Monday, March 21, 2011

Mirrors mirrors everywhere...let me count the ways

Mirror mirror on the wall....yet there's so many other ways to use them all! Putting our own vanity aside, there are many other reasons to love mirror. What room isn't enhanced without a mirror or two? Besides their ability to make a room feel larger, and brighter the reflectory quality of a mirror gives you a lot of bang for the buck. I have lots of them all over my house and in fact, as I am counting the mirrors, realize I have them nearly in every room minus the kitchen and closets.

 I wanted to show examples of how else a mirror can be used besides just the typical hanging of one..make no mistake, I love a hung mirror just as much as you do,  but there are other clever and creative ways to use mirror that might spark an idea. I know I have gotten a few ideas myself from these images.... Mirrors have been around since the 1st century AD in the form of a hand mirror and full body mirrors were introduced much later in Europe. Mirrors are indeed a mainstay of interior design and unilke other components in design and decor, they do fall not prey to trends. They look great just about anywhere and in any style room. So today lets look at mirrors, and how they are used....let me know if you have a favorite!

Love the mirror used behind the much more interesting than sheetrock!

A close up....
SR Gambrel added mirrors to this dramatic and old world feeling black and white marble foyer
John Jacobs used large oversized mirrored panels with wood mullions on this living room adds so much to this pretty room
Alberto Pinto is the creator of this ultimate girls fantasy, a "boutique" like mirrored dressing room/!
This colorful eclectic space gets an entire wall of blocked mirror for extra drama, Elle Decor

Huge oversized mirror is perched against a wall in this open dining room
Fisher Weissman used antique mirror to mirror an entire wall in this elegant living it!
Paneled out mirror sections on this wall in this elegant old world feeling bath add a beautiful sense of space and light, Bendhighlands
This dramatic bathroom gets a wall of diamond patterned glass against the vanity wall, Habachy
Jan Showers designed this elegant dressing area with mirror and feminine!
Amy and Todd Hase add a large beveled mirror blocked panel to this elegant living space
How about a mirrored lattice wall? Think it works beautifully in this Parisian apartment
A mirrored armoire int this fabulous closet adds great light and reflection....Taylor Hannah
Sometimes a simple mirrored door and small mirror next to it are all the simple touches a space needs, Lonny magazine
A very tall trumeau mirror framed in white painted wood gives this room an elegantly grand and French feel, Elle Decor
This elegant mirrored dressing table adds light and sparkle to this understated white bathroom
A beautiful antique mirrored screen like the one above can have a huge impact on a simple understated room, Top Design 2 by Eddie Ross
Two gold framed anitqued mirror panels were added for extra drama in this dining room, Councill
John Jacob mirrored a side wall to create the illusion of more space and light
This elegant monochromatic space gets touches of mirror to enlarge and brighten it pretty!
Fully mirrored vanities...gorgeous, dramatic but delicate, Decorpad
Diamond Barrata designed this elegant turquoise latticed built in with mirror.....dramatic, fun, whimsical and perfect for the island home it was made for
Luxurious closet gets mirrored paneled doors...fabulous
A mirrored bed adds a bit Hollywood feeling glamour to this bedroom
Jan Showers used a mirrored vanity and mirror against this beautiful foyer wall with a gold finish
The mirrored door in this bright white kitchen looks amazing, Lennox
A mirrored screen in a bedroom is always a beautiful accent piece....John Jacob
A beautiful antique mirrored hutch next to a delicate mirrored vanity add sparkle to this pretty sitting area
I have always liked the look of mirrored panels in a dining room....really opens up the space, Taylor Hannah
Naeem Khan created this funky and dramatic mirrored panel to look like part of the headboard
Todd Romano covered almost an entire wall in antique mirror behind this sofa
Beautiful delicate mirrored chest adds a subtle sparkle tot his gorgeous master bedroom
John Jacob used symmetrical mirrored panels (he does this a lot) to add light and much more dramatic than plain walls would have it!
Kendall Wilkinson successfully used mirror in this fabulous bathroom, the reflections are so elegant against the pale lavender

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of using mirrror in unconventional ways such as covering a wall or armoire wtih it, a mirrored vanity or bed? Would love to know.....have a wonderful and enchanting day!