Monday, June 13, 2011

Monogram mania and a major giveaway!

Good morning! Don't forget to enter my fabulous giveaway, for the gorgeous Kilim bench from Safavieh. All details follow at the end of this post. 

Hope everyone had a good and restful weekend. Ours was on the more relaxing side for once, a nice change. Dinner with friends, went on a friends boat despite the fact that the weather has been on the cooler side here and shuttled my son around (he is out of school so my chauffeur duties are being put into high gear) 
Don't you just love monograms! It is a way to make something personal and exclusively yours in addition to the elegant decor motif they afford whatever you are monogramming. Perhaps its the southern in me, but I am always so drawn to this old world, regal and timeless classic element in decorating. The most common places to see it is in the bedroom, on bedding and in bathrooms on towels. But there are no real stools, linen napkins and placemats, pillows both indoors and out,dining chairs the list goes on. I think monograms have increased in popularity so its nice to see an old trend be resurrected (not that to me, it ever went "out"). There are new trends with monograms, different styles being used in different ways and in a whole host of colors so there is a whole new world for monograms. Today is all about gorgeous monograms, all the many ways to use you have a favorite? Are you a monogram maniac like me? Would love to know as always what you think! And of course if you have a favorite below! Have a wonderful day....

Monograms in a formal traditional room, a winning combination, Southern Accents
Stunning in its simplicity, this elegant bed gets a gorgeous pale green monogram, Beth Elsey
A simple but elegant monogrammed hand towel is a beautiful touch in any bathroom, E.Dinkel
Southern Living featured this bed with a monogrammed headboard
Monograms done in soft pale colors are so soothing, Leontine Linens
Love the look of these two plump linen pillows gracing these chairs, Grammercy Linens
A delicate monogrammed napkin is always a perfect touch! Style at Home
Hilary Thomas used an elegant transitional style bedding with monogram for this pared down bedroom suite
How about a monogrammed pillow on a simple slip chair? I like it!
Rob Southern designed this elegant bedroom featuring monogrammed bedding
How about a cheery print with the delicate touch of simple linens that have been monogrammed? Bellalino
Whats prettier than a monogrammed plate added to your china? Love this idea....
Gives a traditional nod to even more contemporary settings, photo by Ashlee Raubach
Beautiful...designed by Melissa Rufty
Monograms on a lampshade? Why not! Shades of light
Love the simplicity of all white bedding with a simple elegant monogram, James Michael Howard
How about monograms on a pair of chairs? Beautiful!
Wash your hands in style with monogrammed soap!
Beth Ellsey designed this gorgeous dining room featuring monogrammed slipcovered chairs
Yep, they even find their way on wedding cakes! 2muchsugar and Sweet cakes Patisserie
Even added to a more eclectic mix of styles...monograms always rule! House and Garden
Ruthie Summers created this uber elegant the whole look.
Gorgeous cheery monogrammed hand towels in this bathroom featured by Lonny
Monogrammed pillows are a beautiful personal touch outside too! Pottery Barn
Love them in this twin boys room, Leontine Linens
Monograms are beautiful when done in soft monochromatic colors also, D Home
An elegant and simple monogrammed towel in a bathroom is a beautiful touch, The Elegant Setting
Gorgeous monogrammed antique plates, from Kelly Wilson these!
Liz Caan chose to go bold on the orange monogram to give this room some punch
Gorgeous monogrammed bath sheet graces this fabulous feminine bathroom, Elizabeth Dinkel
Rob Southern chose a delicate monogram to keep the soft feeling going in this bedroom
This room reminds me of floating on a beautiful cloud, Margaret Bosbyshell
A monogram on a pull down shade! Now I have seen it all! Sunnys paint
Monograms can be quite handsome in a darker more masculine room too, Beth Webb
An elegant monogrammed dinner napkin is a beautiful personal touch, Grammercy Linens
I even like the idea of going bold with a fun color like orange, Leontine Linens
You can add a more modern feel to a monogram like was done here, Elle Decor
Whats more elegant than receiving a letter or invitation on a monogrammed card?
Who said monograms are just for adults? Love them in this boys room, Meg Braff
Love vintage linens graced with an elegant monogram, Southern Accents
This is a fun and somewhat whimsical look to a monogram, Kelly Fitzgibbons

Now onto the giveaway's the lowdown-

 I am thrilled to  announce an awesome giveaway......

This fabulous Kilim bench from Safavieh Home and me

  Love this and could see this in so many places in so many styles of homes....retails for $695.00. To be eligible, you must do the following:

1.Visit and take a look at their incredible things then visit Safavieh on their facebook page, and leave a comment telling them your favorite item (mention you are from Enchanted home) Click here to go to their Facebook page. That's it! Your name will automatically be in the drawing once it appears on their facebook page. (1 entry)
2. Leave a comment here  (1 entry)

This contest will run though next Thursday night, June 16th and we will announce a winner on Friday morning, June 17th! Good luck...

So what do you think? Are you a fan of monograms? Do you like the new twists that have put on an old classic? I love them...and like seeing them just about anywhere. Hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

And you know I have to polish this off with another mosaic, so here it goes....

I joined "Mosaic Monday' over at The Dear little red house blog, so click here to see more!