Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Showhouse, you're invited!!

Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads!  I finally got to see Midnight in Paris. My first disclaimer is I really like Woody Allen's movies, and the second and significant disclaimer is that there is NOTHING about Paris I don't love. However this fantastic refreshing gem of a movie does much more, it takes you through all the beauty that is Paris with plenty of gorgeous French music as a backdrop. Such an interesting story...and I think Owen Wilson knocked it out of the park as an idealistic aspiring writer who gets the chance to go back in time to meet some of the most illustrious names in art, writing and culture. Its fascinating, entertaining, captivating, wholesome (that's a nice surprise) and overall I highly recommend it!
 Its mighty relaxing over here, my husband and son are off for the weekend to a lacrosse tournament and the very welcome couple days of quite, solitude bliss and free time that I have had have been quite nice, though I am excited they will be home later today in time for a wonderful Fathers day dinner. We as I always do on Sundays, visit three extraordinary homes, two in the United States and then to tropical Dominican Republic...why not spice things up a little! We start off in gorgeous Northern California and end the tour in the here we go. I love to know which is your favorite!

ATHERTON, CALIFORNIA Andrew Skurman designed this fabulous neo classical Georgian home. The luxury is unparalleled and the vast spaces are an entertainers dream! Uber elegant, very formal and perhaps not what some might consider a true "family home" its fun nevertheless to see and explore for all its lavish but tasteful fabulousness. Love how the bedrooms have the huge walls of glass with french doors...if I were a guest, I just might not leave! That bathroom is incredible and the backyard is a place I could happily spend the summer in!  Come on in......

This rivals the last Four Seasons I stayed at!
Wow....I would spend a lot of time here year round!

NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA I will do just about anything to feature and talk about Napa Valley, a place that stole my heart when I was there. I would like to make an annual pilgrimage there until I am able to permanently move to the gorgeous Napa Valley:) In the meantime I feature this beautiful home which has a strong Provence/Tuscan feeling to it as was intended to blend into the melodic landscape. It is rustic but highly sophisticated, large open airy spaces, simple window treatments adorn the huge iron windows. It is calm and serene and mostly it is so fitting  for the majestic landscape it sits upon, 24 acres to be exact! Almost all of the rear facing rooms open onto a few central courtyards. Come take a look......

Love those big walls of glass...fabulous!
I could so see myself and good friends enjoying my locally grown wine here every night!

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. This fabulous getaway home is actually a family compound which comprises of a few beautiful casitas, all making themselves open to the beautiful lush outdoors. When we were in the Dominican a few years ago, we attended a party at this very house  and  true story-I left my phone there and had to return to retrieve it the next day so got to see it in the daylight (and really took my time looking) without hundreds of people and its every bit as gorgeous as it looks here, even more so during the day! Love how the interior spaces become one with nature. The warm earthy colors and rich warm generous use of woods compliment the fabulous lushness that beckons just steps away. Yes, I think I could happily call this home. All interiors by Linda Hernandez. Do come in!

Welcome to this tropical oasis!

A room with a view!
This bedroom is fabulous and meant for lingering in the mornings with coffee in bed

Wow three gorgeous homes indeed! Do you have a favorite? I always love to hear form you, its always fun to see which house is the big hit of the day! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day and again a blessed and peaceful Fathers day to all you dads out there!!