Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Tucker and Marks

Hello!  For this designer series...I feature San Francisco based Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks of Tucker and Marks, one of my favorite firms who has proved time and time again that though they decorate in a variety of styles, it appears classic elegance without being overly formal  is their true calling. Suzanne Tucker is the principle designer and Timothy Marks oversees the business end. They also have a talented design staff on hand. Their approach to design is to create warm, approachable, elegant living arrangements that will stand the test of time and endure. Their rooms are distinctively gorgeous, inviting and not overly stuffy...each one looks like you could easily imagine sitting there with family and friends, enjoying yourself ensconced  in the beauty of the room.

 What I love about their rooms is that they are all so interesting, they don't look like some designers' rooms that all get the same winning formula applied to each project they do. When I look at these rooms, my eye is drawn to the details and the  interesting objects that were used. They say its all in the details, and there are many details to each of these spaces....which is what I think makes them so interesting and eye catching. They also has a wonderful way of working with color and you can see they favor a lot of the earthy tones. They do it all....everything from ranches and vacation homes to formal homes and city apartments. Suzanne came out with a wonderful book, "Rooms to remember-the classic interiors of Suzanne Tucker"...its a wonderful book and the kind you refer back to often. You know I love to know if you have a favorite....I would have to say there are just too many for me to pick just one!

A dramatic dining room is positively regal looking
Wow this foyer is jaw dropping gorgeous!
Love the inviting feel of this dining area, isn't the couch by the window a neat touch?
Same room...close up of the sofa in the window..great spot.
Beautiful vase of cherry blossoms flank the mantle in this pretty light colored room
Grand and sunlit living room...love that Chinoiserie secretary
Formal and stately dining room.....beautiful colors
Pretty glazed cabinetry in this kitchen ,I like the pop of red on the chairs...
This seem to be a home office, so different in red with the Asian inspired design
Sumptuous bedroom with a cozy seating area..beautiful blend of fabrics and tones
A bathroom truly fit for a princess, complete with a luxurious fireplace!
Attractive kitchen gets accents of yellow for color
Beautiful gold and green bedroom in a very dramatic space
Another showstopper of a bathroom...WOW. Check out that tub and those floors....
Love the creamy tones with Emperador brown accents in this handsome bathroom
Pretty seating area in front oversized stone fireplace
This must be in wine country..gorgeous outdoor space
Beautiful and rich looking library, love the wood paneling
Same house and the wood panel continues into the library..check out those views!
Another view of the room..subtle colors are a beautiful backdrop to the rich woods
Cozy mountain retreat bedroom complete with stone fireplace and balcony
Adorable rustic chic in this kids bedroom
Love this dramatic space..rich, elegant and so inviting
Love the use of screens and this black chinoiserie screen is wonderful
Rustic green distressed kitchen...very charming
Gorgeous limestone mantle in this bedroom with its peaked ceiling make it a room you wouldnt' want to leave...how cozy
Elegant seating area in a living room..beautiful rich earth tones
Family room and dining room as one big space..great for entertaining
Beautiful cabinetry makes for a cozy and elegant kitchen
Another gorgeous cream colored bathroom
What vistas...she was smart to go with a soft monochromatic scheme as to not take away from the spectacular views...
If I owned a home in Napa Valley this is what I envision it to look like, stone walls, views for miles, the rich wide planked wood floors....stunning
Beautiful sun lit master bedroom in pale yellows
Pretty guest room in soft buttery yellows...such an inviting and elegant room

Hope you enjoyed ogling over these rooms as much as I did. Do you like their style? Do you have a favorite? Have a wonderful Tuesday!