Friday, May 6, 2011

Exotic travels, lounges, pools and dinners... oh my!

Good morning!! What a week...very very busy one for me. Too busy in fact. I am personally glad its over. I am worn down to the bone. Not feeling so great, in fact. I attended a Scalamandre event last night and realized I was running out of steam, it was one of many things I committed to this week and one too many, but on a bright note must say they are looking better than ever! Got to see all the new fabric lines and in 2 weeks they are getting a brand new wallpaper book. They have a new owner (in case you didn't know they were bankrupt and in big trouble) so new life is being breathed into the company by a charged and enthusiastic new owner. I really enjoyed hearing so much about the long and illustrious history of Scalamandre from their in house historian who was part of the evening,  including the many White house assignments, such interesting stories! I definitely had my eye on a few goodies......

Moving by now know me and my overactive imagination and love of travel which can take us to some pretty rocking exotic locations! So, today I showcase hip lounges around the world and knock your socks off pools polished off by drop dead exotic massage locations.Then I top off this perfect exotic excursion with your choice of locales for the ultimate dinner for two in the most scenic places imaginable. So go ahead and pick your ultimate trip, you get to choose a lounge, a pool, a massage location and finally a place to wine and dine your weary soul in out of this world, beyond your imagination, one of a kind, scenic dinner for two locations.

 Welcome to my world (my dream world that is) Hey, as I always say if you are going to dream.. you might as well go big!! I guess this post is telling of the VERY action packed somewhat stressful week I have had, because I have getting away very much on my mind and this post looks really really good right about now.......getting on a plane to escaping to one of these exotic locales looks pretty sweet as my son would say (he would cringe if he heard me say this) Oh well makes me feel young!  So here's to fun and exotic travels...............

Some cool places to relax, have an exotic drink, listen to music, check out these lounges.....
The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

The W Resort in Thailand
Hotel Ocean Drive in Ibiza, Spain
The Siminyak Hotel in Indonesia
The Clift in San Francisco, California
The Riva Yacht Harbor Hotel in knew I would have thought this is Hawaii!
The Grand Hotel, Geneva Switzerland
Hotel Caster Fuster in Barcelona, Spain

When all that lounging and partying in too many hot spots has worn you out  and you need an over the top pool setting to escape to, take your choice from this bevy of beauties:
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Swimming in golden water?  The St. Regis in Llasa,China
The Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah
The Setai in Miami, Florida
Grand Hotel, Lake Como, Italy

Now its time for your massage and when you go for it, think beautiful, exotic and luxurious....take your pick!
Banyan Tree, Maldives
Sandals Royal Plantation, Jamaica
Four Seasons, Thailand
Half Moon, Jamaica
Lion Sands Ivory Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve
The Datai, Malaysia
The Nihiwahtu, Indonesia
Kirimaya Golf spa Resort, Nakhon Ratchasima
The Fairmont, Hawaii
The Amanpulo, Philippines

And finally after all that relaxing and surely have worked up an appetite so a fantastically prepared gourmet feast for two awaits you along with an unlimited supply of your favorite wine..but first you have to choose which spot you would like to dine in...decisions decisions! And this mind you, is not just any spot...this is destination dining at its best!
Soneva Fushi, Kunfunadhoo Islands (Maldives)
Cameron Highlands Resort, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
La Sotana Quilidia, Morocco
Hacienda de San Antonio, Municipo de Comala, Mexico
Hotel Tugu Bali, Indonesia
Amanpulo, Phillipine Islands
The Grand Cayman, Grand Cayman Islands
Samara Private Game Reserve, South Africa
Kurland Hotel, South Africa
North Island, North Island, Seychelles

Ahhhhh...what is life without dreams, desires and aspirations? So many beautiful places yet to see in the world. The next best thing to going to the actual place is visiting them online. Just think ten years ago this would have been impossible!! Hope you tell me what would your ideal day be? Have a wonderful day!