Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spectacular swoon worthy rooms from my treasure chest of pictures......part I

Hello....from snowy New York. Yes, you heard right, its S N O W I N G!!!! I think the weather gods are a bit confused but we will let this slide as long as we wake up to sunny skies and temperatures above 50 tomorrow! 
Today is simply a day to celebrate many gorgeous, showstopping, glorious grand rooms and interiors, some which I have had for a long long time, and others newer additions. I get so inspired by pictures, images both on the Internet, books and in my vast collection of many fabulous things to choose from! You know the kind of room or image that makes your heart go pitter patter? We all know that feeling, something so beautiful that at first glance its almost too much to take in so you look away only to take it all in on second glance (surely I cannot be the only one who does this)
 So over time I have collected many pictures that make me swoon...ironically even the ones I have had a long long time I still love.....proof that my taste hasn't wavered much over the years and that good design doesn't get old.   I am dividing this into two parts since I have so many and my file is bulging with so many fabulous contenders and not a single one should be left out. In no particular order and in a very random way, here is my parade of fabulous and inspirational rooms and you have a favorite?

This is one of my all time favorites..have had it for years. How the range, the floors, the blue and white accents...perfection!
Love the walnut stained wood, the limestone mantle, the washed muted fabrics.....
This is such a stately old world magnificent wood paneled room
Always loved the warmth walnut looking color of this fabulous wood paneled room
Gorgeous room, love the built in "window seat" albeit a very glorified window seat
Love this..OK I don't have a daughter but IF I did, I would create a room just like this! How cozy...imagine how much fun sleepovers would be in a room like this!
One of my all time faves..have featured this many times, Jack Arnold classic kitchen
The colors are so fresh and stunning....Stark
Another one of my all time favorite rooms, just classic understated elegance
Love the dark cabinetry with white marble so rich looking...
Bill Eubanks created this dreamy and dramatic dining room
Stunning master, the colors are so serene and inviting..a true oasis
Rich old world splendor..the dark green walls say it all
Love the feeling of this soft white and beige bed, the elegant monogram, the crisp linen bedding, the shirred luxurious in an understated way, Phoebe Howard
Love the colors, serene and elegant, Charlotte Moss
Beautiful feeling here...feels a bit Swedish/Nordic inspired by the color soothing
Love this room, so rich, opulent but understated by William Eubanks
Another angle from the gorgeous kitchen the floors and the blue and white
Beautiful, rustic and elegant seating the lattice front chest/hutch
Another view from one of my favorites! (Stark)
And yet one the fireplace too!
Now this is what I call a hallway....elegant grandeur at its finest! (Arch Digest)
Subdued but old world pretty
Stunning living room by Cathy Kincaid...the colors are just so melodic.....
Always had a thing for this incredibly old world elegant feeling dining room by Cathy Kincaid
Another view......same room
Beautiful stately monochromatic master bedroom, pure heaven by Howard
Cathy Kincaid works her magic again in this fabulous guest crisp and pretty
Charlotte Moss created this glorious, regal and formal dining room
I believe Steve from Velvet and Linen designed this stunning kitchen..its a showstopper
Gorgeous opulent hallway by William Eubanks
Such a rich and elegant room, the drapes are stunning and I can image this room at sunset....
Love the colors and the soft palette in this inviting kitchen
Something about this space feels so inviting, the soft colors, the large space, the cozy seating
Love this bathroom, so stately and old world feeling, Suzanne Tucker
Always loved this cozy but gorgeous seating area/banquette for this breakfast room
Elegant hall/foyer by William the feeling here, its timeless

So what do you think? Which room makes your heart go pitter patter?  What makes a room showstopping and something to remember to you? For me, there are so many elements that have to come together, a room just has to feel authentic, and right, have a cohesive palette, have great lighting, good flooring, has to be inviting without sacrificing elegance. I love having images of beautiful rooms to refer back to and to learn from. Would love to know which is your favorite! Hope your day is wonderful and enchanting!