Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited!

Just a short and very important note, then my post follows......

I know in  the tristate area, many of you have heard the tragic story about the beautiful couple with an 18 month old who have within 2 weeks of each other, unbelievably been diagnosed with late stages of cancer. I had a hard time hearing it, feeling powerless and heart broken for what seems like the unimaginable.  Then yesterday, I got a phone call from a good friend whose family is best friends with this couple and their family! She asked if she could send me their blog (started well before either got sick) and initially a blog to talk about their blissful life and the joys of raising a young baby. There is also a website created by family and friends, to raise money for them, since they are both knee deep in treatment and both far too ill to work. Elisa has been diagnosed with late stage 4 breast cancer and Nathan with stage 3 rectal cancer. Talk about putting my little problems and complaints in perspective. So below is the link to their blog as well as the link to the website that's been set up. I hope you will take a few minutes (I got so absorbed in it, I spent nearly 45 minutes reading through it) and say a prayer for them both and their beautiful little family. 

Elisa and Nathan's blog-

Link to support the Bond family-

Thank you. I normally would not use a frivolous blog that discusses paint color and interior design musings for something this serious unless it really touched me and suffice to say, it has.

Happy Sunday..... Its a day to relax, sit back and enjoy......and a day for my Sunday "house tour". Today we are staying along the Atlantic seaboard and traveling up and down the Northeast coast..... fabled location to many a quaint, charming and did I mention expensive coastal resort towns!
We are going to visit three ultimate dreamy beach on Nantucket, one in Bar Harbour, Maine and then finally down to Southampoton, NY. Each one, so beautifully done and built in the most picturesque settings with jaw droppingly beautiful views, decorated with being on the coast in mind. Though each is graceful and elegant, there is a laid back, very inviting appeal to each. So take a look, have fun and do let me know if you have a favorite and why!

NANTUCKET, MASSACHUSETTS. You arrive via ferry on a perfect summer day and are whisked off to your new oceanfront vacation house for the summer. Hope this fabulous home is up to your standards and hope you  will be able to adjust having to stare out at those views that go on for miles..not easy, but someones gotta do it! Definitely a great entertaining home, filled with lots of elegant but inviting furnishings. Love the bright sunlit rooms that take advantage of the incredible views from every window, and the pools not too bad either:)

 BAR HARBOR, MAINE. Then we are off to another fabulous home, this one located in tony Bar Harbor, Maine the famous bastion of old money and understated elegance. None other than our beloved Bunny Williams decorated this stately and fabulously elegant home. I could live in that dining room alone.....the views and setting are almost hypnotizing. Think I might enjoy spending the summer holed up in this "beach cottage"...what do you think?

SOUTHAMPTON, NEW YORK. Last, If you need to travel to yet one more fabulous beach playground, then why not try Southampton? No stranger to fabulously grand homes, this one does not disappoint. Built and inspired by the grand coastal homes of yesteryear, quality was not spared in this large incredible family home, built for generations to enjoy. Large scaled comfortable and inviting rooms are decorated in a sophisticated but coastal style....with the views from that bedroom, I might never leave!

Are you ready to go?  I am! I could be happy spending a summer  lifetime in any one of these! You know I love to know if you have a favorite and tell!  Hope you enjoy a wonderful and enchanting Sunday.