Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays.........

Happy Thursday!! I want to follow up on a story I had told you about, about the couple who are both battling late stages of cancer while trying to parent a young baby. They recently appeared on the Today is the clip if you are interested. It is an unimaginable story. They also had started a blog well before this here to visit their blog. To see the Today show clip click:

As I am looking into completing the baths for the new house, I have been looking at a lot of bath related items. Pedestal sinks, lighting, wallpaper and bath much to choose from! I think in my own head, I am at times overwhelmed by my project so just knowing I can "wrap up" a room, even if its"just" a bathroom, feels like a feather in my cap. So, this post starts with bath related items and moves onto some fun things..because its important to keep a fine balance between the things we have to do and things we like to do! Would love to know if there is anything you are loving this week too!

PEDESTAL SINKS. For a few of the smaller baths..I am going with old fashioned pedestal sinks, first because I love the look and secondly they don't look as cumbersome as some of the vanity cabinets do. There are many gorgeous pedestal sinks out there...I am going for a more classic look and below are some of the ones I am you like the look?

FUN ACCESSORIES FROM WORLD IMPORTS AND DANA GIBSON. I remember years ago when we moved to our new house, I discovered Worlds Away. They are a neat company that had really "cool" for lack of a better word, things filled with all kinds of  hip offerings. They had great mirrors, little tables, cache pots, trays,etc....just fun interesting looking objects. So I recently re-discovered them and they look better than ever. Then, this really fun take on a ginger jar caught my eye in a magazine and I looked up the source and it was Dana Gibson who has a great little site filled with all kinds of lovely colorful accessories and tidbits. Love the Worlds Away mirrors with antique mirror below and am determined to use them in at least one bathroom.  Below are a few goodies that they are currently marketing.....what do you think? Have a fave?

All above from Dana Gibson

All below from Worlds Away

WALLPAPER. Yes, have found even more great wallpaper! What can I say its a bona fide addiction..cannot help myself! I am glad that for two bathrooms I was smart enough to order  them right when I saw two Scalamandre papers I loved, this way its a non closed. But I still have many other spaces to concentrate on, it was just a drop in the bucket. However, progress is progress. Here are a few interesting patterns from York wallcoverings...I have to admit I wasn't really familiar with York but saw something interesting in a magazine which led me to find them online which led to more paper crushes which led to adding them to my inspiration folder which led to this post...whew! So here they are a few of my latest wallpaper crushes......

Love grays and creams together and of course love the gray/blue background

How could I not include honor of Teddy and a shoutout to all canines!

Love this for a small home and crisp but elegant...

This is so old world and beautiful

I love this gray/blue color, pretty for a bedroom wall

They even do murals!

Dramatic, bold and fabulous for a small jewel of a powder room

Just love the colors here.....and am a peacock fanatic

These colors are so beautiful around it with green

PIER ONE BARGAINS (who knew!) OK I must admit I am not a snob but always thought of Pier One as a basket, mood beads and incense depot for hippies (I admit I was off base). I haven't been into a Pier One since I threw my husband a surprise backyard party about 14 years ago and last minute frantically ran around looking for citronella candles....only to be led to Pier one. In my manic state I ran in, got them-mission accomplished, not to return again. I never thought of it as a store that had anything for me. While waiting for my son to finish at an appt. the other day, there was a Pier One next door, so I figured I would pop in. Much to my surprise, I found some goodies for a friends birthday whose style so epitomizes what I found. I was so excited with what I came up with...and everything was so reasonable! The first four pictures are all part of her gift..I wrapped it all up in a colorful basket and it included two cookbooks (that she had been wanting) and a bunch of fun utensils, then got a couple of little goodies for myself (of course) Needless to say her gift was a huge mega hit! (and the bonus is she invited me to her cookbook party next month, where a group of girls will get together to try out a few different recipes together from the book,  imagine- little old me responsible for that divine inspiration!
Got her 8 of these appetizer/salad plates...perfect for outdoor entertaining

This adorable colorful fun!

Matching placemats

And these fun coasters!

Then I found this gorgeous unexpected in a place like Pier one....I want my whole dining room to look like! I mean does this look like its from Pier One? Not.

How could I pass this up? Is this the cutest thing ever? For condiments, got one for her, one for me, of course.

Another cute condiment serving piece

Then for outdoors, how pretty and different is this grouping, the seat cushions, the umbrella and then add a punch of yellow with the!

OK, OK...I know I got a little carried away but we all know we love the thrill of a bargain- then when its something pretty..its doubly sweet! Great looking stuff...who knew!

A SERIOUSLY GRAND PARTY. In my next life, I want to be a party planner extraordinaire.I can see it now "The Enchanted Party". I like it!  I am so fascinated by parties, party planning, flowers, locations, table settings, linens, all of the glorious crowning touches that are the hallmarks of an elegant party. I am as impressed by an elegant backyard bbq as I am a dreamy seaside chic wedding.....its all in the details and that is what fascinates me so! Ever since I discovered Tara Guerard's work in one of my many Southern Accents' back copies...I have been captivated. She and her talented team are based in Charleston and New York. I have also decided what when my sons get married, she  is the one who will plan my his wedding.  I have it all planned out!!  I love her eye and  interpretation and think she is so unbelievably talented. This post does not do justice to her work and her amazing website so please click here to see some seriously gorgeous affairs..... For now here is a little taste of what the folks over at Tara Guerard Soiree's are capable of doing...needless to say, they sure know how to throw a party! 

So that's what I am loving this week..thankfully not a shortage of beautiful things in this world, always something glorious to discover. Afterall, isn't it when you are dreaming that you become most inspired? I know that's the case with me! Would love to know if something above caught your eye or there is something you are loving this week. Hope you have an enchanted day!