Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Divine inspiration...part I

Happy Tuesday to you! Don't forget to read about my exciting giveaway at the bottom of this post! Some ask where I get my inspiration...I guess its born out of my innate desire to discover and learn more about beautiful things. I have to say in building a new house, though the process can be overwhelming, its obviously incredibly exciting at the same time to be able to create something from the ground up. I have through blogging and spending A LOT of time on my computer (normally late nights up when I can's sleep or in the wee hours of the morning, am an early waker) learned so much. I am convinced that the best design school could not have instilled in me this vault of knowledge, that I have gained. I can choose paint colors with a newly found fierce confidence, spot the difference between a Louis VXI and a Louis XV settee, expertly pick a Persian rug from a Turkish one, know most wallpaper manufacturers on a first name basis, and in the process feel like I have been able to define the style that I see for my house in a much clearer sense.

Where would I be without the Internet and my fellow bloggers who inspire me on a daily if not at times hourly basis? I don't even want to imagine!! The Internet is such an incredible truly life transforming vehicle by which we can learn about ANYTHING. For the purpose of design and decor, it has been priceless for me. So as you can imagine and as many of you have noted, I have a tremendous photo library which I keep online. I get such a thrill looking and relooking at these pictures to help shape my ideas and decisions as they are being made. So today I pay tribute to some of the beautiful images and inspirations that have captivated me and help me make decisions going forward. Because I have so many, way too many for one post, I am doing this in series of sorts, so here is part I. I know we all have our own distinct style but below is what "makes me tick" ......my personal divine inspiration!

Love this bath, the colors the "extras" that make it exquisite, Veranda
Fabulous rich gold antiqued chinoiserie, so timeless
Love the limed oak/light wood paneling in this room, Arch Digest
Four of my favorite Farrow and Ball colors...love this color scheme

Love the wood tones, the gorgeous floors, the stone fireplace..Rustic elegant French
The antique chest and chairs are exquisite,House Beautiful
LOVE this hallway!! Susan Ferrier
House Beautiful, love the antiqued mirror panels with the rosettes...
French at its finest! (dont' remember source)
Tracery I believe..(have had this awhile)
Love an elegant Empire antique French chandelier, 1st Dibs
Gorgeous kitchen with rich blue and white accents

Love the look of antique hardware, Hardware Hut

So elegant, photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorf
So rich and elegant, Susan Ferrier
Love the colors..think this Charles Faudree
Susan Ferrier, the blue and white does it every time!
Love the metal grills, Susan Ferrier
Always loved the feeling and grandeur of this kitchen, photo by Jonathan Wallen
Just a beautiful simple outside setting under a canopy of 
Love the feel of this room and that gorgeous shade of blue!

Safavieh French chair, love this whole look
House Beautiful.....gorgeous warm colors
Think this was from 1st Dibs...love the old rustic look
One of my all time faves, Country French
My kitchen floor from Paris Ceramics
House Beautiful...great space
Susan Ferrier, elegant hallway, so timeless
Susan Ferrier..love that black island and big range hood
Gorgeous wrought iron stair hall, Susan Ferrier
Love the washed, grayed hues of this elegant room, Phoebe Howard
Fabulous place to dine....dreamy! Susan Ferrier
Love this lantern
Love this dining room by Cathy Kincaid, like all the blue and white touches
A skirted French chair is so irresistible!
Love this space..dont' remember where I got it
Arnold Palmer....a love!
Aren't the colors like so melodious? Susan Ferrier
Something about this space, simple but so grand and old world
A fabulous French burled walnut regency chest, Marjolet
Love the scale of this fabulous room....
How gorgeous all the rich warm earthy tones are here....

You know this was coming......another inspiration board! I couldn't resist so hope you enjoyed....what do you think? Any opinions or ideas you care to share? How has the Internet influenced your decision making and has it broadened your understanding and interpretation of design as much as it has for me? I am still amazed by all it can do! Wishing you a wonderful day!

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