Monday, April 18, 2011

It takes two to tango!

Good morning! I am a very symmetrically minded person. I love everything (well almost everything) in pairs. To me, it creates a perfect sense of balance. I have noticed as I look around my own house I see many pairings going on, lamps, vases, chairs, pillows, even mirrors in one room. Then when I started to think about it...I decided to delve into my online album and sure enough found this repeated in so many of my favorite rooms. So what do you think?  We may not realize just how many pairs are used in interiors that we enjoy and have even in our own home. Do we subconsciously do this to achieve a sense of order, balance and  symmetry ? I can speak for myself and say yes. Not everyone needs or necessarily even likes that however. Do you like seeing pairs of things or are you more apt to like a room that has a number of individual and odd number of objects? Its always fun to know what your thoughts are but to underscore my own point here are some fabulous rooms showcasing some beautiful pairings! So, go ahead and play a game of "I spy" and see how many pairings you can find in each room........

Picture perfect dressing table with gorgeous lamps, Kelly Interiors
Pairs at their prettiest, Shannon Bowers
A pair of over sized lanterns in this charming kitchen, M Elle
Windsor Smith used a pair of backward facing sofas and a number of other pairs in this dramatic room
Love the many pairings here, the lamps, the stools, the chairs, Mary McDonald
Pretty things come in pairs at HB!
A pair of pendant lights grace this pretty island in this timeless feeling kitchen, Kitchen lab
Thomas Pheasant used several pairs of accessories and consoles in this gracious foyer
A pair of beautiful fixtures graces this elegant and airy dining room, HGTV
Handsome pairings...DTI
Sometimes a large pair of objects on a table is just what a setting calls for, John Jacob
Sherill Canet effectively used two pairs of lanterns above the island next to a pair of stools
A pair of chandeliers over an island is a beautiful idea, Southern Living
James Michael Howard designed this elegant room with plenty of pretty pairs
Good things come in twos...image by Jean Allsopp
Love these two pairs of bunk beautifully done, M Elle
Matthew Quinn designed this kitchen around this pair of islands topped with a pair of matching lanterns..beautiful!
De Cesare Group used pairs of tall backed sofas, chairs and parings in all accessories here
James Michael Howard went for a very symmetrical look here with several exact works!
Mabley Handler used pretty crisp white upholstery in pairs for this chic beach house
Love the pairs of bunk beds and the chunky lamps on the dresser..what a fun room! P Dunham
Dynamic duos in navy and white! Max and Co
Kathryn Scott chose restrained pairs in this understated sleek Manhattan living room
Love the unexpected pair of chunky lamps on that gorgeous island..what a kitchen! P Dunham
Perfectly toned bathroom, M Elle
A perfect pairing...Cathy Kincaid
Its prettier in twos...gorgeous vanities in this elegant white bath, Victoria Hagan
Christina Murphy went with exact pairs of matching sofas and pillows in this vibrant living room
Beautiful showing of elegant pairs, Windsor Smith
LOVE this space...Thomas Pheasant had a pair of built in cabinets for this gorgeous sitting room
Christina Murphy went bold with her pairs of geometric chairs and pillows..but I like it!
Elegant pair of stools and mirrors are all that's needed for this stunning ocean view foyer, Intrinsic Interiors
Pairs galore....Kendall Wilkinson
Pairs of pendants line a pair of islands in this kitchen by Morgan Creek
A pair of Pagoda style chairs is placed in a bathroom by John Jacob
Beautiful room of pairs....found in the pillows, the artwork,lamps and the chairs, James M. Howard
Perfect pairs...sconces, vases, jars on the mantle, and sofas facing one another
Look familiar? Lol...a beautiful example of a match made in heaven...Cathy Kincaid
This stunning theater gets two pairs of super comfy looking chaise lounges, Nathan Egan
Susan Lovell went with the popular arrangement of placing a pair of sofas in front of each other
Susan Lovell used a pair of chairs and a pair of small tables in perfect symmetry
Nathan Egan went with symmetrical placements of a pair of chairs and throws in this fabulous room
Even in a bathroom, pairs work, James Michael Howard
Love the charcoal and orange, such a cool masculine vibe, Ron Marvin
Christina Murphy went with pairings in two sets of chairs, lamps and pillows all in perfect harmony
Sherill Canet used pairs beautifully here in this foyer
A pair of sofas with pillow pairings  are flanked by a pair of stocky white lamps 

So are you at all surprised by how many pairings there are in so many of these rooms or is this something you were already well aware of? (Knowing how astute all of you probably have this pair thing covered) Its an interesting concept to think about how when decorating we choose to use a very balanced approach with many pairs and symmetry or sometimes we choose to do quite the opposite. I am sure some people are not comfortable with their rooms being totally balanced and symmetrical. I wonder if there is a correlation between how we live our lives and how we choose to balance and furnish our interiors. Something interesting to think about, isn't it? Hope you have a wonderful day!