Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Isn't it romantic?

Happy Tuesday.......When you think of a romantic room, what comes to mind? I think of soft flowing sheer fabrics, maybe some silks, perhaps even a touch of silvery shimmery fabrics, mirrors, delicate objects, maybe some crystal with a feminine touch. A  fireplace sure won't hurt things. A view of the water, you won't hear me complain. When I think of a romantic room, I see an elegant and understated, soft and serene space. Flowers of course always add romance as can the addition of music to add to the ambiance. Lighting plays an integral part in the way a room affects us and candles certainly do a great deal to add to the feeling of romance. We all have a different interpretation of what "romantic" means to us but entering a romantic room certainly feels wonderful and is good for the soul. Today I look at romantic rooms at least through  my eyes and here is what I see....would love to know what you think and what you think makes up a romantic room?
This is romance and coziness at its best, Tucker and Marks
The most romantic outdoor setting to dine in imaginable! Nicohlas Haslam
Love the masculine undertones and the quiet elegant romantic touches...perfection
Could this bathroom get any more fabulous? Barry Dixon..that mantle would send me over the edge.......I would want to host dinner parties in there!
This is so sweetly romantic, photography by Susan Gilmore
Luxury and romance all rolled into one...John Jacob Interiors
A French inspired romantic kitchen by Michael the painted ceiling!
Country chic and romance go hand in hand in this beautiful setting,Southern Living
Elegantly sweet simple and romantic...Nicolas Haslam
This outdoor setting by Rinfret, feels incredibly romantic to me.....
Soft shimmery coppery elegance! Decasare Interiors
Silvery grays give this a Hollywood deco-y romantic feel, Decorpad
This to me, says quiet soft understated romance
Pink, crystal, silk chairs, formality...romance is in the air! Barry Dixon created this gorgeous dining room...its Valentines Day ready!
Suzanne Lovell brings together romance, drama and whimsy in this fabulous master suite
Amy Howard created the ultimate dreamy bathroom- a"Calgon take me away" oasis!
Soft colors of pinks, reds and oranges abound in this girly romantic bedroom
This is just begging for calling in sick, grabbing a great book, a nice glass of wine soft music and taking the afternoon off, John Jacob
Miles Redd mixed romance and drama in this glorious mirrored dressing room
Jamie Herzlinger gives romance a fresh geometric spin...loving the brown and blues together
Definitely a bathroom I could spend a lot of time primping in! Rinfret Designs
Peter Dunham created this gorgeous dining room, the crystal adds such an elegant touch
Elin Martin chose soft earth tones for this gorgeous romantic feeling living it!
Cottage chic is romantic, Coastal Living
This fabulous dining setting just reeks of romance and beauty, John Jacob
Peter Dunham created this cocoon of a bedroom, quiet, serene and romantic
Simply Seleta designed this elegant and understated room, the drapes add a romantic feel
Always thought this bedroom by Rinfret felt like a romantic oasis...fabulous!
A picture perfect place to soothe your trouble away.....DeCesare
Ashley Goforth designed this elegant gold and white master bedroom which feels quietly romantic
An old world feeling bedroom...beautiful, love the fur throw, such a touch of luxury! Miles Redd
Tabatha Chase Designs created this uber romantic feeling bathroom
This elegant setting in this French home just oozes romance, doesn't it?
Miles Redd designed this very sweet and charming romantic bedroom
Sherill Canet created a heck of a romantic boudoir in this gorgeous room
Always loved this kitchen via Eva elegant and pretty!
DeCesare designed this large but gorgeous French inspired bathroom.....
Wow this is about as romantic as a bathroom gets!
Jim Howard must have had romance on his mind when he designed this dreamy all white bed!
If a living space had to have a name, then meet and say  hello to Mr. Romance....
This is fit for someone who wants to channel her inner Victorian vixen!
I saved the best for last (to me that is) this to me is the ultimate in romance, fresh air, al fresco dining, casual but elegant, all amongst the soft glow of an abundance of candlelight. Bring on the wine, fine food, great friends, and animated conversation, romance is in the air..... Cheers! 

So do you have a favorite? What does a romantic room mean to you? How would you decorate a room meant to feel romantic? I think it means different things to each of us..that's the beauty of design and decor, the endless interpretations. I love seeing one concept through so many different eyes..its fascinating to see how we take one idea and each conceptualize it so differently. For me, romance is that last picture or a tall canopy bed draped with an abundance of soft flowy ivory fabric...preferably with a warm tropical breeze blowing through the room.. (OK might as well throw in the Atlantic ocean beckoning in the background and while you are at it, add in the mega yacht in the distance
Enjoy your day