Friday, April 22, 2011

Getaway gorgeous

When I think of a beach or a getaway house and admittedly I think of getting away A LOT..I have  this vision of exactly how I would want it to be. Allow me to set the have had a very hectic week, either with work, the kids schedule, lots of demands, being pulled in every direction imaginable. You are utterly spent. Friday afternoon cannot arrive fast enough. It finally load up your car faster than you can say "time to go" and off you are to your weekend vacation home. As you drive onto the gravel driveway....your worries and stresses fly away with the ocean or lake breeze (your imagination is the driver here) you park, take a deep breath and know you have arrived to your oasis for the weekend. The first day you get to spend all alone, its just you, your favorite bottle of wine and a book you have been dying to read...the next day the family and friends are joining you. Sound good? Sorry I ruined the fantasy. Their arrival cannot come soon enough! Refreshed, the next morning you head to the local farmers market, stock up on all the fresh days picks and prepare the afternoons rounds of appetizers and dinner which will be served al fresco of course.......

So what does this dream getaway house look like?  Lots of blue is a given to me, a fair amount of white and cream, some nice light woods, an open and airy feel, some bright colors in the right spots, even some geometric shapes in the way of pillows or unique lamps works. I see fun bunk beds that beg for your kids sleepovers, over sized banquette tables for entertaining, cozy guest rooms to ensure your guests want to return again and again (hopefully that's a good thing) a gorgeous light kitchen with chunky marble countertops prep ready for impromptu clambakes and spur of the moment BBQS. Today is dedicated to those perfect getaway homes...a home away from home, entertaining, open, airy, and mostly relaxing spaces. There is no right or wrong..and as you can see, this is an eclectic mix. Let me know what you think, does my ideal tie in with yours? Would love to know!

The casual elegance of the linen white sofas and rattan upholstery is fabulous, Alexandra Rae
This great room/dining room by Tracery is just inviting great big get togethers on rainy summer it!
This is a pretty open and airy beach living room
This bathroom says getaway to me, Meg Braff
Whats a weekend house without bunkbeds? Steven Gambrell
Exotic and clean lines come together in this gorgeous space, Sherill Canet
A simple but darling guest room by the lake, Tom Stringer
Love the soft muted tones in this very cozy, inviting room that welcomes you Peter Durham
Love this living room by Meg Braff, so uplifting and happy
Love navy and white, its a winning combination every time, Sherill Canet
Elegant lakeside dining the bare wood floors, Kristen Panitch
This pretty outdoor setting is by a lake house on Lake Michigan, Lawrence Boeder
Bring on the great food, fine wine and lively converation..this table is ready! Meg Adams
A white bathroom? A must have. Kimberly Seldon
This serene beautiful bedroom fronts Lake Michigan, what a calm peaceful space to get away to.... Lawrence Boeder
Love the rich sharp lines of the navy and white, Sherill Canet
Blue and white..possibly my favorite combination, Sherill Canet
Awwh...walking into this gorgeous home would feel like paradise..Kim Coleman
Love the soothing tones in this elegant coastal bedroom
This pretty and cheerful bedroom would be a welcome respite, Samantha Pynn
This casually elegant kitchen is picture perfect for entertaining family and friends
This covered porch just screams for fierce afternoon scrabble and monopoly games!
Whats  a getaway home without a great set of bunkbeds? Sherill Canet
In a charming lake house, I would expect a little powder room just like this one,Kristen Cunningham
Love the fresh crisp feel of this beach side living room, Samantha Pynn
Love this gorgeous elegant streamlined dining room...perfect!
This is called visual therapy right here.....
This is the quintessential chic white dining room in my "in my dreams" getaway house, John Jacob
Cozy little alcoves like this are a must have..everyone will fight to sleep here!
Can you feel the breeze blowing and hear the seagulls? Coastal Living
Gorgeous great room at a lake house,I could live in just this one room Suzanne Kasler
Something about a covered porch, just a must have for a getaway home! Kim Coleman
This is the vibe I see for my getaway retreat for the kitchen..all white, simple and inviting, Decorpad
A darling guest house with three twin beds on the lake, Suzanne Kasler
Love this elegant not overdone pool house which is attached to the main house, Kim Coleman
Soothing colors would be a must have for a getaway bedroom, Samantha Pynn
This beautiful loggia is just what one would need to decompress from life's stresses....pour a cocktail, grab a book and take a deep breath
Love love love this cozy eating nook...Suzanne Kasler
Love this elegant soft hued bathroom, and love the delicate pale green chair, Decorpad
With a setting and view like this...I might never leave! Arch Digest
Ever dream about escaping for a few days to get away from it all to a little tiny place in the woods like this? I sure have!

Well...what do you think? Does it sound good? Are you ready to pack your bags, grab your book and go? Sounds good to me too! Love to know if you have  a favorite and what does a getaway or vacation house mean to you? What does your dream getaway house look like? Have an enchanting day!