Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and we have winners!

Happy Thursday! First things first......I am very happy to announce the winners of my 100th post celebration yesterday, drumroll please...........


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1st: teresa at splendid sass Seda France duo
2nd: summers cottage   French Home book

Congratulations ladies!! Please contact me so I can make arrangements to have your items sent to you!

 My favorite day of the week is upon me already? Wow, the weeks are flying faster than ever, anyone else feel that way? The house is moving along..there are days (weeks and sometimes, yes months) that I feel like the "queen of mean", Leona Helmsley, herself, God rest her soul, with all the yelling raised voices, the evil eye that I try to give, and the assertive tone I try to take on at the job site but being the basic good natured, easy going person I am at heart..this side of my personality is not natural to me, so it doesn't feel genuine nor does it come easy to take on such a persona..but let me say though we are making a lot of progress, the finishing stage can feel painstakingly slow at times. I did just yesterday, take new pictures which I hope to share with you tomorrow and there are some exciting updates! That said there is some progress to share and I do like to include  house progress on my Thursday posts so I am sorry I was unable to today, its been an unusually hectic week but hopefully will tomorrow. Now that we have addressed the house business,  onto the other little goodies that I have been enjoying.

HARDWARE. Went hardware shopping yesterday, and while at first I was a little overwhelmed, I quickly honed in on what I really liked and narrowed it down somewhat.Think I have settled on a finish and have ironically almost ruled out polished nickel whereas originally I was so set on using it. Make no mistake I LOVE polished nickel...but its not right for this kitchen. I had this "aha" moment when the floors were being installed...I was instantly transported to the Loire valley to a fabulous, slightly decaying chateau and an old limestone floored kitchen and what you didn't see was bright shiny nickel...what you did see was an antiqued finish! So,  I am thinking I am going to go with a antiqued/aged brass. Here are some of what I saw and liked.  Any favorites amongst the bunch? The ones I am leaning towards are the first few person they are quite gorgeous, all hand forged and very antique looking. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts........

SCONCES. I also ordered some bathrooms scones for the kids and guest baths, not totally done but its a start, and it was great to get even a few under my belt! Since in these bathrooms, I have selected polished nickel for the faucets, I obviously went with polished nickel sconces, and kept it simple, classic and elegant. For the boys rooms, of course it had to be somewhat masculine and not too fussy.  See, progress is indeed being made!

PRETTY SOLUTIONS TO UGLY PROBLEMS. No one likes garbage and ugly green garbage cans are pretty unsightly. I was so happy to discover these attractive faux stone garbage can covers from Horchow. I mean if there is a pretty way to conceal a hideous green garbage can, this is it, don't you think?  They are made out of crushed stone, fiberglass and plastic. You can also wash them down with a hose...and they are weatherproof. and lightweight! What do you think?

MARBLE SUBWAYS. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with the back splash in my kitchen and have been leaning all along towards marble subways, possible over sized ones. In any case..the look is classic, understated and certainly timeless. Do you agree?

UNIQUE HOUSEWARMING GIFTS. I had to send someone who lives out of state a housewarming gift and racked my brain to come up with something unique, and came up with the the idea of stationary with a sketch of their newly built home printed on say it was a hit is a major understatement. I have gotten three thank you's! I sent a package which included a 5x7 and a box of stationary cards. They just loved it! And after receiving an official thank you card  on the very stationary card I sent them, without tooting my own horn...I can see why! It's unique and almost surely something the recipient doesn't this company has other neat unique personalized great housewarming gift ideas! Click here for more.

COLORFUL DRINK WARE Saw these at both Horchow and Barneys and though they are kind of pricey I love the look, very Moroccan inspired..but aren't the colors amazing for summer entertaining? I love them.....even with the simplest plates these colors would just add so much zest and sparkle to any table! Put a great big arrangement of colorful flowers and you are all set! They could certainly inspire a great summer party theme!

A GREAT BOOK. I have to confess I haven't even gotten this yet but I read about it and instantly I knew I wanted it...the kind of book that kind of swept me away to the hills of Tuscany. Anything that can give me that "Under the Tuscan Sun" feeling albeit even for a few minutes..I am game for! This is a cookbook mind you but it sounds so wonderful and they had me at the cover! Its all about recipes from the proprietor of a 12th century castle in the Tuscan countryside that has now turned into a small country resort...and all recipes are based upon what they grow in the garden and what is found locally. Now granted I do not have the same luxuries but a girl can dream! (Available here at Rizzoli)

MONOGRAMMED SOAPS. You bet! I love monograms..but by now if you have been visiting me for any length of time you know that. I love love love these soaps. Have ordered from this company before....Carved here to visit. They make the most scrumptious monogrammed soaps and will pretty much customize to your liking, they do wonderful gift sets and now do a great little monogram candle! Check out their neat items......

A MUCH NEEDED GETAWAY. And what better way to end this post than with a great getaway vacation idea! We are hoping to go to Bermuda this year as we do almost every summer and visit the new Tucker's Point. Once you see the pictures you will see why we are so anxious to go! Set on over 200 acres, it is a premiere resort, private club and residential community. There is a hotel and spa and its a golfers paradise! Love the formal but relaxed decor (yes always paying close attention to that even when I go What do you think? (Especially love the decor of the cabana and dining chic)

Yes, I do think I could go and manage to stay a while! Well, that's what I am loving this week! Would love to know what you are loving this week! Hope you have a wonderful day!