Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays....

I start this day with a prayer for Japan. The devastation is beyond comprehension and it seems that every day I wake up, I have to brace myself for an even more dire report than the previous day. I pray for all the people of Japan, both those that lost their lives and those that are survivors, and for the swift recovery and healing for the country and its stoic people. Hope we will each do our part, there is nothing too small to help in this enormous relief effort. I have been recommending this link (from Time's newsfeed) as a short, to the point list of ways one can help. Click lick here for the link

I am also participating in The bloggers day of silence, tomorrow March 18th and will not have a post on Friday (will resume Sat) This is being done to raise awareness for the relief effort and how important it is for everyone to help in their own way. I ask my fellow bloggers to consider participating, if you aren't already.

More information go here

So on things I am loving Thursdays, I talk about what I am loving or what I have discovered this week. Since I am in the full throes of doing multiple things for the house, I am exposed to a great deal. Sometimes too much. Sometimes, it is overwhelming and just when I think I know what I want, BAM, I see something else that turns me in a whole new direction. Thankfully, this isn't happening too often but when it does, I just go with it and figure there is a reason for everything! I am concentrating on getting the bathrooms done, the kitchen and carpeting for the bedrooms (yes, looks I am winning....) but below are some other goodies that I have found in my travels..some I would like to use, others to put on my wish list. Whats life without aspirations and dreams! What are yours?

INSPIRATIONS FROM WALLPAPER. Do you ever find something you fall in love with so much that you allow it to inspire you to complete a room? Well I do this all the time and I am feeling very inspired by these two papers, by Ralph Lauren. I think they would both be stunning in a powder room.....I also put the picture of a tonal marble basketweave in the middle that would work with both just to give you an idea. I love them because I love birds and the colors are elegant and timeless.   What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

NAVY UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARD/BED. Thinking about this idea for my sons room. Very elegant, timeless and certainly very handsome/masculine especially when accented with things like nail heads and more masculine feeling fabrics. What do you think?  I love the look paired with rich dark woods and can see it with plaids or tweed fabric as an accent. I just love the richness of the navy, though I would add more plaids and or woven fabrics. 

REPRODUCTION ACCENTS FOR THE KITCHEN. These refrigerator doors are just incredible! I love them, its too late for me now as my panels are being made as we speak but I think in the right kitchen, these could rival anything else in the kitchen as the real showstopper! (love the clock on the top of the second neat)

LIQUID SOAPS AND CANDLES BY SEDA FRANCE. OK, I know this is a super teeny tiny indulgence and that's why its so great....a cheap thrill! I normally do not get too excited over liquid soap or candles, trust me on that one. But Seda France makes the most wonderful smelling soaps and candles whose scents linger on your hands like perfume. They come in several scents, french tulip is one  my favorites. I buy them by the half dozens....and put these gorgeous refillable bottles of liquid soap in all the bathrooms. The candles are amongst my most favorite and I am really a serial candleaholic. They now come in the gorgeous containers below which are a chinoiserie gorgeous!  I have over the years tried almost every candle manufacturer, or almost all and Seda France ranks among the top two for me. Again these are scattered all over my house and the scents are so beautiful and permeate everywhere.....a treat!

GOTHIC INFLUENCE LIMESTONE MANTLES. Something so old world about these, they give a room a certain authentic appeal. We have been scouring many sources for the perfect Gothic influenced fireplace mantle for our family room. We finally found it....its very similar to the one below. An exact reproduction of a period mantle, made in limestone which has a natural "antiqued feel" to it. It will make the room and I am sure be a focal point.

GORGEOUS GREEN GRASS AND A SMALL FORMAL GARDEN IN A YARD. I love these images from Wild flower grounds, magnificent not overly landscaped yards but with an architectural quality to the landscape....a small beautiful hedge garden or pretty cutouts using grass and stone, so pretty..I must have spring fever!

REPRODUCTION PERIOD HARDWARE. I love old hardware....always been drawn to it if I see an old piece of furniture, the first thing I look at is the normally gorgeous vintage looking hardware...that has that special aged patina on it. Even the new ones meant to look old still look new, but there are some great choices out there. I am just starting to look for both my kitchen and the doors...lots of choices and am sure there are many yet to discover.

MARBLE MOSAICS. What is one of my Thursday posts without something from my favorite marble mosaic company, New Ravenna. Their imagination and creations know no bounds..they are just jaw droppingly

GREAT LINENS. I am a bedding fanatic. My justification and mantra is  that we spend nearly half our lives in bed! Why not sleep in the best most comfortable luxurious bedding you can afford! One of my favorite companies is Home Treasures, they make beautiful incredibly soft cotton sateen bedding and sheets.The detailing can be kept simple or they can put gorgeous laces on the edges....they customize it however you would like but their attention to detail is wonderful. Many of the sets I have, I have owned for several years and they  hold up beautifully. At the end of a  long day, coming home to a luxurious bed swathed in the softest cool linens is the ultimate reward! If you want to indulge in a really amazing set of linens...I highly suggest these!

BOOKS. I am a definite bona fide book junkie and in particular love interior design and architecture books. Have stacks and stacks of them all over the place. Two coming out that I have just preordered that I cannot wait to receive are Charlotte Moss's new book, Charlotte Moss decorates and the new Ferguson and Shamamian book, New Traditional Architecture..they both look wonderful!

So that about sums up what I am loving today, of course tomorrow is a whole new day! Would love to know if you like anything above or if there is something new that you are loving this week..always fun to hear. Wishing you an enchanted day.