Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and house update!

Happy Thursday! My favorite day of the week because I get to share what I am loving. It is so much fun to discover something new and exciting. Granted most of what I am loving and discovering is house related since it seems almost all I do is in some way, shape or form related to the building of our house.  In fact it was funny the other day, I had to buy something to wear for an event I am attending and went clothes shopping (whats that?) I hadn't gone in so long, it felt a little foreign but don't get me wrong it was a lot of fun! And I could definitely get used to it It is just amazing how this whole building process totally consumes you. I wake up in the morning thinking of wood stains and go to bed totally absorbed by bathroom tiles and paint just never seems to end! But I suppose that day will come (can't imagine when) where I will be finally be in, settled and decorated wondering what to do next. (yea, I know you are thinking when you are 90 years old and gray) OK, moving on...........

HOUSE UPDATES. Definitely the thing I am loving the most this week! It is very exciting to see things turn the corner as they have....we are officially in the finishing stages and though we will be here for a long long time just to be out of the construction stage is a fantastic feeling!It really looks almost like a finished house! It just so happens on the day I took these pictures, we had an uncannily 75 degree day, so I went on a little photo session outdoors and took many beautiful (in my humble opinion) shots of the property with my trusty assistant, Teddy in tow.

West elevation

North elevation

The original pool house which we will eventually redo, but for now it will remain as is

Opposite side of the house from breakfast side (walkout basement side) East elevation

Teddy inspecting latest delivery of limestone coping

Teddy walking home after a long hard days work

First sign of spring! Daffodils have sprung!!!
A side view....

Fountain from original house

I love this view
Part of the a small fountain that we will restore
One of the many original stone benches behind the bushes
The chairs are there for the milder days to just sit out and relax a bit
Teddy assessing the progress

Needs work but it is a beautiful setting with the mature landscape

From the pool

Tony putting up crown moldings for us to try
One sons bathroom in progress

A GREAT NEW LIGHTING AND ACCESSORIES RESOURCE. I discovered this neat company and just love their things! From lighting to small occasional furniture, to various accessories, they have a superb selection of great things for the home! I can see a grouping of 2 or 3 of these lanterns above a big island (as in mine) and several of these sconces in a bathroom or dressing area...and love that bench! What do you think? I am in love with all of these goodies! (Currey and Company)
Click here to visit!

CHINOISERIE. This has not been kept under wraps, throughout my short blogging history..I have made my love for chinoisiere no secret. It is one of my absolute favorite decorating elements. I cannot wait to use it in my dining room and formal powder room. I am having a local artist put together some samples of her work (she is uber talented) and I may be using her to paint murals for both of these rooms. In fact, I am meeting her this afternoon.  I go back and forth on colors as lets face it..chinoiseire looks pretty fabulous in a whole host of colors! But in the dining room I am going for a more "antiqued" look while in the powder room I am leaning towards a blue/gray/green cast paper. There are a few things I just won't budge was my kitchen floor, the other is the chinoiserie. I would rather have white walls until I can do this...nothing else will do! Here are some you like chinoiserie?
A relatives house with antique chinoiserie real dream!

LANTERNS ABOVE AN ISLAND. In looking all over for divine inspiration for my island I have pretty much decided to go the way of using lanterns above the island. First I love the look, its so classic and European influenced and I love the fact that you don't see it nearly as often as you see the ordinary kitchen lighting that you typically see in every design magazine coming and going. I love some of the lanterns above from Currey, and am still continuing to look until I have to make a decision. I don't want something too formal or jazzy I want something that looks old and ever so slightly rustic. What are your thoughts?
Chelsea Elizabeth Interior Design Blog

J Tribble

GREAT GOURMET FOOD. I love great food, what can I say what is life without great food! One line which I discovered years ago and whose products I stock regularly in my home is Bella Cucina. They are an award winning product line, good enough for Oprahs O list that makes some seriously great products from their kitchen to your table. From their pestos and brushettas to flatbreads and pastas, anything I have had has been FANTASTIC. My personal favorites are their artichoke lemon pesto which I could literally devour by the gallon (yes its that good) the fresh basil pesto, their olive oils and their spinach artichoke brushetta spread. Their flatbreadlol. I have also tried some of their online recipes which were really if you are looking for a few recipe inspirations and want to explore their site, click here.

FUN THINGS FOR THE TABLE AND COPPER POTS. I love setting a beautiful table. I also love history and architecture and when you have the opportunity to combine the can you resist. So how neat are these napkin rings from Dransfield and Ross? Featuring four iconic structures, the pagoda, Eiffel tower, The Empire state building and the Taj them! Also while we are on the subject of kitchens, I am very overdue for a good set of pots...haven't bought them in many years and the ones I am using have been seriously abused. The ones I have my eye on are the Ruffoni line...not only are they incredibly gorgeous  but apparently cooking in these copper pots which is the choice of the best chefs around the world due to their superb ability to conduct and evenly distribute heat is sublime. The line is just beautiful!

BEING MY OWN FLORIST. I love flowers...I always joke in my next life I want to be a party planner/florist extraordinaire. I loooove creating pretty arrangements around the house with my own containers and get really inspired around spring, summer and Christmas. This week with spring in the air, I went a little nuts and went orchid, hydrangea and spring flower shopping and had so much fun putting them in my own containers. Here is a sampling of my "creations". that is just a sampling of what I am loving this I always say what is life without beautiful things to inspire us and keep us going? I love discovering and admiring sensational new finds. I am so inspired by beauty and great style. Would love to know what you are loving and what is exciting you this week.....please share! Hope you have a wonderfully enchanting day!