Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited!

Happy Sunday! So nice to know its Sunday...a day to relax and do as we please. Over here I am going to go take Teddy for a walk...... The sun is out after a very stormy night last night so its great to be welcomed by bright sunshine again! Anyway today's house tour is taking you first to an interesting community just outside Tuscon, Mirval. Then we climb aboard a yacht....which feels more like a house then its back on dry land and to the city that never sleeps, Manhattan and a high in the sky paradise that is an art lovers dream. So here we go.........

TUCSON, ARIZONA In this community of just 16 villa style homes, "The villas of Miraval" is comprised of 16 gorgeous tasteful homes built within the 400 acres of the Miraval resort. Here residents have the best of both worlds, the total isolation of being in the middle of the desert yet having every modern convenience at their beck and call. The interiors are elegant, where cool neutrals are used and I love how the outdoors is brought in to create a very cohesive feel. Elegant understated decor is the common thread as seen in each of the beautiful rooms in this home. Step on in and see for yourself.....

Love the walls of glass that open to the desert sky (but hopefully not the scorpions)

Now this is what I call a bathroom...yep thats the bathtub and shower!

HIGH SEAS.Once you have had enough of the desert, we are moving onto something far more exotic..get ready for this....we are boarding a yacht! Though it feels more like a private home. Welcome aboard the Nautical Splendor where no expense has been spared..beautiful gleaming woods, rich nautical fabrics and elegant finishes grace every inch of this svelte vessel. Your guests will not be disappointed nor will they turn down an invitation to be wined and dined on the high seas. Climb aboard and have a look......

What do you think of the jellyfish inspired chandelier in the dining room? Only here does it work!

Does entertaining get any better than in a setting like this?

Book reading would take on new meaning sitting on a chaise lounge here

MANHATTAN, NY And last we go to the exciting non stop metropolis of Manhattan to the dramatic, fabulous over the top apartment recently decorated by top designer, Michael S.Smith. With killer views of Central Park, this magnificent apartment is the perfect showcase for a mega art collection and growing family of antiques. This stunner is the culmination of four years of collecting and  Michael's razor sharp eye for scouring for fine antiques. What is so interesting about this apartment is the very eclectic fusion of will find traditional, oriental, neo classic, modern, art deco, Beidermeier with a heavy influence of French and like a grand orchestra, they all come together to make beautiful music. Come on inside and see for yourself.....

Love the gray tones of this banquette seating in the dining area

Love the old world feeling of this drawing room

Her dressing room done in gold leaf..but of course

This is his luxuriously  masculine

Well there you have it, three fabulous places...each so unique and so incredibly gorgeous! Which is your favorite? Would love to know. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday.