Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Behind the blogger...meet Greet from Belgian Pearls!

Good morning and welcome to another Behind the Blogger. Today we visit Greet over at Belgian Pearls. Greet's blog was one of the first I visited and admittedly this happened before I even knew what a blog was! I was clueless, but all I knew is that from time to time I would visit and was guaranteed to see some seriously gorgeous and inspirational eye candy every time I clicked on this magical site! Greet and her husband are the proprietors of Lefevre Interiors, and are responsible for some exquisite Belgian design. Let me tell you now, this will knock your socks off! To boot, Greet is an incredibly kind, gracious and classy lady. Hopefully our paths may cross one day.... you never know!  If you don't already know of her blog, you are in for a mega treat. She is a Belgian designer with superb taste and an equally impeccably beautiful home that is often featured in her gorgeous posts. If you would like to see more of their brilliant interior design and cabinetwork click here to be taken directly to their design firm's website. By all means, if you don't already, do visit her wonderful blog and I am so happy to present Greet.

Thank you Greet for participating!
Click on the header below to visit Belgian Pearls!

So....... what inspired you to start blogging in the first place? By starting my blog I was inspired by all the beautiful and interesting design blogs I came across browsing the internet searching for inspirational interior design images. I started reading and following some of them as Velvet & Linen, Côte de Texas,... and I was so surprised about all the interesting things concerning interior design the authors wrote about.    I do have to tell you that in Belgium we are not that used to design blogs! There are only a few. So I decided to start my own blog because I really wanted to learn to know all the authors behind the interior design blogs to exchange interesting information. And to learn from each other. So 'Velvet & Linen' of my friend Brooke from LA, was the blog I really loved reading. The day after I wrote my 1st blogpost (end of July 2009) I emailed Brooke to tell her about my new blog!! Brooke was so interested in it and asked me to email her some pictures of my work! So I did and Brooke wrote an entire post about me and Belgian Pearls. From that day on lots of bloggers popped over to my new started blog and these people really inspired me to go on with it! They motivated me because they came back and back every post I did and they let me know how much they appreciated my posts on Belgian Pearls! 

How did you come up with your blog name? Well, living in Belgium explains why I use 'Belgian' in my blogname and second I love pearls! And a pearl means 'a thing of beauty', isn't it? And in the mean time it seams that my name 'Greet' is derived from a Greek name Margaretha which means 'pearl'.  So I wanted to share with my readers ' beautiful things (pearls) of Belgium ' .

Do you have a favorite all time movie?Definitely 'A Good Year ' with Russell Crowe. First of all Russell Crowe is one of my favorite actors and I just love the scenes of the French Provence!! And above all the romantic story has a Happy Ending!

You get to spend a month in the European  countryside.....is it Italy or France? A tough question! I love both! Maybe my preference is more going out to the French countryside because I know it better than the Italian countryside and I do speak French so it is a little bit more easier to choose for France than Italy. Although the Italian countryside is so beautiful and charming! Hard to choose.

Favorite meal?Belgian stew and French fries. We, here in Belgian, have the best French fries of all places! We are known for it! And for our Belgian chocolate, I know!

Tell us as little or as much as you want to about your family. OK. I have a 15 years old son Anthony and my husband Jan has a daughter Nele who is married to Tom. They have 2 children Alexa and Tristan, the cutest ever! We love them. And oh, not to forget our dearest member of the family, our dog Ralph.

If you could have any career what would it be? Interior designer! I am only good in designing!

Favorite design style?18 th century French neo-classic style.

If you could only live in one color what would it be? Stylish black!

Favorite season and why? I do love all seasons because they all have their charming days and appropriate weather conditions here in Belgium! But the most coziest season to me is Winter. I just loooovvvveee to spend some time around the fire place with family while we can see the snow whirling down outside!

Design icon? Axel Vervoordt (although he don't want us to call him a designer, he is a antiques dealer he explains).

One place you haven't been that you want to visit- I would call it a large place, haha ! The US!

What's your number one pet peeve? Oh my gosh!! Sometimes the used English expressions are my peeve! I sometimes don't understand them so well and I have to search in translate portal sites, where I can't find the exact meaning! Frustrating!

What are the two best things about blogging?To meet the most interesting people (with who you share mutual interests) and to be able to get inspired by other cultures!

You get to have a private dinner with any two people in the world, they can be from the fashion, design world, literary world, Hollywood, politics,etc....your choice. Who are the lucky two? My husband (he surprises me over and over again when we have our dinner conversations) and Axel Vervoordt.

Do you have a favorite saying or quote? Yes I do. In Flemish : 'Verlies nooit uw moed en geduld in het leven!' One second please I go over to a translation site!!...Ok I am agree with it. It says : 'Don't ever loose courage and patience in life.'

Most overrated trend right now? Facebook.

Reading anything interesting that you want to share? Patina Style

You are 18 again. What do you do?I would start studying art history! Definitely! 

What are your plans for the summer? Jan and me would love to enjoy our garden this year because finally the landscaping of it is finished ! So we pray for the best weather conditions in July and August! And we will of course have some one-day trips to visit a Belgian museum or castle.

In ten years I will be..a retired blogger???!!!............

If you could live anywhere on earth and money was no object where would you go? Switzerland I guess, because of the beauty and the peaceful feeling the mountains can give.

Best tip or two for any new bloggers reading this   Be inspired by all the wonderful blogs but at the mean time don't take over everything from it! Keep staying yourself and give us any interesting new things we would love to hear and see!......

Blogging to me is _a wonderful way to express yourself and to share your thoughts  and is sometimes overwhelming_!!

Give me four words that describe your personality. Oh my !! I would prefer to ask this to you and my readers!!!  Let them answer this question! I would love to hear what they think about the person I am! Thank you!!

Thank you Greet! And now a little recap on all about Greet....

Thank you Greet...so nice getting to know you. I love what you do and consider myself lucky to count you as one of my dear blog friends! Don't forget to visit Belgian Pearls and until next time.......