Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday showhouse.......and you're invited

Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Mine has been quite busy so I am looking forward to a day of semi relaxation (son is in a lacrosse tournament all day long, who am I kidding). As I do every Sunday, it is a day to showcase and  enjoy three spectacular homes.But before I begin, on a sidenote......I have to say I recently more than once experienced "peony envy" particularly after eyeing Elizabeth's gorgeous freshly cut peonies from Pretty Pink Tulips blog. Peonies and hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flowers (and orchids). Well- yesterday I was at the new house, taking a walk and lo and behold..what do I see? Is that a wild peony bush I spy? was. I was so excited!! I quickly got a pair of scissors and started clipping away.....ran home to make up two small arrangements. They also happened to be my favorite color peony, the palest blush pink.... peony envy problem solved!

The unsuspecting peonies "hiding"
And there they are just waiting for me to find them!

Beautiful color....

Perfect bloom

It only took a few minutes to make those babies mine!
I found a pair of small blue and white Chinese vases
Voila! Simple and elegant...
Love the color and lushness
My peony wishes come true!

Moving onto to our three beautiful homes......

BARBADOS. You could probably give me a pretty little tent on a beach and I wouldn't complain as long as its in Barbados! But then you get this fabulous formal vacation home, and its really over the top! Rene Margie's built this home from scratch and is responsible for all the decadent interiors. The grounds are a lush tropical oasis and the opulence continues inside, it looks like something from another era. Here is his formal take on a Caribbean colonial plantation home..quite the getaway, don't you think?

I would be spending A LOT of time on this hammock

This back has almost a theatrical feel to it, its so lush

GREENWICH, CT. This beautiful home situated in fabulous back country Greenwich was done by arhictect Ike Kleigerman Barkley. This beautiful coastal home situated right on the Long Island Sound was born out of the owners desire to build a smaller home than they previously owned, which would be a modern take on a Gothic and Romanesque style home. The result is the wonderful stone, glass and wood structure. The interiors features a lot of warm rich woods and a slightly more traditional feeling decor. An indoor pool pavilion completes this fabulous home. (and what a view)!

Check out that view from the indoor pool......stunning!

With a view like this, I would never again complain about having to sit and pay bills!

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CONNECTICUT. We stay in Connecticut and move onto this black singled home decorated by Alexa Hampton. At first I thought black odd! But I actually really like the look of this rambling English inspired country home. On one side of the facade is the black wood and on the other stucco. The interiors reflect an ongoing eclectic mix of new and old, the decor is fresh, alive and young.Interesting to see the mix of the traditional style home outside and the surprising more modern interiors. Come on in and see what you think!

This is a great and cozy room

So what do you think? Do you have a clear cut favorite? I think they are all interesting and very clearly defined by their own personal style. Its always fun to see otters interpretation of their "dream house" isn't it? Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!