Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Calgon take me away!!

And a happy Tuesday morning to you! Hope everyone has recovered from their Memorial day weekends and that they were enjoyable. The sun ended up coming out here after all and we had such a great time at our friends house, I wish I had taken my camera! She did such an amazing job...and her backyard looks like a posh resort. Despite the oppressive humidity and heat, we all had a wonderful time in the great outdoors......hope yours was relaxing as well.
 Bathrooms have never been as big as they are right now,. They have become major focal points in decorating. Bathrooms today are outfitted with more bells and whistles and lets face it with life's stresses there are few things that can soak away your troubles and worries like a deep soak in a wonderful luxurious bathtub! Is there anything better than closing the door to the chaos and stress raging outside your bathroom door, and at least temporarily forgetting your troubles by luxuriating in your own beautiful bathroom! I don't think so. 
Add a beautiful tub to a luxurious bathroom laden with gorgeous marble flooring, just the right wood trim, a fabulous vanity and/or dressing table, luxurious plump towels, maybe a beautiful little chandelier, or light fixture and I would say you have yourself a little slice of heaven. This post is all about a getaway of sorts, of which I like to write about often but this one is in your very own home...your bathroom! Check these beauties out...do you have a favorite? Do you have special design secrets that you would care to share on how to create the ultimate bathroom?

This bathroom is really spot on, understated elegance...just perfect! Palm Design group
Beautiful in its all white simplicity, the fabulous materials speak for themselves,Arch Digest
I love what looks to be limed oak paneling....so beautiful! Decorpad
Another fabulously appointed master getaway by Nunnerly
Love the timeless elegance that this bathroom has, with the clawfoot tub, stone floors, beautiful collection of botanical prints, tufted chair, a winning combination. Southern Accents
Joe Nye created this Moorish feeling bath, so pretty!
Christopher Noto created this fabulously romantic and luxurious bathroom, love the flooring and french chair.....definitely a room meant to linger in
Blue and white wallpaper was added to this sophisticated bathroom to give it warmth and color, House Beautiful
Paolo Moschino created this beautiful elegant bathroom, feels more like an actual room!
This spa feeling master bathroom could keep me hostage for hours, love the tub...soothing colors are also just beautiful! Beckwith Interiors
Fabulous built in tub surrounded by two interesting closets, love the plate idea! Southern Accents
Amanda Nisbet used a very pretty and warm pink wallpaper to warm up this bathroom
While this isn't my personal taste, I can so appreciate the boat shaped tub overlooking that sensational view..wow!
Meg Braff gave this elegant marble bath a delicate wallpaper to warm things up...I like it!
An understated elegant retreat, PalmDesign Group
How about the luxury of a copper free standing tub such as this one in this elegant French castle like room? Pure opulence!
Fabulous mosaic marbled wall is the ultimate luxury in this sleek understated bath, Artistic
What a beautiful oasis! The large window overlooking the sea, the chair..perfection! Jill Shevlin for Intrinsic Designs
A gorgeous copper bathtub creates such an old world feel while adding a bit drama, Penelope Bianchi
I love the soft creamy colors of these bathroom, there is a timeless elegance which I find especially appealing here, the crystal scones are a beautiful touch Sandra Nunnerly
An old white bathroom is so elegant coupled with a rich dark wood vanity, Jim Howard
This more modern bathroom showcases the sculpted tub overlooking the huge window,  
Vincent Wolfe
Nancy Boszhardt chose to clad this entire bathroom in an old world looking marble, timeless
Scott Snyder designed this fabulous marble encased oasis, the fireplace is an extra luxurious touch!
How about this marble encased little gem of a bathroom with a wall of glass to your very own outdoor courtyard and shower! Pretty over the top!
Love an old fashioned elegant bathtub like this situated in front of a large window..perfect!
Laura Kirar
Barbara Westbrook choose to use beadboard to give this bathroom a more casual coastal feel
Gorgeous luxury.....love the natural colored settee, what a fabulous addition! Palm Design Group
Karly Pierce Paxton created a very old world elegant oasis in this gorgeous master retreat
Cathy Kincaid designed this interested Moroccan feeling bath, so exotic!
Gorgeous large window opens to a beautiful courtyard.....you can dream that you are in Tuscany!
When simple pared down elegance is just enough, Christina Murphy
Diana Sawicki beautifully exemplifies the power of white on white in this fabulous bathroom
Another one of my favorite bathrooms, love the tone on tone colors, the elegant appointments, and the simple caned chair is a nice little touch...tres elegant! Nancy Boszhardt
This bathroom shows the power of soft lighting, a must! 

 Did you have a personal favorite? So are you ready for your bubble bath and your glass of bubbly? I sure am.....but  reality beckons and its time to run errands!! Hope you have an enchanted day!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures that strike an emotion- An encore!

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We are headed to a friends for a bbq, but the rumbles of thunder and ominous gray clouds are telling me we might not be having our bbq party al fresco as she planned.....

When I first started blogging in January, I did a post entitled "pictures that strike an emotion" on random pictures that just send me to another place. I am amazed at the ability of how pictures and images can truly transport us to another place even if only for  a few minutes. Sometimes at the end of a very hectic day(lately very often), I need those little visuals to allow me to "decompress" and they are great aids in really helping me unwind. Since I had very few followers at that time, it is likely most followers didn't get to see that post,  but it remains today one of my Mom's all time favorites, so I decided to bring back round two of that post and include some of those images as well as a few new additions, all things that really strike an emotion with me. I just love each and every one! Inspiration comes in so many forms, small things like certain foods  and big things like fabulous buildings and landmarks. Creative things like incredible art or a movie that moves us to tears. Then awe inspring things like nature.  Do pictures have power over you like that too? Are you a very visual person? Please take a look and I would love to know what you think and as always if you have a favorite! Mom....this ones for you!
What's more inspirational than our beautiful American flag?

A table for two with the surf at your feet......sounds awfully nice!

Relaxation overlooking the ocean on a perfect calm humid free day with not a care in the world.
A table for two in this most splendid courtyard brimming with white flowers in full bloom!
Napa Valley....this is my personal ultimate heaven.
Can't imagine waking up to a grander more beautiful room Christmas morning!
Whats more beautiful than seeing a bride and groom........seeing them on a beach!
Tomatoes right off the vine out of your garden, still warm from the sun...yummy!
Watching an elegant horse show
How about the magic of seeing a snow covered tunnel of trees on a unplowed road with the sun just barely filtering through?

A glass of chilled white wine, freshly picked grapes sitting al fresco
Dinner for two on a remote beach...sounds great to me!
Whats prettier than seeing a magnificent horse grazing at pasture at a beautiful horse farm?
How about the majesty of seeing a beautiful yacht race? 

A rustic table set for two in a vineyard! I am so there!
Is there anything as breathtaking as the lavender fields in Provence in full bloom?
Need I say more?
A beautiful farm in the country at sunset
Magnificent Rio De Janeiro.....that is one inspirational city!
Walking through a beautiful spot like this during the peak of fall foliage
Checking into your oceanfront Caribbean hotel suite for a week...BLISS!!
Pumpkins and hay...signaling that fall has arrived!
Arriving to Capri for a week of relaxation via your private motor yacht?
A big old fashioned country wedding!!!!!
Magnificent coast dotted wtih all the fabulous Newport mansions in Newport, Rhode Island
A serene boathouse on a lake, like this one at Blackberry Farm
Loire Valley in France... a place that literally takes your breath away!
Sitting at a chic bistro in Paris people watching...ahhh fun!
The quintessential ski town of Aspen at dusk......like a little jewel
Gorgeous Hawaii...pure paradise!
Visiting a farmers market and choosing from the colorful fresh picks of the day!
An evening "stroll" in Venice
A walk in solitude with mans best friend along a canopy of huge towering trees.....
Visiting a favorite musuem and taking in the splendor
You are never too old to enjoy an old fashioned Popsicle....its quintessential summer!
Spectacular suns rays streaming through the canopy of moss covered trees in the Deep South
Ahhh....Paris in the springtime, I hear the accordions playing my song
This is perfection right here. All that's missing is a book, a stack of magazines, a cool tropical mojito, a few tidbits to snack on and silence!

Well, hope you found some inspiration here of your own. Did one picture really do it for you? Would love to know which! Wishing you a wonderful Memorial day!