cozy arrangement so elegant
The bright yellow walls look beautiful with the accents of always elegant blue and white
Stunning the wallpaper
This dining room though new, looks like its been there of her trademarks
Love the glazed walls, such a stunning space
Love screens, this setting is so elegant
This room is spectacular, love the warm soothing colors, makes it the kind of room you just want to stay in....
Love this hallway, looks and feels old world and elegant
Gorgeous french dining room
Beautiful layering of accessories here....
Stunning outside porch gets some colorful accents, I think with a space this pretty, anything would look beautiful!

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite room? Hope you have an enchanting Saturday!