Monday, July 11, 2011

30 ways to rock a crystal chandelier........

Happy Monday morning to you !  So much happening at the house this starts getting installed Wednesday- am so excited! This will be a process that will happen over a few weeks, as there are many elements to be installed, but the fact that even the "boxes' are coming is a sure sign that the end cannot be far! They sealed the kitchen floors over the weekend again in preparation for the kitchen and after being covered up right away after they were installed I never really got a chance to sit and admire them. Well, suffice to say I spent plenty of time this weekend just standing, staring and LOVING my kitchen floors. I am truly in love with them....crazy sounding as it might be! Will be sure to update on Thursday. 
Don't you just love a gorgeous crystal chandelier and what it adds to a room? Putting the sparkle factor aside, it adds a sense of old worldness, grandeur and has a beautiful way of anchoring a room. Chandeliers are by no means reserved strictly for traditional rooms but in fact work beautifully in even the most modern rooms too. Whats more, you see them well, just about everywhere today. In laundry rooms, back mud rooms, closets, dressing rooms, bathrooms, so many unexpected places and of course as expected in  bedrooms, living, dining rooms and kitchens. Today I look at many different styles in many different types of settings. There is not a bad choice amongst them, each quite exquisite in my view. What are your thoughts on crystal chandeliers? Do you love or like them? Do you have a favorite look? Would love to know!
How gorgeous is this silver plate and crystal chandelier in an all white room! Traditional Home
Beautiful and petite in this elegant bathroom, Lori Tippins
Elegant and pared down, Country Living
A stunning large chandelier is such a pretty touch in this stately, elegant and tone on tone room, Alexandra Rae
Carlos Morandi hung a pair from this pergola for an outside dinner party...clever!
One of my all time favorites, this gorgeous Empire style chandelier is the crowning touch in this fabulous dining room, Cathy Kincaid
Love a petite chandelier in a dressing area, Massucco Warner Miller Design
Love this elegant French setting and the stunning crystal chandelier over a more rustic dining setting
Love a small scaled crystal chandelier in a beautiful girls room, this is perfect! Emerald Design
Even in smaller spaces, when done right a chandelier is the perfect crowning touch, love this room!
Love it in a gorgeous formal kitchen like this one! Stacy Branford Photography
Love this elegant old world bathroom where the chandelier is the perfect touch, Katie Lee
This modern and luxurious bedroom is adorned with a beautiful crystal chandelier
DeCesare group chose to put a pair of crystal chandeliers and sconces in this gorgeous master bath
Windsor Smith's adorable cozy breakfast nook
Love a chandy in a gorgeous chic nursery like this one! Urban Grace
Case in point, this back mud room closet which is so beautiful gets it own little chandelier. Charlie and Co. interior design
Love this bathroom and how formal elegance meets a more rustic but sophisticated feel, Palm Design Group
Wow this might be the ultimate girls fantasy in a dressing room.....Rachel Nero
Good things come in threes! A trio of petite chandeliers...beautiful. Decorpad
Even in small spaces, a crystal chandelier can add instant elegance and pretty!
A gorgeous crystal chandelier has a place even in a very transitional feeling bedroom! Taylor Hannah
Even in a very rustic setting, a crystal chandelier is very fitting! Chic Provence
A beautiful room by Janet Simon featuring a chandelier and matching crystal sconces
For a minute imagine this room without the chandelier...THATS the impact the have, DeCesare
A pair over the right sized island can add maximum impact and glamour...The lighting guru
Gorgeous in a soft palette, more rustic elegant setting such as this beautiful room by Phoebe Howard
Talk about drama and beauty! How about this stunner of a room by S R Gambrell
Beautiful elegant bath gets an interesting shaped chandelier, Melanie Elston
Stunning Clive Christians kitchen decked out in a pair of stunning crystal chandeliers

30 gorgeous reasons why a crystal chandelier rocks! What do you think? Have a favorite? You know I love to know! Wishing you a wonderful day!