Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited!

Happy Sunday! Today you are in for a serious treat as we head to the Northern Great Plains but first I must set the tone because I know most of you don't want to bring yourselves to think about the colder months. Allow me to set the scene..... Imagine this-we are coming off the heels of a brutally scalding hot summer, which we have all had enough of and the cold months have never looked so good!  Fall has arrived with perfect timing in all its crisp, humidity free glory.  You have scored the quintessential perfect dream ranch/mountain house for your entire family (including extended family) to spend the Thanksgiving holidays in. And if you are already thinking this would be a more like a prison sentence than a big family pow wow then imagine you are spending Thanksgiving with friends and a big group of your favorite people!

These homes are equipped with all the luxuries including many bells and whistles that most only dream about...and I am talking serious bells and whistles, as in movie theaters, home gyms, music studios, dance floors, recreation rooms, you name it...these homes have it. Then you throw in the most spectacularly cozy elegant mountain retreat interiors and vistas that will blow your mind and you have the perfect getaway! And of course the crowning touch, a stocked bar every board game you can possibly imagine!  And for those nights when all that cozy togetherness has gotten the best of you, you can escape to your very own bar  jacuzzi where you can truly get away from it all.....
So take a look at each of these not so humble abodes and let me know if you would be able to "rough it" for a week and choose just one to stay in for a holiday break! 

So here we go.........

This beauty high up in the mountains is Locati built in Big Sky, Montana. Land of the grand, awe inspiring towering Rocky mountains under the biggest brightest blue sky you can imagine. This incredible luxurious home is awaiting your arrival......

Gorgeous small brook with waterfall greets you as you approach this magnificent home
Look at the vistas from the back terrace, I call the first chair the entire stay!
I would LIVE in this spectacular space.....
Love the babbling brook that greets you at the front of the house....
Just spectacular and room for all of us with room to spare....(and hide)
The views...oh the views!
Dramatic entry...gorgeous!
Love the wine cellar's curved glass wall
This is where some mean Scrabble battles would ensue, right by the roaring fire
And this is where the grand Thanksgiving feast would all come together.....
A cozy breakfast nook where we would all come together in organized chaos every morning 
Work would not feel like work in an office with this kind of view!
Adore this staircase!
Where you could drink your worries away....
A total refuge from the craziness that would be raging outside your door (the family)
Love this hallway
Vistas galore in this guest room....
What a great guest room!
Some serious primping could go on in here....
My kids would fight over this room!
Love the earth tones in the bathrooms.....if you need a getaway you might be spending a lot of time here!!
Gorgeous....even the bathrooms have a stunning view!

Moving central Montana and another incredible Locati masterpiece. This mountaintop palace that does not disappoint. Once again it has every luxury you could possibly imagine and a few unexpected ones. Come on in side.....what do you think?
Its all lit up and waiting for your arrival!
I feel like I am arriving at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole!
Love the colors used a painting
Some serious game playing will be had here
I spy some late night snacking in these woods
Mom, our afternoon Scrabble and coffee sessions will go down in this spot
Cozy breakfast nook for five ( this will happen in shifts) and late night monopoly battles
Beautiful woodwork at every turn
The recreation room could fit 100 people!
This room won't see me...but hopefully someone will make some use of it!
Love the stone walls going up the staircase wall
Yet another family room......this could be the teens hangout room
And when they come in from skiing and playing in the is where it all goes
Just in case you want to release that inner Mariah or Sinatra...there's a recording studio!
And a dance studio complete with every musical instrument known to the industry!
Thank goodness this is in the basement and its in a soundproof room!
A bedroom like this is meant for lingering all morning long (and afternoon)
This is so inviting....imagine taking a bubble bath when its snowing outside!

Then we arrive to the final choice...located back in Big Sky Montana. Yet another Locati wonder. This sprawling family compound is filled with every conceivable luxury. It is awaiting the arrival of you and your clan. Welcome home......
Just like a the pond in front
Gorgeous approach, the calm before the storm
Once sitting here, dont' think I would ever want to get up...hello smores!
What a perfect place for family gossip sessions!
What stunning woodwork! Hors d'ourves served 5 sharp!
This will be the busiest room in the house!
Grand entertaining to be done here.....
The roaring fire will make this a popular place to lounge all day long once we gorge ourselves on turkey dinner!
The gourmet kitchen is big enough to handle the many many meals that will be prepared on an hourly basis
Love the wall of glass that opens up to the great!
Our Thanksgiving dinner will be served here...what a view!
Love the black painted cabinetry with the stone after dinner concert will happen here..
A great spot to escape  lounge
And when you can't take another minute of Aunt Mary's screeching escape here
This is neat!
Yet another gorgeous view of the dining room
All the kids would brawl to sleep cozy!
The elegant master suite awaits you after a long hard day fought on the family battlefront
The wine cellar...I call this as "my room"!
Yep, there is even a game room, but of course!
The stairs coming down the all the woodworking!
And you know there is a movie theater...this would be the most popular room in the house, (after the bar)
And then the billiard room for the overflow.......

Whew....wasn't that a treat! OK so by now you are either: 

A. Once again in total awe of my unbelievable overactive, and lively imagination 
B. Packing your bags wanting/wishing to go here
C. Racking your brain to figure out a way  how you too can plan a Thanksgiving trip like this
D. Calling your realtor, assessing the current value of your home and figuring out if a move out west is feasible.

I am with you on all counts! I could not begin to choose a favorite, I mean they are all beyond dreamy, once there I don't know if I would ever want to leave. They are just beyond description.......and I love them because they could so be enjoyed year round. Would love to know what you think!! Have an enchanting Sunday!