Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Behind the blogger...meet Stacy from Conspicuous Style

Good morning! Hope everyone had a happy, enjoyable and safe July 4th weekend. I feel suddenly like summer is starting to go by very fast....a little too fast and that makes me nervous, I better not see back to school supplies anytime soon, that is always a very dreaded sight and a sign that summer is far too short lived. I feel like the fun has just begun!

 I am so excited to present a new series to my blog, "Behind the blogger". I am fascinated by what makes people "tick" and love getting to know more about the people whose blogs I enjoy reading on a daily basis (a growing list every day). Figured it would be fun to not only get to know them a bit better but to share it with you, my readers! One of the huge perks of blogging has been getting to know others who are like minded not only about home decor, but architecture, art, fashion, cooking,culture, the list goes on and on and on.......it is a special group of people and I feel lucky to be part of this "exclusive club".
There is truly something for every one and its a thrill to get to know new people through this vast and wonderful online world! So once a week or so, I am going to start posting a "behind the blogger" post about some of my favorite bloggers. Today we meet Stacy from Conspicuous Style. She is newer to the blogging world but you would think shes been at this for much longer, her posts are always beautifully presented, extensive, filled with lots of pictures (a girl after my own heart) and there is always something interesting to discover and learn. Stacy is a former lawyer turned decorator....very impressive I know! Gotta love someone who can cross examine like no ones business AND put fabrics and paint together with unparalleled expertise! Do visit if you aren't already familiar with her blog...it is so worth the trip!

Thank you Stacy for participating!
Click on the header below to visit Stacy's wonderful blog......

So....... what inspired you to start blogging in the first place? You know, I'm not totally sure.  That's a weird answer, but it's the truth. I think once I decided to do it, it was such a blur that I can't remember. My personality is slightly obsessive (OK, a LOT obsessive). So, once I made the decision, I had to have a domain name, a website, a design layout, a blogroll, a unique header, etc, RIGHT NOW. So I worked compulsively on all of that for the first month, and it is such a blur that I can't even remember what made me want to do it in the first place. However, I'm so glad I did and wouldn't change anything. If you asked me why I blog now, it is because I love researching, looking at rooms on line, writing, and communicating with others who enjoy the same, so it's a perfect fit.  I guess I had some vague notion that blogging might help drive new clients to my site, but it isn't now and I don't think it ever was my main motivation. 

How did you come up with your blog name?  Oh my gosh, I went through SO many names before I settled on Conspicuous Style.  My favorite was Esprit Decor (I thought it up and was so pleased with how clever I was ), until I saw that someone thought of it before me and already had the domain name!  After that, it was taking design related words (home, decor, style, etc) and seeing   which domains were available. I had a list of 10 or so, and while I was in the Bahamas with my family I read them all out loud. Everyone reacted immediately and positively to Conspicuous Style (unlike many of the others!), so that was it.
Do you have a favorite all time movie? Yes, for some reason my husband and I were both spellbound by Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.  It was such a romantic and beautiful movie. I think the connection I felt with him (my husband, not Johnny :) is part of the reason I love that movie so much.   Shakespeare in Love and The English Patient are close  seconds, pretty much for the same reasons.
You get to spend a month in the European  countryside.....is it Italy or France? Having never been to either, that's a tough one.  I guess I'll pick France. When do I leave?

Favorite meal ?Anything Mexican, and very, very spicy.

Tell us as little or as much as you want to about your family. I met my husband when I was 19 years old in college, and we knew almost immediately that we would get married someday.  We got married seven years later, which was almost 15 years ago.  We have two amazing children, a boy (10) and a girl (6). They are the loves of our lives!

If you could have any career what would it be? The one I'm in! Although instead of working directly with clients (even though I love hem), sometimes I think it would be fun to work for a retailer like Neiman Marcus or Horchow and do their sourcing, buying, catalog design, etc.
Favorite design style? Transitional. I like traditional, but updated. Think mirrored pieces, more modern lines on the furniture, graphic rugs. Not so far as modern or contemporary though.
If you could only live in one color what would it be? Oh, that's a hard one, too. I guess white. I love color, but I would get sick of the same color forever, whereas I never get sick of white.
Favorite season and why?Summer. I'm a night owl, so the longer days and shorter nights are good for me (so I'm not awake for as many dark hours). The morning sun helps me get out of bed, too.  And of course, living on the coast, I love the beach, especially when we do bonfires at night.
Design icon? Phoebe Howard.  I love every single room she has ever done.  I would hand her my house and say "do whatever you want," which is NOT my personality at all. 
One place you haven't been that you want to visitEurope...Can you believe it? Sometimes I just cannot believe that I have never made the trip.
What's your number one pet peeve? Mean spirited competition. People who badmouth others, whether design-related or not.
What are the two best things about blogging?    1. The other bloggers I meet (I never imagined that so many people, competitors  really, would be so nice and supportive. 2. How it has made me so much more creative. For example, I never would have paneled the walls in my kitchen myself if I didn't draw courage (and instructions) from  others who have ventured into the DIY world before me.
You get to have a private dinner with any two people in the world, they can be from the fashion, design world, literary world, Hollywood, politics,etc....your choice. Who are the lucky two? Mary McDonald (I'm dying to know if her personality is accurately portrayed on Million Dollar Decorators) and Jon Stewart (for the laughs).
Do you have a favorite saying or quote? "Where there's a will there's a way."  I usually find a way to get what i want. If it is a material object and I can't afford it, I make it (or at least I try).
Most overrated trend right now?   Chevron! I'm really sick of it, and really, it's just stripes going back and forth. This was the easiest question for me to answer!  Oh, and subway tile.
Reading anything interesting that you want to share?  I'm reading Seabiscuit for the second time. I adore that book! I fought the pressure to read it for so, so long because I had zero interest in horse racing. Finally, after  every single person I knew told me it was the best book they ever read, I decided to give it a try. It really is one of the best books I've ever read. I almost never read  books twice, but this one and a few others are exceptions (Pride & Prejudice, God Knows, The Red Tent, Life of Pi, and All the Pretty Horses).
You are 18 again. What do you do? I would study harder in college, pay more attention in my art history classes, not take some of the silly classes, and go in to design instead of the law (I went to law  school and practiced for 8 years in the Enforcement Division of the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, DC before I switched over to interior design).
What are your plans for the summer? Work, of course, but also to spend a lot of time with my children. I want to give them a great summer that they will remember forever. So, that means more cookouts,  more beach nights, more day trips, and more friends over for dinner and swimming.
In ten years I will be...................50! Ok, 51. Yuck.  But, I will still have a daughter at home and a son in college, and I will still love my family, friends, and work, so I'll be happy.
If you could live anywhere on earth and money was no object where would you go? I think I would stay right where I am, on the coast of Massachusetts, but would move to a house on the water. I would build it myself, and would drive the architect  absolutely crazy in the process.
Best tip or two for any new bloggers reading this....... Spend more time networking than writing (it helps your blog, but more importantly, you make amazing new friends), and blog only about what you like (if you're not  enjoying it, hey do it?)
Blogging to me is necessary and rewarding.

Give me four words that describe your personality. Creative, obsessive, determined, sensitive.

Thank you Stacy!! It was fun getting to know you better and do visit her wonderful blog, its definitely worth the trip! Wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable day!

A little recap of what makes Stacy tick.........