Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited! We have a winner!

Good morning!! Well after "Bloggers blackout" for a crazy 24 hour period which created quite a chaos for us bloggers, I was able to let the contest for the Safavieh bench run an extra day and gather the names and submit them to I am happy to announce a winner of the fabulous bench so generously donated by Safavieh this morning! Drumroll please........
The winner is.................

Safavieh gorgeous bench
6th drawing held by The Enchanted Home
Completed on Sunday, 15 May 2011 at 10:52:03 UTC
93 entrants, 1 winner

Winners (1)
1st: thepreppyprincess

Congratulations!! Please contact me so that I can get your shipping information and pass it onto Safavieh who will promptly send out this gorgeous bench to settle into its new home!

Hooray for Sundays! I don't know about you but by Friday I am wiped out and  longing for the "free pass" that Sundays provide and after my VERY eventful and stressful Sunday last weekend, and one I permanently want to erase from my memory (one word might remind you of that day- Teddy) I am looking forward to a calm and easy day today. This Sunday we start off in Seattle, move a little south to right outside Los Angeles and then fly over to the Southeast coast to South Carolina. Three fabulous homes, each distinctively  done in their own unique style...but all three quite spectacular. You know I always love to know if you have a favorite!

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON With a nod to Europe, architect Gregory Bader designed this beautiful home on the water while Belgian designer Alex Vervoordrt collaborated on the beautiful European influenced interiors. It is sprawling, sun lit and open. A wonderful family home reminiscent of the "summer cottages" from a bygone era. Both architect and designer took great care to consider the fabulous views that are had from virtually every room and did not obstruct the views in any of the rooms. I think they combined beauty, sensible design and comfort to perfection. Come on in and see what you think!

The views and vistas are spell binding!
Love the horse prints and the openness 
What a gorgeous view from the dining table....check out the eclectic chair arrangement

Such a cozy master bedroom
Love the elegant master bath

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Then we travel south  to Los Angeles and to this large home right outside the city. Designed by Mark Boone, the clients wanted something "homey" and comfortable, not too grand and "Tuscan" in feel. Though the home is on a very large scale the rooms in both color and scale were done with comfort in mind.They took maximum advantage of bringing in the lush grounds and landscape as well. The backyard looks like a magical oasis right out of a storybook! The interiors though luxurious are welcoming and warm.  I think he did a fabulous job. What do you think?

The grounds are so lush

Love the warm tones and the fabulous over sized fireplace
How about that mantle and gorgeous wrought iron door

How heavenly are these grounds?
I would become a serial movie goer with a theater like this!
Love a loggia!

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Last, we fly over to the southeast coast to "low country" South Carolina as its referred to and to this fabulous beach home designed by Mark Finlay with interiors designed by Cullman and Kravis. The large shingle style residence is in keeping with the ambiance of the coastal town but decorated in a smart New England style that is sophisticated enough for entertaining family and friends. I love the warmth of the colors (it wasn't done in the expected and predictable blues and whites) and the openness of the space. Its quite the ultimate vacation would be hard to leave!

This home has a very commanding presence
Elegant and understated front entry

I would linger on these outdoor spaces all day long with a view like this
Love the warm tones of the dining room....
Really like how the spaces were kept so open and airy to take maximum advantage of the view
Great kitchen opens unto a sprawling family room with beautiful views of the water

Cozy and elegant sitting room of the master bedroom with breathtaking views of the ocean
Calm and serene in the master suite

So...what do you think, do you have a favorite? I don't know, I would be hard pressed to pick one, I think they each have something special. Hope you have a wonderful day whatever you are doing! Until tomorrow, enjoy your "day off".......and congrats Preppy Princess on the bench!