Friday, April 8, 2011

Spaces that wow Part I

Good morning...hope all of you out there in blogland are off to a wonderful day! Ever seen a space that just took your breath away? Made you gasp? Made you weak at the knees? Knocked your socks off? Today is a day to talk about those types of spacesWhat do you think makes a room or space to give this kind of reaction?  I think there are multiple things that have to be is so important, accessories can be a major focal point. Maybe there will be an enormous window or a major piece of art,a funky colored sofa or chair, or an object that has impact and drama. Flooring and wall treatments are equally important or sometimes lack of. 

For me, as you will see by the pictures I have selected, there are many featuring water. What is more alluring and seductive than water? I mean the backdrop of water, whether its the ocean, a pond or a pool is just so dramatic and beautiful...not to  mention soothing. So many of the spaces I have chosen include those with water. I have always been drawn to the water and am comforted by it. Not all of these rooms are highly ornamented. I don't know that I would want every one of the rooms in  my own home to make such a statement. It is much more powerful to have one or two rooms that "wow".

 But I think its wonderful to have one or two spaces within a home that can have that effect, that kind of room that draws a reaction from others when they walk in. For me,  the water, whether it be the ocean, a lake, a pool or any body of water beckoning beyond gets major bonus points towards becoming an "it" room....... What are your thoughts? Would love to know! Hey, if you are going to dream....dream big! So here's to dreaming...............

Does entering a home get any more fantasy like than this? Hum...I don't think so!
This is heaven for me, a pool, the crystal clear ocean, a white!
A fusion of styles, modern meets old world.....electric!
I think seeing this incredible home bowling alley qualifies as a "wow" room! Rinfret
A stunning front to back ocean front foyer, doesn't need any furniture to make a huge impact!
Picture perfect "droolworthy" loggia......R.Stern
Something about this intimate dining space that I love, think its the lacquered very dark navy bookshelves, Keith Irvine
How about this Montana dining room with a wall that opens to enjoy the mountain vistas, Locati 
Not exactly a room but a setup in front of a beach house....I could hang there all night long!
Fabulous outdoor setting with sunken fire pit....quite luxurious! Kiwi
If forced to, I think I could manage getting dressed in this closet every morning..R.Stern
This is always going to be a "wow" kitchen for me! Jack Arnold
This is the kind of room that makes a big impact, such a majestic looking bedroom,Bill Eubanks
This entire space just knocks my socks off! Tucker and Marks
This fabulous monochromatic room is the perfect palette for this incredible backdrop of the sea
Does it get better?  I doubt the entire setup..a fantasy for sure, Kiwi
Whats better than an authentic Chateau kitchen gleaming with copper pots! Chateau Chenonceau
OK, I wouldnt' want my own bedroom to look like this but lets all agree this is a "wow" room
What is it about all white next to the sea? The result is pure perfection......
If I had a covered porch like this, I swear I would live there year round......absolutely gorgeous!
I could see having my family dinners out here overlooking the ocean, not a bad set up!
Gorgeous elegantly casual outdoor settings like this always blow me away, Rinfret
This was the outdoor wedding setting at my nephews wedding in was a "wow"!
Talk about a space that makes you weak at the knees...this could make me agoraphobic for life!
Again that darn ocean does it every time! Another "wow" room
I am sleepy just looking at this breeze, comfy linens, a great book, need I say more?
The ocean that becomes one with this house is just magic
This is about as "wow" of a bathroom as you can get, Arch Digest
Love this loggia flanking the pool and the bay beyond....
Hypnotic Hawaiian house at sunset
High above the ocean.....breathtaking and mythical  setting!
With a room and view this don't need much else, Bacco
Always loved this oceanfront bedroom...dreamy!
This is really about as luxurious as it gets, Tucker and Marks
This foyer has the "wow" factor, Tucker and Marks
Between the view and the might be hard to concentrate on the food!
This is pretty incredible...the desert almost looks too pretty to be real!
Love a long pool, so striking, especially at night all illuminated as shown here
Give me an outdoor pavilion like this and I don't even need a house, H.Backen
Love the feeling of this monochromatic outdoor space, so elegant and functional 
Magnificence in this grand living room at the French home of Timothy Corrigan
This is pretty much the ultimate in a closet.....I mean you could have an entire family living here!
And speaking of about the ultimate spot for a backyard dinner party?
And........ the ultimate Napa Valley Dining Room? H. Backen

So do you have a favorite? There are many different styles represented above....and so many beautiful spaces each extraordinary  in their own unique way. Would love to know what makes a room or space one worth remembering to you. Don't worry....if you enjoyed this and would like still to see more, there will be a round II in a week or so! Have an enchanting day!