Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and house updates!!

Good morning! I like to start my Thursdays with house updates since lots of progress is well underway now and things are changing week to week .So here is a slide show of pictures taken this past week then followed by some things I have discovered that I am loving and enjoying this week. As always I also love to hear and know about what you are loving too so please feel free to share! Hope you have a lovely day.

HOUSE UPDATES. Yes things are moving along swiftly now. I still get cranky and things still go wrong and not always on schedule but believe me, I am thrilled to see how progress is finally being made.The modlings for the master baths came in too dark so this was a big deal and now we are waiting on another batch, it was a headache but I am trying not to 'sweat the small things" because you truly have to pick your battles in this business! Bathrooms are nearly done except powder rooms. Bathtubs and toilets are in warehouse but those items normally don't get put in until last minute as are plumbing fixtures. Powder rooms are only rooms left to tile. (still deciding) Wood floors done upstairs. Doors being installed as we speak. Ditto crown moldings. Finally kitchen finishes were decided, being done and should be completed within 3 weeks max. Aiming for end of May installation, though "aiming" is operative word here! Stone for foyer and downstairs hallways installation starts next week. Stairways are done! Exterior limestone will be completed by first week of June. So, lots of things happening and over the next month major progress will be had. Of course a lot will still be going on over several months. Lots of woodworking, and this takes A VERY long time...its a painfully slow process but should not hinder our move. Will it mean having lots of people milling about once we move? Yes, it will....but a small price to pay to be able to finally say "I am long last"!!!!!!!
Yippee, our doors arrived! Here is the very first one that got installed!!
Love the 3 French!
Sons finished shower wall
Love that little window
Husbands shower in progress
Calacutta gold is beautiful
Close up of materials being used in hubbies bath
My bathroom shower, also in Calacutta gold in process....
My bathroom windows....
Guest room bath, its Thassos (pure white and Ming green)
Close up
Timbers during the first stage of  'antiquing process"
Close up

Stairs just about done!
Crown in hallways just about completed
Tower entry which will eventually be done in stone cladding

Looking from front door as you look back into back door
Crown molding
Next round of beams getting worked on
Family room aka the "workshop"
Breakfast room getting wood paneling....about half way done
Casing is just about done around the windows
They are making progress!
Tree removal!
The rest of these are just some pretty pictures of the property now that everything is starting to bloom.....its so nice to see everything so green and lush!
Favorite tree coming into full bloom!
Everything is starting to look so green.....

Yes, none other than the little fellow who created such havoc on Sunday!!

I will redo this beautiful pond one day but keep the setting natural as it is now.....

love this little old birdbath part of the original property and home

The powder room next to the laundry room, this is the one that gets the pale yellow, white and pale gray toile wallpaper..think it will look really pretty and old fashioned

FUN SUMMER JEWELRY. For the summer more than any other season I love buying some fun colorful pieces of costume jewelry, which I mix with my gold jewelry to wear with casual fun colored sundresses or crisp white outfits. I am a particular fan of white and with a can't do much better. I found some really great pieces that with just a simple earring, a small clutch, and a chic summer are good to go! In my next life, I may be a summer jewelry buyer, lol..does such a career exist? That would be so much fun....I love buying fun little pieces and adding them to simple crisp summer outfits! Kendra Scott makes some really neat pieces as does Kenneth Jay Lane, Kate Spade and Trina Turk. I am obsessed with that Kendra Scott earring below and ordered it in 2 colors and now considered a third....scary I know. If you go to Kendra Scotts website, click here and enter your email address they will send you a 20% discount code! Here they are.....

Great turquoise cuff by Kenneth Jay Lane
Same cuff by Kenneth Jay Lane in gold...fabulous!
Love these turquoise earrings from Kenneth Jay Lane
"Cara" stretch glass green bracelet cuff, from Nordstrom (can you believe only $49)

Fun enameled bracelets by Trina Turk
Gorgeous Ben-Amun turquoise and blue enameled cuff....stunning for a special occasion!
Kendra Scott yellow chalcedony earrings and check them out in orange!
And in white...they are smashing!

And how great are they in green! (I am obsessed with this earring but they are just great looking and look even better on!)

And in this pale celadon green..OK, OK I know...I am getting carried away!

Love this little turquoise ring by Kendra

And this beautiful gold filigree cuff by Kendra, just this and a simple pair of earrings and you are done!

And these beautiful earrings...the light blue aster is stunning!

Sequin brights enameled great are the colors? Love!

Jordann monogrammed turquoise necklace, from Max and Chloe..cute!
Loved these too! By Cara at Nordstrom...bought them in all three colors! So reasonable!

PERSONALIZED STAMPS AND ADDRESS LABELS. I bought one of these for myself and recently ordered two as gifts. They make great gifts, are reasonable and are ALWAYS a huge hit! They have a huge assortment of styles and fun little icons to choose form so you can make them highly personal too! They make embossers, self inking stamps and self inking stamps with icons. Also great stickers and stamps for book lovers and recipe cards! They also offer colored inks. They are from Three Designing is a sample of what they do, click here to see more or order.

BAMBOO ANYTHING. I love bamboo, well anything. I loooove bamboo bracelets, bamboo inspired tabletop, love bamboo fabrics, flatware, you name it! I find the look so classic and timeless and it works well with other classic patterns. I never tire of it, and as an example I have had a gold bamboo bracelet for around 15 years and still love it. Ditto for a bamboo print stretch silk top I had had for years, its still gorgeous! And don't get me started on my bamboo handbag! So here are some great looking bamboo inspired beauties!

Kenneth Jay Lane strikes again with this great looking bamboo cuff!
Tiffany and Co. Bamboo sterling flatware, such a classic!
Mariposa pewter napkin box with turtle cute!

Caspari bamboo playing cards and personalzied napkins

Just love love love the Charlotte Moss pattern "Nancy" great looking!
How about a pretty bamboo printed fine linen tablecloth? From Pioneer linens.
Fresh looking "bamboo" bedding from Williams Sanoma
Bamboo inspired this!

Of course the ever so popular white bamboo chairs!! Decorpad
Yellow and white bamboo "lattice" lamps from Pieces
Jonathan Adler "Nixon" bamboo end table
Stroheim and Roman green bamboo trellis wallpaper

We cannot underestimate the power of the bamboo over the iconic bamboo handbag and shoes by Gucci either!

MY LATEST WALLPAPER CRUSH. Yes, I know you probably think I am just a wee bit obsessed. Maybe I am. The good news is I have been able to make some decisions on wallpaper. Not sure if I am going to use it for the boys bedrooms yet or not and if I do will go with simple masculine, papers. I as of now, am using them in some of the bathrooms and plan to use a chinoiserie in the dining room. That much I am sure. I had seen this one below in passing and knew I loved it but upon closer inspection know we are destined to be meet my latest wallpaper crush that I WILL use somewhere! Figuring it out as we speak, I am in love! ( I am visualizing this with my growing collection of blue and white ginger jars and I am seeing a beautiful space come together)
In love with this paper from Zoffany, the colors, the pattern, everything about it!

A DUDE RANCH VACATION! A few of our friends  and us have been toying with the idea of going to a luxury dude ranch vacation for a while now as a group of four families. We are totally serious in that we think it would and could be the trip of a lifetime. After some weeding out of some "hard core" dude ranches that I think would make mincemeat of us, we have decided that when and if the time comes, which I am hopeful it will (it is just challenging trying to juggle and coordinate approx. 16 peoples schedules to all work together), we will go to the famous "Ranch at Rock Creek" in the fabulous state of Montana. The pictures speak for themselves, it is a working dude ranch with full participation from its guests, but there is also a spa, gourmet food, and plenty of wonderful in other words something for everyone! Sounds like an incredible trip for the whole family!Here are some highlights.......Click here to learn more about this fabulous getaway.

FINE SOAPS. You also by now know my fetish for wonderful luxurious bath products. I love both for myself and gift giving the line of Gianna Rose Atelier. She makes the most wonderful line of luxurious bath soaps that are as whimsical and beautiful as they are wonderfully scented and long lasting. Just check out how beautiful they are! Almost too cute to use......almost! The animal soaps are a particular fave of mine...and I have bought repeatedly the dog and monkey soaps, how cute are they? They are packaged really nicely so they make wonderful gifts. Click here to visit the site.

A GREAT COOKBOOK. I love cookbooks. Granted, I get some, try a recipe or two and then it makes its way to the back shelf never to be used again. Then there are those whose food smudged pages tell of serious cooking sessions and tried and true successes. Those stay front and center and see lots of use. I have a feeling this book, Michael Chiarellas, Bottega is going to be one such book. I have only tried three recipes so far, but each has been a big hit with my family and that's a big deal! We had the good fortune of eating in his namesake restaurant last year in Napa Valley and I loved the food as much as I did the ambiance, so the book is very much in keeping with the experience we had from his restaurant. I highly recommend the book if you love great user friendly Italian recipes!
Click below to order your signed copy

AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY!! Safavieh has generously donated this fabulous looking bench that not only is beautiful but also doubles as great storage! How good looking is this? Some lucky winner will win this great looking bench.....that can be used virtually anywhere!! Made of a cream linen is neutral and has such an elegant streamlined shape. It measures 19H X 15WX 45D. (Retails for approx. $450.00)

Its easy to win......
.Visit Safavieh at and then visit them at their facebook page by clicking here and tell them your favorite item...that's it!!  I will announce the winner of the bench on my Friday post! Good luck!! 

Well there you have house updates and some fun things I am loving this Thursday! Anything appeal to you? Is there anything that you are loving that you want to share? Please do tell! Hope you have a wonderful day!