Monday, June 27, 2011

Its spa time!

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful weekend. I've made no secret of the fact that I am craving a vacation, not just a quick weekend jaunt either but a full blown minimum week somewhere wonderful! With the stress level being high as of late, a spa vacation sounds like its in order. Whats the next best thing to going to a fabulous over the top pampering spa? Well, nothing. But if I can't go then the next best thing is admiring and fantasizing over them online! I love going to spas and don't get to go nearly as often as I like. 

Sorry but for me day spas just don't cut it, it has to be a long drawn out experience, minimum 3 days to really decompress, totally unwind and take in the whole experience. I cannot relax during the day knowing I will be sitting in traffic at 5pm heading home to make dinner, become the homework police and worry about getting to my sons practice on time. So today is dedicated to those spas that you go away to, really get away to....a destination spa. Have you been to any that you love? Is a spa vacation even something you really would want to go on? Take a look, does one or another appeal to you? Love to know!

RITZ CARLTON LAGUNA NIGEL, CALIFORNIA Perched high on a gorgeous bluff in tony Laguna Nigel, this is a hotel I can vouch for. We have been there four times and with a massive renovation just completed and a world class spa added, needless to say this is sure to please even them most discerning traveler. It is also situated conveniently about five minutes from the bustling and very hip downtown brimming with cool restaurants and art galleries. Love it here!

The way it is situated is truly majestic

The rooms have spectacular views
At sunset, it is quite breathtaking

SHANGRI LA, VILLINGLI RESORT IN THE MALDIVES. This place is truly like a heaven on earth. Some of these pictures seem too good to be real!! Why does it have to be so far? This place has my name all over it. The architecture which appears to have risen out of the ocean is just out of this world. The scary thing is IF I did get to go....I seriously might not ever want to go back to reality!! This is incredible!
It would be hard to leave my room!

I will have my breakfast, lunch and dinner right here, thank you very much!

Love the chaises IN the pool! 

Breathtaking is an understatement

FOUR SEASONS RESORT AND SPA IN PROVENCE AT TERRE BLANCHE. What is not to love about gorgeous, inspirational and laid back countryside of Provence? Not only is this part of France breathtaking in all its natural splendor, it boasts having a Four Seasons with a renowned spa. What a combination! This is a place I have definitely put on my bucket list and I wish I had known about it last year when we were lucky enough to visit gorgeous Provence......I feel calmer just looking at the pictures, don't you?
I would love to have my morning coffee here and look at that view!
Part of the spa complex

This is magic, I can almost smell the lavender

TUCKERS POINT, BERMUDA. Here is a place that is doable in that its relatively close! Tuckers Point, Bermuda's newest resort and spa is out of this world!! We were there when it was under construction and are trying to go this summer, fingers crossed. It combines beautiful old world decor with pampering luxury all with the gorgeous ocean as a backdrop. It is Bermuda's newest hotel/resort/spa and boasts a large community of luxurious private homes as well.  This is one spa getaway I am craving right now!
Breaktaking and set on over 200 acres
Entrance to the spa with the ocean as a backdrop....ahh what could be more perfect!
Gorgeous spa waiting room

The elegant restaurant with its formal Bermudian flair
Inside the spa

So are your bags packed? I would love to be boarding a plane right now to head over to any one of these glorious spots! Do you enjoy going to spas? Do you have a favorite? Wishing you a wonderful start to the week.