Monday, May 2, 2011

56 reasons why I love blue and white jars!

Happy Monday! Never made it to Target...I figured it was going to be a madhouse and I try to stay away from shopping in general over the weekend, so just as well. The only two people I know that saw the Calypso Collection seemed a bit underwhelmed so doesn't seemed like I missed much. Anyone else check it out? Moving along......who has a thing for blue and white china? Surely I know there are lots of you out there that like me, love the look of blue and white and what it does to a room. Just add a blue and white jar here, a plate or garden seat or vase there to a room  and voila instant glamour, pizazz and sophistication are added! No doubt about it......they work just about anywhere, in any room of any color of any style. 
They are considered by most designers to be staples, items that never ever seem to go out of style. Classic, timeless, stylish. That's how I sum up the use of blue and white pottery, and china. They come in the form of vases, jars, with tops, open faced, with lids and without, garden seats, big bowls, huge planters,plates I could go on, they can be found very inexpensively so you get a lot of look for the money. Today I salute the almighty blue and white jar, plate, bowl and such.....what do you think? Used alone as a single standout piece or grouped together as a and white makes an impact on a room, there is no denying. So, I have put together what I think is a fairly impressive little collection of beautiful spaces that make a pretty beautiful argument for blue and white! Would love to know! Do you have a secret or tip on how you like to use blue and white? Do tell!

There is perhaps no more gracious way to welcome guests to an entry hall than with blue and white, love it against the rich warm woods, Joseph Minton 
John Bossard used blue and white brilliantly in this stunning entrance it!
Kristin Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford show there is never such a thing as too much blue and white!
Love lots of blue and white displayed in a pine hutch as shown here, Photo by John Umberger
Love the blue and white here against the dark contrast of the floors, Ashley Whittaker
How amazing is THIS? It took my breath away.... Lake Forest pool house, designed by Marshall Morgan Erb Design
Blue and white in an all white kitchen is a winning combination, Country Living
Who said blue and white china is only for indoors! Gorgeous setting......Peggy Sewell
Love how this blue and white collection is arranged atop this magnificent antique chest
David Netto chose to put ginger jars in different shapes and heights for interest on this sideboard, Veranda
Larger ginger jars were used behind the sofa and as lamps next to the sofas
Ralph Lauren bedroom using ginger jar lamps, Seasidestyle 
Blue and white holds its own even in very bold rooms just as this one, Anne Miller
And when you cannot satisfy your ginger jar cravings enough...indulge in this fabulous wallpaper! By Ralph Lauren of course!
Elegant blue and white ginger jar lamps on this dining room console, such striking colors
Candler Smith chose to use blue and white plates in this sumptuous back entry foyer
Carolyn Roehm's room is dotted with blue and white jars everywhere
J Tribble chose large scale blue and white jars for extra punch
Cathy Kincaid used blue and white accessories for this elegant kitchen
A collection of blue and white ginger jars always looks great above a fireplace, House Beautiful
Rinfret chose a cluster of ginger jars for this center hall table in this foyer
I like one big blue and white filled with a spray of hydrangeas as shown here...Veranda
Stunning over sized blue and white ginger jars grace two windows at the home of Dick Ridge and  Rod Denault
Juan Pablo Molyneaux chose to display a pretty collection of blue and white jars atop this peaked rooms wall of painted and upholstered closet wall
Gorgeous table of blue and whites, Carolyn Roehm
On a fabulous rustic table....could this be any more spectacular? Cadeau Registry
How gorgeous does the blue and white look here?(Jeffrey Delvy) Mixandchic blog
Blue and white jars on this center hall console table in this foyer is picture perfect, Shannon Bowers
Love how blue and whites porcelain looks next to rich woods, Candler Lloyd
Love the collection of blue and white plates, Country Living
Bunny Williams chose a collection of ginger jars to stand guard on this elegant mantle
One of my all time favorite arrangements, from good ol Southern Accents (of course!)
There is no such thing as too much blue and white in my humble opinion! Kellogg
Love the earth tones with blue and white as shown here, Rinfret
Cathy Kincaid hung a collection of blue and white plates and displayed them throughout this elegant living room as well
Gorgeous ginger jars flank a console in a dining room, William Eubanks
Blue and white looks gorgeous in this persimmon colored room.....
Timothy Corrigan used blue and white to delicately accessorize with flowers and greenery
Even the simplest touch of blue and white can add such a special little something, Windham
A huge collection of blues and whites stand behind this important looking china cabinet, Veranda
Blue and white is exquisite in this formal dining room, William Eubanks
Blue and white looks amazing in a crisp white kitchen, Downsview
Blue and white looks amazing in this CT. home, Jonathan Wallen photography
Blue and white always looks stunning against yellow or gold....Atticmag
A pair of ginger jars does the trick every time! Arch Digest
Love how this pair of blue and whites is the crowning touch! Veranda
The blue and white china plate collection gives this room such warmth and character
Under a table? Why not! David Hicks
Gorgeous tall blue and whites flank a grand fireplace in the home of Carolyn Roehm
Love how William Eubanks uses it liberally and does it so well!
Cathy Kincaid hung rows of blue and white plates and places jars on brackets....gorgeous!
Even in a simpler less formal setting, there is always a place for blue and white, Sherill Canet
Ashley Whittaker chose two pretty blue and white garden seats for beneath a small console
Over the top, decadent and gorgeous! William Eubanks
Wow......this is blue and white overload, but I love it especially against that pale apricot colored wall, so dreamy! Bunny Williams

A great ginger jar with a huge spray of delphiniums is always a way to create a showstopper of a room!!

Well there you have it! Blue and white jars and there many many uses. What do you think? Is it a love? Do you already have them or would you use them? Let me know! I always enjoy knowing what you think....and do hope you have a wonderful day!