Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making a case for bookcases

Good morning, went on a photo session at the new house yesterday on our almost 80 DEGREE DAY yesterday, yes you heard right! But the site wasn't cooperating this morning in uploading photos so I will try again tomorrow morning and do a house update. Don't you just love bookcases? How about the way they instantly warm up a room and add character and interest to a space? I love them and their ability to transform and warm up a room. In today's decor you see them everywhere, no longer are they just reserved for libraries, they are seen in bedrooms, living rooms,dining room even kitchens! There is no where that a bookcase doesn't look just fabulous. So here is a little slide show to prove my point and case on why I think bookshelves should be in every home! Painted, stained, kept natural..there are no hard fast rules. You see sconces now placed on them, paintings hung on their shelves, there is nothing that is off limits. Sometimes even the back walls are painted and that's when it gets really interesting! Where do you like to see bookcases? Do you like them chock full of books or do you prefer them more for showcasing interesting objects? Do you like them painted or stained? Love to know your thoughts! 

Love this cozy reading alcove...rich colors and tall bookshelves..fabulous looking!
Bookcases in a living room can add a lot of interest, texture and even color, Katie Leede
Pretty pair of painted bookcases flank a fireplace, Elle Decor
Gorgeous black painted walls and bookshelves by Tria Giovan
Graham Moss chose a lively green to paint the back wall of these bookcases
Love tall arched topped bookcases as in this stunning antiqued pine library, private home
A curved bookcase with the inside wall painted yellow to house a beautiful maritime collection ala Martha Stewart
Wall to wall bookcases in a rich wood full of books and interesting objects is a great way to fill up a space and make an ecelectic room
Love adding bookcases in small unexpected niches like above, Brooks and Falotico
Pieter Estersohn filled the bookcases in this living room with books and interesting objects
I think the bookcases work well in this room, designer Courtney Giles
Love the wall to wall bookcases here in this Manhattan bedroom, Katie Leede
Plum Interiors kept things light and airy in this pretty soft toned room
Locati chose black painted wall to wall bookcases to furnish this pretty den/music room
Glossy red painted bookcases by Sherill Canet
Love the painted black bookcases in Aerin Lauders library
When a wall of bookcases become part of a multi functional room such as is this dining room/hangout room,makes it look so inviting... atticmag
Love the richness of the wood against the crisp glossy black of the piano..strikingly beautiful!
A low wall of bookshelves is utilitarian while not taking away from this breathtaking view, Howard Backen
Bookcases as interpreted by Ralph Lauren
Brooke Astors famous red lacquered library...quite stunning!
Exquisite bookshelves decorated by Charles Faudree
Dramatic rich wood tall bookcases holds a serious collection of books, Francine Coffey
Suzanne Lovell used dramatic wall to wall bookcases in a dark java wood for this fabulous living room high in the sky
Frank Roop went with a boxed version of bookcases in this modern dining room
A rich dark cherry library is just a classic and I imagine always will be, Odhner Woodworkers
If you are serious about your cookbooks, then bookshelves in the kitchen is a great idea!
Love the rich browns complimented by the orange in this attractive office, Sherill Canet
Miles Redd designed cozy painted bookcases for this intimate and elegant bedroom
Love the gray with the black here..so handsome
Bookcases always add so much interest to a bedroom, Elle Decor
Erik Kvalsvik filled these bookcases chock full with books...it sure gives the room a well lived in and cozy feeling
Love the vibe and rich colors of this fabulous red library room, Aerin Lauders apartment
Circa Interiors designed this elegant antique pine bookcase unit housed with the mantle
A pair of simple black modern bookcases flank the over sized white mantle, Laurel Ridge Homes
A gorgeous wall of bookcases is stunning in a living room, Morgancreek
Kathy Abbot painted these bookcases a moss green and filled it to the brim with an orderly and colorful collection of leather bound books
Gorgeous rich colored and layered room with bookcases flanking the fireplace,Southern Accents
Proof that if you really want a bookcase no matter how small the space, you can make it work! Rinfret Interiors
A wall of bookcases filled with lots of colorful books adds interest to this quirky room, Decorpad
Candler Lloyd went with dark distressed woods for these built in bookcases
Tall french bookcases with glass doors are so elegant in this formal living room
Glass faced bookcases always make a pretty statement, Decorpad
How about a beautiful bookcase in a foyer? Love it! Mona Haaj
Do you like prints and paintings hung in front of bookcases? House Beautiful
Another example of how effective painting the back wall of a bookcase can be, Martha Stewart

Would love to know if you have a favorite..and if you like bookcases as much as I do...and do you like them in any room or do you like them just in libraries and family rooms? (was that starting to have a "green eggs and ham ring to it or is it me?) Is there a special way you like to dress or accessorize a bookcase? Do tell! Hope you have an enchanting day!