Saturday, April 16, 2011

The enchanted garden

And a happy Saturday to you. I am SO excited. My long long long awaited floors (the reclaimed limestone floors for my kitchen/breakfast/mudroom/pantry) came in yesterday!! They look AMAZING! The installation is starting today and you better believe I am going to be snapping away with my camera! 

What is more enchanting than a beautiful, slightly overgrown, lush garden? Then when you top it off with a gorgeous aged moss covered piece of statuary- you have yourself a little slice of heaven! Even if you don't have the blessing of a green thumb, you will still be able to appreciate the incredible gardens here. I have never been a fan of an overly landscaped yard and cringe at some the butchering landscaping that I have seen at newer homes around me. Give me a few old trees, a piece or two of old aged gracefully statuary, maybe a small lily pond if you are feeling so inclined and a few flowering bushes......I am not hard to please!

 What is it about old mature landscapes that captivates us the way it does? Is it because we see it as a representation of a different era, a quieter more gentile period where time actually stood still and you could pause to savor and bask in the beauty compared with our hurried lives now where we barley have a moment to breath? Nothing can "take me away" quite as much as a beautiful garden or landscape. So enjoy this little slice of heaven for just a few minutes and join me as we go back in time to a few enchanted gardens............(I feel like this is the part where I should have beautiful background music playing preferably Mozart or Beethoven  to help set the mood for this post...but I am not quite that tech savvy...........yet!) So please use your imagination, relax and enjoy.....)

Something about fresh bright green lily pads.....evokes an old world feeling and its so romantic
Limestone anything is so complimentary to any garden scene in my opinion
A beautiful urn resting on a limestone wall...does it get any prettier?
Lots of boxwood and holly grace this beautiful old stone wall, Southern Accents
Nothing like a still pond to add to the serenity of a beautiful natural landscape, Stoneliegh
A beautiful old stone wall and iron gate is a gracious entrance to an enchanted garden
This kind of statuary takes me to another era.....hello Jane Eyre!
This is inviting me to sit down and stay a while
I would love to have a planting garden just like this one!
Something about old brick in a garden......
Beautiful entrance to a pool and oh so charming cottage
Charming wishing well garden fragrant with an herb garden....a perfect resting place
What a storybook setting..the lovely pond is such a pretty addition to the elegant home
Something about cherubs in a garden makes me feel like I stepped inside a Monet
Old statuary left as it originally stood is so beautiful
Lily pads under an old whitewashed bridge....charming
Wild flowers grow in abundance alongside a beautiful brick walkway
Does anything look more graceful in a garden than an old limestone fountain?
Beautiful urn/fountain against a lush backdrop

A garden gazebo is exquisite in this courtyard
Love to see packysandra, its such a beautiful luxurious ground cover
Is this gorgeous or what? Stunning limestone stairs leads to........
I feel like I have been transported to another era in this ethereal image of this pond
What a spot for this old stone and iron gazebo nestled in the woods....dreamy!
Beautiful cherubs grace the front end of this enchanting pond
This is pure magic....what a picture perfect setting
Brick walkways add so much charm and elegance to any garden
The lush garden at England's Christ church
Beautiful boxed trees, French Garden
Vibrant hydrangeas overflow in this beautiful stone urn and pedestal
Magical setting at Old Westbury Gardens....reminds me of Great Expectations
A beautiful box garden is resplendent with a center statue as the center focal point..perfection!

Hope you enjoyed it! What are your thoughts on these gardens? Do you like this look or do you prefer a perfect symmetrical landscape where everything is new and just so? Its always fun to know what your thoughts and if you have any gardening tips! Have an enchanting Saturday!!