Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and house updates!!

Happy Thursday! I didn't post yesterday, its been a very hectic week and I will have weeks where I may have to skip a day here and there, so please don't be surprised (or mad at me) where you don't see a new post for a day or two but in general I do try to post every day except Saturday. I definitely over committed myself this week to a number of things, on top of having a lot going on over at the house so needless to say this is a week that I am happy is ending tomorrow!

On Thursdays I try to include house updates, since they are coming pretty fast and furious now so we will start with that......they have started the rest of the stair install and its coming out quite incredible. We are all in awe of the work of art that it is! A seamless sculpture of floating wood.....then the bathrooms are in full swing and seeing my visions coming to life is quite exhilarating! I am loving each and every one and can honestly say each one was so worth the sleepless nights, arguments, extra glass of wine,that extra cookie (or two), those handfuls of chips and yes even that candy bar I snuck (out of "nerves" that needed to be worked out) Yep, all worth it!! So here are the pictures..........

The wood paneling is well under way, here are the casings just getting installed around the windows
First half of very labor intensive staircase installation
It almost looks like a gorgeous sculpture
The "woodworking shop"
Beams for breakfast room that have been getting distressed and "antiqued" before finishing
Calacutta gold just arrived for shower floors
Wood floors for hallways just got installed
They are doing a wonderful job for upstairs hallway

At long floors!!
I love the scalloped detail....

Breakfast room continues....
And continues..........

At long last after 7 long laborious hours......the second half is installed....

The full staircase just about can almost see the full sweep

Beams almost fully "antiqued" imagined aged to look 100 years in just a few days!

Sons bath...isn't the "plaid" neat?

Other sons bath, love the border

From an upstairs angle

My bathroom getting grouted, its wet so looks dark but the grout is actually a very pale gray

So that's the update for now...much more to come!!

ANTIQUE URNS. I love looking for beautiful things and never tire of it even if its not for me! I especially love anything and everything having to do with the home, decor and tabletop. Love old urns too. I was at an antique store in the area  and spotted two gorgeous stone urns and snatched them up and ran them over to my local nursery where I selected a beautiful arrangement of spring flowers and had them filled. These were not going to me but instead was a group gift for a dear friend from myself and a few friends (lucky her but she deserved them).  She was needless to say overjoyed when they were delivered!  A slice of Versailles was born! I was so excited with how they turned out...I had to share! Here are a few pictures of them in progress as they were being created! (they stand about 4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide)

GORGEOUS FLATWARE FROM VIETRI. I love beautiful flatware. For everyday I have a pretty stainless set I bought from Horchow years ago and then I have my set of sterling and then I like to buy a set that can be used as backup or for summer entertaining. I LOVE this set by Vietri, called   the real problem would be deciding on which color/finish to choose! I think I would go for the tortoise much as I love love love the green! How beautiful is this set? Whats your favorite color?

SERIOUSLY HEART PALPITATION INDUCING CHINA. This isn't the overly formal stuff but boy, is it pretty!! I found all this at a site I have been frequenting,and if I had to choose today..I would be hard pressed! Of course if you love flatware, chances are you love china too! I have a few sets of Limoges which I love and started collecting china until we moved. I hope to start again but there are so so so many other things I will have to make priority that it will probably have to be awhile. In the meantime I can satisfy my hunger for beautiful china by ogling them are some recent faves.........
Love this delicate polka dot gold and scalloped edged plate from France

Love this equestrian themed china!!

How great is this pitcher?

And this Charlotte Moss set of bamboo inspired china on a wicker charger?

I like this charger (it shows the two choices of monograms)

Elegant in pink, Limoges!

And this "afternoon tea party" service just about set me over the edge

BEAUTIFUL WALL TO WALL. As I am starting to look for pretty wall to wall carpeting, I have seen and found some very nice selections. I want classic looking carpet that won't look trendy nor do I want it to look dated, so here are a few that I think are quite elegant and timeless. What do you think. These are all by Schumachers latest line. The last few are contenders for my boys' rooms....masculine but understated.

GREAT BATH PRODUCTS. Love Lady Primrose. Have used this line for years now. Love the body cream, the body powder and the bath crystals. Their crystal decanters are so luxurious and fabulous looking and are wonderful items to display in the bath. Really fine bath products that smell heavenly! I just love this here to check out the line. They make things in a wide range of prices and sizes including great gift boxes and now even make things for little kids! I highly recommend the line! Here is an idea of what they have......

PRETTY STATIONARY. I love wrapping gifts. What can I say, well except during Christmas when I tend to get a bit frazzled and feel like an I love Lucy episode at an assembly factory line gone, where I can't wrap fast enough and things just aren't looking quite how I like them to look,etc...but in general I take a lot of pride in how I wrap my gifts and always like to add my little extra touches, and those who know me know this well. So I discovered this little company who offered this pretty trellis gift wrap paper. I am a trellis nut. I love trellis fabric,carpet,trellis fell in love with the trellis gift wrap! I also love the lemon gift wrap, so fresh and crisp....perfect for summer gifts. Click here to visit Retta le Ritz.

SWANK LIGHTING AND SEEING THE WINNING LAMPS IN THEIR NEW HOME! As you all remember, Swank lighting was incredibly generous to offer a pair of amazing lamps as a giveaway and one of my lucky readers, Valerie was the recipient of the gorgeous pair below. She was so excited and had custom lampshades made, the end result is nothing short of perfection! She found the perfect place for them in her bedroom and was kind enough to send me a bunch of pictures...right out of a photo shoot, here they are! You must check out the exquisite offerings for one of a kind Murano glass hand blown lamps at Swank lighting, I guarantee you will love what you see! Below are a few examples of their increidble lamps! Click here to visit their site and see more....their selection is nothing short of incredible.

MACKENZIE CHILDS BEVERAGE SERVER. I think one or two pieces of Mackenzie Childs is more than enough but I must say that I thought that this beverage dispenser was really neat. I thought for summer outdoor entertaining it could be a lot of fun. 

COOKING SCHOOL IN FRANCE. OK, now this granted, is something that needs to be put on a back burner for awhile, a very far away back burner, but its on my list and I do plan on accomplishing this one day! How much fun would it be to not only go to cooking school but to go to cooking school in the mother of cooking countries, France? What a dream come true it would be and is for many who sign up to go to the On Rue Tatin cooking School  in the Norman town of Louviers. To boot its only an hour from Paris and its in a restored 15th century former convent. There is a wide range of courses to select  from  ranging from 1 day course to a full 5 day program. The program is run and overseen by Susan Herrman Lommis who is a world renowned food expert and an award winning author of nine books.. Where do I sign up? How enticing do these pictures make it look? I think gathering a small group of great friends and going over would be the trip of a lifetime and then finishing it off wtih a few days in Paris would the crowning touch. Click here for more information and she has her own blog!

FUN DOG ITEMS. Always thinking about cute little doggie things. Teddy has been quite patient throughout this whole house ordeal, its been traumatic for him too. So I am going to treat him to a new bed and new dishes when we move. There are so many great companies catering to our canine friends, one is  "Unleashed life", who makes adorable very decor friendly bowls and now beds. They are clever because they make a wide range of styles that will fit well into very modern homes all the way to super traditional ones. Click here to visit them. Here are a few of their very interior design friendly bowls and beds......

So that's what I am loving this Thursday....lots of fun goodies! Hope you have a wonderful day....and would love to know if there is something you are loving that you want to share! Until tomorrow..........