Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited

Happy Memorial Day weekend! After a wedding that lasted until the wee hours of the morning I am so very happy to have a relaxing day ahead of me, I need more time to "recooperate" from such nights as the years creep up!  I must vent and have a feeling I will have some sympathizers out there.......Blogger I am VERY upset with you, my nearly 500 followers all of whom I cherish and am soooo grateful to have somehow had disappeared into thin air for three days..... where oh where had they gone?  You finally brought them back to me this morning. All week long I have been getting emails from one blogger after another telling me their woes with you. This is not right. Lost posts that we all worked darn hard on. Followers who are no more. Inability to post comments all week long. Now I found out my very original post is gone, totally vanished...poof! I mean my very first post, my induction into blogworld is a VERY BIG DEAL and to not have that is incredibly upsetting. I implore any bloggers reading this to check and see if your original post is there. I hope it did not meet the same fate as mine did. I sure hope Blogger knows what they are doing and working around the clock to get it right...I am fearful that this could be a sign of things to come and it makes me want to run for cover! OK, I feel better now...deep breath. Ahhhhhh, moving on, moving on........

In honor of it being the official weekend to launch the official start to summer, we pay tribute to the perfect almighty beach house! Today we visit three very different beach houses, each beautiful, each quite unique and each the perfect getaway. I would be oh so happy to take my family away to any of these fabulous homes for the holiday weekend. Come and take a you have a fave? Hope whatever you are dong this weekend is enjoyable and mostly relaxing!! Enjoy.....

QUOGUE, NEW YORK Classic "Hamptons" style cottage, though this is a brand new home, it was styled after the famous turn of the century summer cottages of the rich and famous that summered in the summer colonies of Newport and the Hamptons. Love the neutral interiors, rooms with high ceilings, and of course the outdoor spaces and gardens are a dream. This home is elegantly appointed in sophisticated but casual furnishings, that welcome summer entertaining on a grand scale. Come on in and see for yourself!

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA This modern home,  is sun filled and elegantly appointed. This masterpiece was done by renowned architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. It is modern, light filled, airy and open. The architecutre which is considered to be Carribean Colonial allows for huge walls of soaring glass to take advantage of unrestricted views. What a wonderful home to get away to. I can see entertaining in this fabulous space. Even on a rainy day, it must still be bright! Love how the poolhouse is attached as a U shape structure to the main house around the pool. Come on in and take a peek......

SOUTHAMPTON, NEW YORK This understated weathered shingle classic Hamptons home in the tony neighborhood of Southampton was completely redone by master Robert Stern. The interiors are played down but elegantly refined. I could have a heck of time whipping up some fun meals for friends and family in that kitchen, and the library is quite special as well. I think this house epitomizes country/beachside elegance at its best. Not formal or stuffy but certainly sophisticated. Step inside and see if this is up to your standards for what a  weekend retreat is all about!

So do you have a favorite? What are your plans for this Memorial day weekend? Hope your weather is holding up wherever you may be! So far so good over here.....some overcast skies but no rain, so I am not complaining. Enjoy your holiday weekend!