Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swimmingly beautiful pool houses

Good morning......OK, granted a pool house is often not at the top of the "must have" list but is often a "would like to have" item. If I were to ever have one, I dream of having a small one, as cozy as your imagination can make it, with a tiny kitchen, a perfect crisp white marble bath, a small charming bedroom with just the right lighting to  escape from my family to, have reading sessions in, entertain in, and use for an overflow of guests during the holidays, the one part I could live without, cannot wait until. I mean its multi functional right? So in thinking about it, a pool house really is a great idea, a multi purpose space...heck, you can even have a small office there, maybe set up an artists studio to nurture that budding painter in you..... the sky is the limit. So today is all about the perfect pool house. Some are quite grandiose, others on a more restrained scale,  I would be happy to have any of the ones below to escape to in solitude bliss enjoy with my family and friends...how about you?

Fabulous pool house in the Dominican Republic....bet it gets used year round!
This is what I would call the ultimate pool house...facing the ocean! WOW!!
Pretty pool house by Brooks and Falotico,love the big open area in front that's covered
I like this design idea, with a big open patio in the middle, Brooks and Falotico
Love this open kitchen...gorgeous!
The ever so important outdoor shower, belongs to the above home
Love this outdoor space complete with fireplace between the two small "houses"
Love curtains in an open space...and seeing the breeze work its magic...Elle Decor
One practical design is when the pool house is actually an extension of the main house, as shown here..would imagine you would get much more use of the space
Another angle...pretty loggia
Hariri and Hariri designed this ultra contemporary and dramatic pool house
Gorgeous Hampton's pool house, House Beautiful
California pool house almost looks like a hotel setting!
Perfect views from this pool house....love the soaring ceilings!
Love this pool house...the open spaces are just so elegant and refined
Love the South Beach/St. Tropez vibe going on here.....those lights are add a neat touch
Don't you love overstuffed wicker for a pool house...beautiful!
Dramatic pool house lit up at night by Jamie Beckwith
Gorgeous interiors of above pool house, Jamie Beckwith
Cabana of Lance Armstrong...quite spectacular...rivals a Four Seasons or Ritz!
This large pool house has a large covered area, makes it practical and more useful
Beautiful soft colors grace this pretty pool house bathroom/changing room
Love this idea...for the pool house shower! House Beautiful
Architects Bill Curtis and Russel Windham designed this gorgeous pool house to mimic the main house, in all its gorgeous white Southern glory
A beautiful covered patio on one end of the pool house offers shade from those hot southern afternoons, all that's missing is a round of mint juleps!
Always loved this elegant and understated space..the cozy fireplace makes it a place I could see curling up in with a glass of wine and a good book, Arch Digest
Pretty Georgian styled pool house, Grew Design Inc.
Beautiful dramatic loggia attached to small pool house
Pretty multi tiered pool house and pool setting...dramatic
Gorgeous pool house shown as a "mini me" by Michael Smith architects
Interiors of above home.....like a home one could live in year round!
Another view of the covered porch....love an outdoor fireplace
Living room of above home
Gorgeous Neo Classical styled pool house in Palm Beach, Bruce Bierman
Another shot from Palm Beach pool house
Love the navy and white here..so crisp and clean
Love this bedroom....mighty nice for even a regular home, much less a pool house!
An understated pretty gazebo inspired pool house is very elegant, John Oetgen
Elaborate pool house with centered fireplace....beautiful landscaping but a little busy for my taste
Jay Jeffers designed this cheerful space filled with different shades of blues
I love outdoor settings like this one attached to the pool house...how neat to have an outdoor fireplace....feels like you are almost in Tuscany! Jamie Garza
Ginger Barber created this simply elegant pool house as a year round "summerhouse"

So what do you think? Would you take the plunge if you were able to? Is it practical to you, to have a pool house or do you think it would just sit empty most of the year, a glorious home to all those spiders that would be nesting in your stored pool furniture? I think the ones where they are semi attached to the house probably get much more use, unless a pool house is doubling as a guest house (if the space and budget allows) what a great little escape that would be! The only prerequisite for me would be to have an outdoor fireplace...love them and it makes it a space you can use even on those really chilly nights. Love to know your thoughts..have a wonderful day!