Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who has the biggest, baddest, fluffiest, bed?

Anyone who knows me also knows of my obsession with my bed. They know of my quest to have the fluffiest, softest most "cloud like" bed known to mankind and by golly, I think I have achieved it! I LOVE a soft, cozy, fluffy, heavenly bed. I mean, seriously after a long hard day doing battle in the trenches of life, is there ANYTHING better than sinking into a deliciously soft bed? I don't think there is anything that even comes close! Lets face it...you spend nearly half of your life in bed!! What better investment to make than in a place where you spend anywhere from 6-10 hours a day in? First it must start with a good mattress, and that cannot be emphasized enough but then again I know all you savvy readers know this already so no need to belabor the point. 

Then the bedding...aaahhh, the fun part! Get the softest highest thread count sheets you can afford. Ideally try to go for at least a 400 thread count.Today, they happen to be more affordable than ever....and are more readily available in more stores than ever not just very exclusive ones. Then the comforter, it must must must be down, super light, goose down. Remember, fill power is generally determined by the sleep temperature of your room, not the outside temperature of where you live. The fluffier the better! Pillows? Goose down all the way!!!!! At least for me there is no substitute. Like the comforters, most good companies also make different fills for the pillows, think of this as an investment in your sleep therefore in your life and well being. A goods sleep has such a HUGE impact on your day, as we all know. So today I bow down to the softest, fluffiest, baddest, biggest beds I could find.........and here they are! What are your secrets for a soft, cozy inviting bed?

Ashley Goforth has practically made a career designing not only beautiful beds but ones you want to sink into and never leave!
Glorious space gets a dose of crisp white linens with a tone on tone monogram, elegant! Southern Accents
Nancy Boszhardt created this gorgeous bedroom setting...creams and whites are always a winning combination!
This bedroom by Phoebe Howard, a longtime favorite has serious 
"cozying up to" power!
Ann and Jane Dupuy created this elegant blue and white getaway
Soft, formal and gorgeous in blue! Kellogg
Nancy Boszhardt used stark white linens with a beautiful embroidery to give this bed an old world appeal, beautiful
Love this bed, as beautiful as it is inviting,Ashley Whittaker
Bunny Williams has the formula down pat for creating a sumptuous bed!
Tracery created a soft, cloudlike bedroom here.....
Beautiful brown and white makes for an inviting and streamlined look, Southern Living
This looks really calming and inviting! Decorpad
Nancy Boszhardt used soft colors and textures to create a welcoming room and bed
Elegant with the crisp white, the rest of the room does the talking, Kendall Wilkinson
Cozy comes in many colors and styles.....this is so fresh, Lynn Morgan
This is a very inviting space..soft, serene and the ed is loaded with soft cozy pillows! Cathy Kincaid
Bold beautiful and makes you want to take a plunge!! 
Phoebe Howard created this cozy oasis, the bed is nice and tall...love it!
The temptation of a pure white soft fluffy bed is awfully strong! Molly Frey
This vision in cream decadence is stunning! Rinfret
Proof that black can indeed be cozy! Mary McDonald
An eclectic space gets a fluffy white comforter accented by fun green pillows, Southern Living
Nancy Boszhardt went monochromatic for this elegant bedscape
This Tracery bedroom just begs for an afternoon nap and cozying up in bed reading
Christina Murphy went for serious pillow power in this cozy bedroom
Beautiful clean white is nice and crisp in this soft gray bedroom
A soft inviting bed in this elegant transitional bedroom, My home ideas
Eric Cohler chose soft white linens with a simple steel blue trim to keep it clean and fresh
A vision in mint green and white, Alexandra Rae
Brian McCarthy gives this bedroom a sleek black and white makeover, but keeps it incredibly inviting with an equally inviting bed 
Like a white cloud! Country Living
Gorgeous white down, just the way I like it!!
Ashley Goforth choose soothing colors for this soft room, white linens do it every time!
I just want to jump right in!! TheLennox
Albert Hadley makes this look awfully inviting!
Makes me want to jump right in! Ashley Goforth
Like sleeping on a pile of freshly laundered linens, light fluffy and soft! Jim Howard
Ashley Goforth used mostly white for this cozy looking bed in this attractive guest room
Elizabeth Dinkel gives us a double dose of coziness in this fabulous guest room
The "shabby chic" look and fluffy soft beds go hand and hand, shabbywhite
Aslhey Goforth gives this bed some serious cozy power to this charming little bedroom
Cream and whites almost certainly guarantee a restful nights sleep! Country Living
Phoebe Howard, proof that simple is sometimes all that's needed when its comes to comfort
Phoebe Howard adds the fluff factor to his pretty navy and white bedroom
Interesting mix of fabrics and colors but it works! Southern Accents
Love the brown trim on the crisp white. Very soothing and serene for a bedroom, Coastal Living (Love the shell collection displayed.....I will take the Hermes bag too)
Fabulous and soft, this bed is perfection! James Michael Howard

I am sorry if this post makes you want to jump back into bed because it sure has that effect on me! But, just think a good nights sleep is only oh about 14 hours away.....how important is your bed to you? What is important to you to create the coziest most comfortable bed possible? Please share your secrets, tips and advice! Love to hear....have an enchanted day!