Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I am loving Thursdays and house updates!!


Wow I cannot believe its already another Thursday , the days are going by fast and furious!! Can I just say I found myself ACTUALLY BLUSHING reading all the amazingly sweet and kind comments from yesterdays post. I am so grateful, your thoughts, sentiments and flattery made my day and lets just say it was not a great day so it was truly the sweet, delicious icing on a very flat cake! THANK YOU!!
 I hope all is well and hope you are all participating in the wonderful giveaway I am offering from Safavieh...such a gorgeous bench! All details on the bottom of this post. I start as I always do on house progress. Well, this stage is both exciting and frustrating, they are working every day (except Sunday) but the finishing feels painstakingly slow sometimes. I hate to sound like a chronic complainer but there are days that I go there and though I see progress I instead focus on all that has yet to be done and it overwhelms me. This week is one such week but we forge ahead and hope and pray we really will get to move into at least a part of the house in August. I welcome any and all prayers form you You can never have too many of those.
 So here we go....

HOUSE UPDATES. Ok, trimwork is nearly done upstairs in all the bedrooms but the master which will be the last room to be finished as we have more detail in there. I think the trim guys did a great job and I love the sizes of the trim we used, its very substantial but not an overkill. Family room woodworking is humming right along and we are basically done with the breakfast room, just waiting on one more small molding. Kitchen..oh boy sore subject this week. We originally had coffered ceilings done, but over the course of time as my kitchen started to shape up and a clear vision was in sight, I realized no no no, the coffered ceiing is all wrong. So, much to my husbands dismay and wallet, we had it ripped out and the antiqued beams that I was lusting after are in the works. I know we will have no regrets and in the scheme of things its the only mistake so far that we have made that we had to "undo", I know he will thank me later and I will watch him beam when people compliment US on our kitchen and the stunning antique beams (didn't even realize I was saying he will be beaming over the beams) Overall this has been a long drawn out somewhat anticlimatic week though the progress is going forward at a good pace......more exciting stages to come!

Family room trucking along...
The ripped out kitchen ceiling now with just sheetrock, but you just wait till those bad boy beams get up there!
Family room
Breakfast room bay how they finished the ceiling
Breakfast room just about complete

Upstairs trim
Our adorable little shed from original house is coming down tormorrow:( to make way for new driveway
Favorite part of the day....

Part of the hallway done and awaiting paint!

Finished casings and baseboards/crown molding
Sons bath complete!

Close this marble!
Finished very dusty  beams and the new beams for kitchen
Even the white oak in its natural state is so pretty!
Welcome to our woodmaking shop aka the family room
Paneling coming along
Another view

THE NEW BRILLIANT STORE BY RESTORATION HARDWARE, BABY AND CHILD. I definitely can give credit when due and though I was getting a little bored of Gary Friedman's "industrial chic" play on furniture and home decor, he has struck yet another pot of gold. No doubt RH has some amazing things, are decently priced and you get a lot of look for the money but its been played out so much that I think it got a little mundane. His newest genius idea is the uber sophisticated gorgeous did I say gorgeous store for "the younger set" and boy if I had a a little one, I might have to splurge on a plane ticket and go to Marin county (Corte Madera) just to visit this amazing store!!! Take a look at the knock your socks up space and its offerings!

A COOKING SCHOOL I CAN REALLY ATTEND! I always talk and fantasize about going to cooking schools that happen to be abroad, hum...maybe its not a total mistake that they happen to  coincidentally be near some of my favorite cities, Paris, Tuscany, Provence! But seeing that its unlikely I will get to them in the near future, happy to have discovered one that is close enough to where I could actually attend. And its run by someone I like whose books I already own....Lidia Bastianich! Yep, she has started a cooking school at the eponymous Italian megamart, Eataly that is all the rage in Manhattan! The reviews thus far are very favorable, how could they not be? I have been to 2 of her restaurants many times and was thrilled with my food every may I present La Scuola di Eataly! Click here to get more information.

Would love to get taught by Lydia!
Do I hear a yum!
Her capable hands will make a pro out of you yet...
Come to mama!
Sorry I should have warned you not to look at this on an hungry stomach..yummy!

If you get lucky you might get a visit from Mario himself!

BLUE AND BROWN. Anyone else like this combination? I have always loved it and been drawn to any space, wallpaper or fabric that uses this oh so pretty palette. Throw in some pretty blue and white china or pottery and you have a sensational looking room. The last wallpaper is Zoffany's
Gustavius,  which I love and have the sample of is something I hope to use somewhere!! So a few "inspirations" that I thought were especially pretty. I think this could be a beautiful colorway for a boys room too. Thoughts?

MONOGRAMMED GOODIES. You know how I love my monograms, can never have enough. The Elegant setting whose beautiful things have graced a few of my posts was kind enough to send me some pictures of other things they have been doing....and I thought they were all worth sharing! So many beautifully monogrammed goodies! Love the throws, all the assorted bags and of course great monogrammed towels. They have a great selection of monogram styles. Great gift ideas too and in all price ranges. Hard to pick a favorite..they are all so pretty! Click here to visit their site.

A FABULOUS GETAWAY. Yes, I do have vacations and getaways on my mind. But for now that's as far as its my mind! We can't go away with so much happening with the house, so for now I travel virtually!  We were at the One and Only Ocean Club in the gorgeous Bahamas years ago and it was every bit the elegant, beautiful and serene place I wanted it to be. We had a marvelous time. I have a sudden yearning to go back. If you have kids in tow, The nearby Atlantis is the place to go, but if you are fortunate enough to get away as adults for a few days, then this place is heaven. Though there are kids, its a quieter hotel than the circus like but fun, atmosphere of Atlantis and kids might find it boring. Don't take my word for it, think the pictures say it all!

GORGEOUS FRENCH CHAIRS. Whats the next best thing to a gorgeous French chair? Getting it for a GREAT deal and I do mean GREAT! I ordered a pair of the first chair for my master sitting room, from Safavieh Home and am in love with everything about this chair. Can you believe its $995!! Then I started looking at and drooling over a bunch of their other French chairs...and am am lusting after each one!! Click here to see more of their amazing deals on not only chairs but so many other incredible things.
Love everything about this chair from the finish to the color!
Love this tufted chair for a dressing room or next to a tub in a bathroom!
Would love a pair for a family room/living room
LOVE this tub chair, would love for a library! (would love to see it in a velvet)
Love this one too! Would be so pretty in front of a window or in a master bedroom
How gorgeous is this with the ottoman? Love the wood finish, would love to have a few of these!

How great looking is this bench? I want two for a small side patio..its only $295!!


And speaking of Safavieh, this is THE LAST DAY to be eligible for this amazing gorgeous Kilim bench! The contest ends tonight and a winner will be selected via random. org and be announced on tomorrows post. Heres what you need to do.....

This fabulous Kilim bench from Safavieh Home and me 
can be yours....

 Love this and could see this in so many places in so many styles of homes....retails for $695.00. To be eligible, you must do the following:

1.Visit and take a look at their incredible things then visit Safavieh on their facebook page, and leave a comment telling them your favorite item (mention you are from Enchanted home) Click here to go to their Facebook page. That's it! Your name will automatically be in the drawing once it appears on their facebook page. (1 entry)
2. Leave a comment here  (1 entry)

This contest will run though next Thursday night, June 16th and we will announce a winner on Friday morning, June 17th! Good luck and wishing you an enchanted day!

So those are all the goodies I am loving this week! Anything excite you this week that you care to share? Love to know! Hope you have an enchanted Thursday!