Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cocktails at six........on the terrace!

I want to start by saying my thoughts and prayers are with the people and community of Joplin, Missouri. It is unbelievable what has happened there, so tragic and almost incomprehensible. The images look surreal and the devastation is catastrophic. When I made a donation to Red Cross last night, I felt like I really wanted to do so much more but I gave what I could. I truly believe that there is no amount too small...we all have to do our share so if you can spare even a few dollars, those few dollars will be put to good use. Lets all say a prayer for those who are suffering and who have lost loved ones. Their pain is almost unimaginable. I believe we all have to do our part and help out however possible.
Moving onto my post......

Allow me to set the scene here..just roll with me. OK fast forward to later in the day..... its almost 6, a perfect and I mean perfect as in ZERO humidity (yep that means a blissful great hair day) oh around 68 degrees, the sun is just starting to set and its the most brilliant every shade of orange, sunset you can imagine. You have been invited to someones home whose company you adore for cocktails on the terrace followed by dinner poolside.
So now that I have set the scene, you plan your outfit, a perfect little causal but chic summer getup, put on a pair of comfortable shoes (after all you will be traipsing across the lawn) plus in case you have a cocktail too many, flat shoes are a major bonus:)  You arrive and immediately hear beautiful music being played, ahhh....a jazz band has been assembled just for this glorious evening! How lovely.....the music softly plays in the background, while the faint smell of a softly lit candle permeates the crisp evening air. The water views beckon beyond but you first feast your eyes on the beautiful and magical setting that awaits you for the cocktail hour on the patio. What are you waiting for? Come on over and join the fun.........

Love the lush setting here, the white seating is so dramatic and sophisticated
Nothing like soft romantic lighting!! Vernon Daniel
This picturesque setting is reminiscent of something you might see in Europe, Robert Stern
Party ready, DeCeare Interiors
Picture perfect setting, photo by Jonathan Wallen
Even in the city, glorious entertaining by candlelight can be had when at the hands of Robert Stern
A pair of dark wicker sofas facing each other creates a cozy setting, love the coral pillows
White sofas give a very "South Beach" vibe to this cool outdoor setting, House Beautiful
Elsa Soyers created such an inviting and elegant setting here....
Gorgeous setting for two at the end of a reflecting pool...perfection! Veranda 
Great flow, beautiful colors and cool vibe, Catlin Creer
With this view.....you don't even have to serve food, just give me wine and the view! Robert Stern
Lets get this fiesta started! Norm Plate
Ashley Whittaker designed this beautiful setting in crisp blues and whites, its soiree ready!
Love the cobalt blue accents....so eye catching! And the billowy curtains...a love! Decorpad
With a view like that, I may never leave! Arch Digest
Stunning view of a entertainers dream, DeCesare
 Now this is what I call a setting ripe for a party......Agins Interiors
This gorgeous setting is as inviting as ones living room! Love the lantern too!
Looks comfy and cozy!! TH Designs
Ashley Whittaker did a gorgeous job of making this so inviting and elegant
Ralph Laurens place isn't too bad either!!
Love this setting, this is great not only for cocktails but fit for every meal too! Atlanta Home Magazine
Love the cool vibe here, great colors too...... Kristin Hutchins
Fabulous poolside setting, photo by Andrea Trauttmansdorff
A picture perfect setting, can't imagine it could get any better! Architecture by Richard Landry
Fabulous and luxurious as any interior space...love the grand limestone fireplace with the blue and white tile!
Love the warm tones mixed with the elegant blues, such a warm and sophisticated outdoor space, Southern Accents
How beautiful is  the stone fireplace next to the pool, beautiful, cozy and elegant, perfect for entertaining poolside, Jay Graham
Ahh...this looks awfully relaxing, sitting lakeside! Orrick and Company
Nirvana in Napa Valley! Robert Stern
Under the Tuscan sun.....your glass of Pinot Grigio awaits you.
This wonderful space is so beautifully done and was given as much detail and attention as most interior living rooms! House Beautiful
Love the neutrals with the iron furniture, the gorgeous tall fireplace... a perfect spot to wow your guests! House Beautiful

So what do you think? Are you ready for your cocktail now? To me nothing beats summer outdoor entertaining....with the combination of  perfect weather, lively music, great company, good food, flowing drinks, an outdoor party is the ultimate way to enjoy and savor summer. Hope you got some ideas and outside inspiration....and hope you have an enchanted day!