Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited!

My prayers continue for the people of Japan. So much devastation and loss...hoping for recovery, restoration and rebuilding for Japan and its proud people.

Happy Sunday! The weather this weekend has been incredible...and I am convinced that we will get to enjoy a spring after all!  As I do every Sunday, I have a  house tour featuring a few different style homes in different locations. Today we go from one coast to the next, and then all the way over to my favorite country other than the U.S......France!! So sit back, relax, pour yourself another cup of java and don't be too quick to get up and run out of the house...its Sunday and a day to stop and smell the roses (and look at houses) Enjoy! Let me know if you have a favorite...

This beautiful country home modeled after an English country manor/Costwold style is brand new. Located in Falls Church, is situated on five sprawling acres. Careful to replicate this beauty to look old, it is purposeful restrained and understated. The interiors however were given a more modern, transitional feel. I love the bright, airy and sun lit rooms.....great space and not too formal or stuffy. What do you think?

Then we are off to the west coast and sunny California, Belvedere to be exact. This not so humble abode belongs to someone who we should all know one way or another, the Restoration Hardwares CEO, Gary Freidman...yes you in some teeny tiny way, made him having this house! The views of the Golden Gate bridge speak for themselves as does the laid back elegance and charm that abounds. Architect Howard Backen did a beautiful job in creating this fabulous water view getaway....

Now buckle your seatbelts as we are jetting all the way to glorious Avignon, France, I am sure I don't have to twist your arm for this one! This picture perfect French countryside home in the middle of this historic and charm to the max picturesque countryside is the kind of place I would like to escape to and would never want to go back.....I can almost smell the lavender fields and the fresh bread baking from the small village patisserie! I am ready to go.....

So...what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Would love to know..wishing you a relaxing and enchanted Sunday!