Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spaces that wow Part II

Good morning! As promised in Spaces that wow part I, I promised I would be back with a followup of yet another roundup of fabulous spaces so here is part II. Certainly not playing second fiddle to the part I, this post is chock full of breathtaking spaces, the kind that just make you say "wow"! What do you think it is about a room that gives us this reaction"? Well to me, its not necessarily a particular style because as you can see below, I have shown many different styles of rooms, from more contemporary to very traditional, outdoor spaces to formal over the top living rooms. Its just the way it comes together, every little inch has been carefully addressed to create a very cohesive pulled together effect that culminates in a result that just impresses beyond the normal "pretty room" statement. I think an entire home of such rooms could be too much but having a room or two of such a room is pretty special. What do you think makes a "wow" room? Lighting certainly plays a big part, the scale of the room, celing height can add a lot of drama, architectural elements, moldings, window casings, flooring, leaded windows, window sests,etc.....then you move onto furniture and the sky is the limit! Colors, textures, patterns, shapes, sizes, where do you stop?  As you can see the way it is all brought together is what creates that "wow" factor. Do you have a favorite? Take a look......

This dining room with the beautiful gilded chinoiserie is a wow room to me, Jan Showers
Gorgeous kitchen accented  with elegant blues and white, Downsview
Always loved this gorgeous dramatic "wow" powder room by Ashley Goforth
Mario Buatta's rooms always tend to "wow"
Fabulously grand foyer ala William Eubanks
The breathtaking loggia and infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean over at "Chers place"
Love this kitchen space.....so elegant yet livable...Miles Redd
Grand entrances are made here, Richard Landry
Chers "fit for a king" baronial dining room
Mary Nichols designed this unbelievable home hugging the California cliffs overlooking the Pacific!
Opulent library designed by Michael S. Smith
Fabulous dressing room/bathroom, Candy and Candy
Stunner of a kitchen, by Jean Randazzo
Lots of pattern, but it works and its very exciting! Sherill Canet
The famous Kluge Dining room
Fabulous in all its European beauty, NH Design
Always loved this master bedroom sitting area, Jean Randazzo
The entrance to the Bvlgari Suite at a St. Regis hotel
Beautiful rich colors come together to create this gorgeous jewel of a room, Miles Redd
To me this is the epitome of elegance in a master bath, Nancy Boszhardt Inc
Drama overload, Arch Digest
Susan Lovell created this sumptuous ladies suite in Manhattan, talk about having the "wow" factor!
This two story library/family room certainly wows! Jonathan Wallen photography
Thats right, you are looking at an outdoor movie theater! Val Selleck
I love this bathroom..old fashioned feeling yet feminine and gorgeous! Mary McDonald
Beautiful in neutral...Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wisely
Views don't get much better than this! Helen Ziman
Check out those amazing inlaid floors!! Archdeco
Peter Roy Bowman designed this fabulous Mexican dining room open to this terrace
Love the color, the clean lines and the gorgeousness! Jay Jeffers
Luxury bath by Marjorie Shushan
Just love how the colors seem to melt into one another here....stunning!
Dramatic high in the sky foyer designed by MAC II
Jonathan Berger's foyer in his own townhouse..fabulous!
Fabulous dreamy terrace overlooking the NYC skyline....I could imagine having a sunset dinner here! Arch Digest
Love the old world ambiance created by Penelope Bianchi
Not a bad view to have to wake up to, Jennifer Post
Suzanne Rheinstein decorated this fabulous ladies sitting room/office in soft beiges
Gorgeous soaring ceilings of brick, woods and iron are fabulous....Fern Santini
This terrace in Hawaii by Donald Botsai overlooking the Pacific is dreamy!
Fabulous decadent neutral suite swathed in luxury, Candy and Candy

Love this calming gorgeous outdoor space, Jonathan Wallen photography
Don't think I have seen this before...love it! A bookshelf surrounded tub, Eric Cohler
Dramatic and art filled, Susan Gilmore photography
Doesn't get much prettier than this! Fern Santini

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? I appreciate the dramatic over the top ones but wouldn't necessarily want to live with one of them, I prefer the quieter "wow" rooms, and don't think a room needs to shout to be noticed. There are so many beautiful things that can be done to a room to be beautiful, from the bare bones, the architectural elements to the decor, the lighting and the flooring to even the smallest things, like placing a small orchid plant on just the right place, or placing a small stack of books on an ottoman,etc......its the subtle things that make a difference. What do you think? Hope you have an enchanted day!